Product Review: Lippert Flow Max Water Pump

By:  Jim & Melinda Tanner

14th Nov, 17

It will happen... most likely, when you least expect it! The water pump in your RV will....just....stop.....working.


This can happen for any number of reasons. Perhaps you've gotten many camping seasons of reliable service from your RV's water pump and it just wears out. Or perhaps, after a long winter with freezing temperatures and a bit of residual water in the pump, the internal parts in the pump fail. For whatever reason, your water pump needs to be replaced. It may seem like a daunting task, but, I assure you, it's not as bad as you think.

We have been researching water pumps and wanted to create a review for the new Lippert Flow Max RV Water Pump.

The pump comes in a well-designed box that protects the pump during shipment. It was nice to see that Lippert included 2 barbed hose connectors AND a water filter which can be installed on the inlet side of the pump.

The pump is surprisingly quiet. As you watch the video below, the pump seems loud, but it's really not that noticeable as the noise in our neighborhood was at 56 db and with the pump running and the meter next to the pump, the increase was just ~10 db. That's fantastic!!

As dry campers, we need this pump to fill our water tank from our portable 7 gallon water containers. Our Heartland Bighorn has an Andersen 4-way valve that does not allow you to simply pour water into the fresh water tank. In order to fill the tank, you must use pressurized water (like from your home faucet). This pump will allow us to transfer water quickly from the 7 gallon container to our rigs fresh water tank. Sooo Nice! As an added bonus, if our factory water pump ever decides to stop working, we have a spare water pump on hand.

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Jim & Melinda Tanner

Jim & Melinda Tanner

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