Product Review: Storm 700 Portable Power Unit

By:  Jim & Melinda Tanner

You think about it during hope it doesn't happen...but sometimes it does.


Now what? First, you make sure everyone is safe. Then you start to think about how to manage through it. Forget those headaches! The Storm 700 by Schumacher will power critical items during a power outage, keep you safe and out the dark.

Other great places to use the Storm 700:

  • Football tailgater - Say goodbye to loud noises and gas smells from generator
  • Camping in remote locations
  • Neighborhood BBQ
  • Work site where power tools are needed

Some of the highlights of the Schumacher Storm 700 include:

  • A better alternative to a generator ? excellent during power outages
  • Provides 3-9 hours back-up power for home appliances
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery (included)
  • Quiet and safe for indoor use ? no fumes
  • Powers appliances, electronic devices, remote and battery-operated power tools
  • Built-in 700W pure sine wave inverter with 1400 peak watts
  • Two 120V AC household outlets
  • Two 2.1A USB ports ? charge USB devices, including smartphones, mp3 players and tablets
  • 12 Volt DC outlet ? charge electronic devices or connect a solar panel to charge the battery
  • Scrolling digital display shows system status, battery status, reminder and error messages
  • LED indicators and push buttons for system on/off, battery status and USB ports
  • Quick-connect port ? to add additional battery power to your system (adapter not included)
  • Durable metal case
  • Retractable handle and compact wheels for easy storage

Purchase links for this product are below. We recommend you check BOTH. Lowes had a great deal when this blog was originally posted.

Link to Purchase on Lowes

Link to Purchase on Amazon

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