Product Review: Schumacher Rechargeable LED Road Flare

By:  Jim & Melinda Tanner

Sometimes you come across a product and you just know you have to have it. These LED Road Flares from Schumacher Electric are just that... a MUST HAVE item.

We have been driving around with typical flares in our car/truck in case of emergency. However, these LED Flares are a huge step forward in roadside safety. A typical road flare will last about 30 minutes and it's a one time use item.

The LED flare can operate up to 12 hours...yes, 12 hours! Another great feature is they are magnetic and therefore they can be attached to your automobile and/or RV. Although those are great features, the fact that you can reuse the flare time and time again for multiple purposes is a win-win situation!

Our plan is to have 6 of these in our truck. If needed, we would put 2 on the road (about 100 feet and then 200 feet behind the RV) then one would be on the back of the RV...2 more along the side of the RV and finally 1 more on our truck. No concerns of scratching due to the fact that the flare has a rubberized texture.

I would also think these would be a great solution for people that ride bicycles on the road. The bright LED's would easily be seen by drivers and therefore increase their safety.

There are 2 LED Flare versions. Both support a 360° viewing range, a 0.5 mile visibility and 9 distinct flash patterns. The SL159 has a rechargeable 800 mAh lithium-ion battery and the SL160 uses 3 AAA batteries. Both are waterproof to 33 feet yet the difference is that the SL160 will float. That's a great bonus for boaters!!

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