Beddys: Bedding That Will Make You Want to Change the Sheets

When designing an RV, every square inch of space matters, and sometimes that means sacrificing clearance around a bed to add a little more storage. That can make changing the sheets trickier, especially with larger beds. Enter Beddy’s - this revolutionary bedding company simplifies the bed-making process through an innovative product that combines all bedding elements into one piece. This means changing the sheets gets reduced to one step by placing the fitted Beddy onto the mattress and that's it!

What Is Beddy's?

Beddy’s bedding includes a fitted sheet, a blanket, and a comforter that are attached on three sides by a zipper. Picture a sleeping bag with multiple layers: To get into bed, unzip the comforter and get in. The middle layer, a blanket, extends out on the sides to wrap you in cuddly fabric, so you never feel the top zipper against your skin. Choose to sleep with the Beddy’s bedding totally unzipped for free movement, partially zipped, or zipped all the way up to feel tucked in tight.

When it’s time to make the bed, nudge the blanket inside and zip the comforter back up. That’s it! One zip and the bed is neat, tidy, and looks great for the day. Even younger kids can handle making the bed since there aren’t multiple layers to smooth out.

By streamlining the bed-making process, Beddy’s bedding is perfect for RV beds. Instead of climbing over the bed repeatedly to get every layer just right (and then repeating the process for multiple bunk beds and bigger beds), pull the Beddy’s piece onto the mattress, and it's done. An all-elastic casing helps the bedding fit a wide variety of mattress thicknesses without slipping off. The Twin, Full, and Queen sizes can fit up to a 15-inch thick mattress, and the King size can fit an 18-inch thick mattress.

What's Included with Beddy's?

Beddy’s best-selling bedding includes a cotton bottom sheet and a soft, plush minky blanket beneath the outer comforter. While many people love the snuggly minky fabric, Beddy’s also sells every one of their products in an all-cotton option for anyone who runs hot at night or prefers all-natural fabrics against their skin.

There are a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors available on their website -  something for the opinionated little kids, adults who love classic patterns, or teenagers who want something a little more graphic and bold. Match the bedding to interior color schemes for a streamlined look that harmonizes with the rest of your decor, or pick out something bright that sparks joy.

Care and Maintenance

And when it’s time to throw them in the wash, rest assured knowing Beddy’s products are all machine washable and dryable. Just wash in cold water and dry on low, then remove promptly from the dryer for the best results.

If you’re picky about what kinds of products you bring into your home, be satisfied to know that all of Beddy’s products are certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. That means they’ve undergone rigorous, independent testing and have been proven free from harmful chemicals and components. Sleep soundly at night knowing you and your family are wrapped in a product made with the highest safety standards.

Beddy’s bedding comes in Toddler, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, and King sizes. They also have a line just for little ones called Nods & Winks by Beddy’s, which offers child-friendly designs in Toddler, Twin, and Full sizes. Check out a full list of the differences between the two lines to decide which one is right for your needs.

A Little About Beddy's

Beddy’s is a woman-owned business founded by two moms, Betsy Mikesell and Angie White. After trying to change the sheets on her kids’ bunk beds one day, Betsy got frustrated with how unnecessarily complicated it seemed to be. On her daily jog with Angie, she vented about how there should be a product that made it easier to make beds – and they set out designing one themselves. They launched their company and quickly gained more than 41,000 five-star reviews from happy customers.

Although they’re a little more expensive than typical bedding sets, that extra money goes toward the convenient design, detailed construction, and superior fabric quality of the Beddy’s bedding.

Each set also includes matching pillowcases, providing everything needed to dress a bed without needing to make additional purchases.

Special Discounts

They even offer an ongoing discount of up to 20 percent through GovX for people in public service and the military. Their offer extends to:

● Current & former U.S. military

● Military spouses & dependents

● First responders including law enforcement, fire, and EMS

● Federal, state, and local government employees

● Teachers (K-12 and University teachers/staff)

Head on over to this page on Beddy’s site to find out how to take advantage of their “Hero Discount.”

In addition, all Heartland RV, Cruiser RV, and DRV owners can currently take 20 percent off their next Beddy’s order with code HEARTLAND.

Beddy’s has simplified the process of making RV beds with their smart, cleverly designed product that’s perfect for campers of all ages. Every minute saved keeping beds and interiors tidy is another minute spent on what matters most – spending time with loved ones, having adventures, and making lifelong memories. And because their products work on mattresses of all sizes – whether they’re standard residential measurements or RV-specific dimensions, we know Heartland owners will love Beddy’s products, too. So here’s to a great next road trip and an even better night’s sleep!