Travel Trailers

If the idea of towing your trailer with the hitch on your current vehicle fuels your RV dreams, our ultra lightweight travel trailers are the way to go. Available in small to medium-large, Heartland travel trailers offer convenience, comfort and affordability. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, your rv is specifically engineered so you can quickly and easily unhitch your vehicle from your trailer — freeing you up for those long-awaited day trips. In general, a standard truck can tow a medium-large travel trailer. While an SUV or van may tow a small travel trailer. We can assess your vehicle’s towing capability*.

* While these light travel trailers don’t require the fifth wheel apparatus that many larger trailers may require, you do need to make sure that your vehicle and hitch are properly paired with a trailer. Pulling a trailer that weighs too much for your vehicle can seriously damage your car. If your hitch isn’t properly installed, you could damage your trailer.