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“We love our 2018 Torque 396. Bought new and have never had an issue.”

— Bret Angell

“For us, what sold us on the Cyclone 4007 were three main features – the basement storage, the main bedroom, and the toy hauler garage. When researching other floor plans and models, we kept coming back to this floor plan. We knew we wanted a toy hauler model so the kids could have their own room and we loved that the loft was within the garage space and not in the kitchen. The main bedroom has a lot of space, and since we travel with an infant, we have so much more room to accommodate her for her needs. As a family of six, having increased basement storage that fits everything we need was a huge selling point for us, as well as the functional kitchen. We enjoy eating meals as a family, so having a dinette for us to all fit comfortably was a kicker!”

— @interstateingrams

“We weren’t even looking to upgrade. We went to an RV shows - we still do, and we walked into a Landmark and I fell in love with the big bathroom and the walk-in closet. I guess you could call it a spontaneous upgrade. We had a Bighorn before this but couldn’t resist the Landmark after seeing it in person. We’ve had a great experience with Heartland. Only a few issues but they were responsive and sent us replacement parts no questions asked. Tim at T&S was wonderful and super helpful through the buying and PDI process. ”

— Ron & Kathy Ludwig

“We have the Heartland Torque 371 and really enjoy all the features and amenities it offers. The 13’ garage is plenty big enough to haul our motorcycle and all the cabinetry in the kitchen is nice too. One of the biggest selling points for us is that the TV is positioned in front of the couch instead of angled to the side.”

— Greg Shires

“We looked for a few months, at multiples brands, just trying to balance our price range and functionality. The Prowler 303BH matched our needs with both the price point and the separate bunk room we were looking for for our family. ”

— Caleb & Joy Andrist

“Our family ventured on a 45 day, 8,000 mile cross country trip and I can’t say enough great things about our North Trail. It was a flawless adventure with enough memories to last a lifetime.”

— Matt Waldron

“Wintering in our 2018 Oshkosh, I’m impressed with this coach. One thing that makes such a big difference is the double pain windows. It’s hard to believe how much warmer in cold weather and how much cooler in hot. Hope to hit the road soon and head south now that it’s going to warm up!”

— Kim Lincoln

“Love our 28RKDS!”

— Leah Glasscock Sanders

“We chose the ’21 Bighorn 3120RK because of the full-size refrigerator and the open-concept, rear-kitchen was a must for us. The way Heartland designed this fifth wheel made us fall in love.”

— @fitfam_onwheels

“This is our 2013 RW 305. We love it, we use it often, have towed 9700 miles in the last 18 months.”

— Delmer Chuck Charles

“Just returned from first outing with our Torque T26. Tulsa, Oklahoma to Kentucky and back. We think this is our favorite RV we’ve owned. Such well thought out floor plan in a great size!”

— Tim Payne

“We bought a 2021 Heartland Pioneer at the end of last summer. We have used it about 4 times so far and I love it. ”

— Autumn DeShaw

“Today we said goodbye to our 2015 Heartland Key Largo. The memories we will carry are wonderful. I know the new owners were excited to get it and they were the first ones to look at it when we posted it, they called back in less than an hour and bought it. I wish them many great adventures and great memories as they travel. The Best Built Camper we ever owned. Heartland is the best.”

— Jan Moss

“We are still chilling in Elkhart waiting for repairs. I am not complaining because I know it will be fixed right and we will be turning wheels soon. The employees and service techs at the Heartland Service Center are awesome people. ”

— On the Road to Anywhere We Want

“This is our beautiful new to us Cyclone 3800. We absolutely love it and can’t wait to go out again. Our first trip out in March to Arizona we fed 9 people for almost a week out of our 5th Wheel.”

— Tina McKay

“We're loving our 189MB on the Central Coast of California! Perfect size for hubby n I! And pupper!”

— Leeann Harkey

“Took our first trip in the 2022 26FKDS everything worked great. Here’s to a great camping season.”

— Tony Sensing

“Everything we've ever dreamt of.”

— fitfam_onwheels

“We love our ’18 Pioneer. We’ve made a lot of memories since we purchased this travel trailer.”

— Steve Bye

“We just picked up our first ’21 Landmark [Newport] and are getting ready to hit the road. It’s a nice RV and hauls great with our RAM 3500 HO we ordered for traveling.”

— Corey Hooper

“We traded in our 2006 Outback for a 2021 Milestone 386BH this spring because we wanted EXTRA ROOM for our dog and cat and FAMILY and FRIENDS to visit and sleep over COMFORTABLY! And the extra room so my husband and I can also each have an ALONE space when we need it to work and relax and give each other room to keep our 41-year marriage happy and healthy! I could go on and on. We have looked at hundreds of RVs. So glad we bought this one!!! If you have a large family or just want some extra space, this is a terrific fifth wheel at a price that didn't break the bank.”

— Happy Campers

“I have been living in my Bighorn 3160 for nearly two years and I haven’t looked back. My Bighorn has given me all I have ever wanted. This floor plan is spacious, has coffered ceilings, a fireplace, large walk-in shower and closet and ceramic toilet. I literally wake up every morning so satisfied with what this RV has provided me. This RV has held up to the El Paso heat; however, I still invest in the preventative maintenance that is pretty much required for full-time living. I would never choose a different RV brand because I know that my home is safe, secure and absolutely beautiful.”

— @apple2831

“Throughout our five years of planning to become full-time RVers, we knew we wanted a toy hauler so we could have a garage space and back patio. As we searched for our new home-on-wheels, our list of must-haves grew. We needed an office separate from the bedroom and living room and we wanted the patio to feel like it was an extension to our home. A toy hauler seemed like a great fit for us because we could convert the garage space into a study that would also serve as more living space when we have family and friends visiting. Traveling to new places in our Cyclone 4006, we appreciate the countless evenings we get to hang out on our back patio and enjoy the change of scenery and weather on what we refer to as our “Happy Hour Deck.” It’s been a great way to meet new people and make new friends. During the Texas weather crisis, our Heartland RV kept us running at 100% capacity thanks to the 100-gallon, freshwater tank, Yeti package that kept our tanks and underbelly from freezing and large gas tanks that kept the generator powered. Some were not as fortunate as we were, but we were able to keep another couple and their fur babies safe and warm for several days.”

— @livinrvidaloca

“We were in the market for a new travel trailer that could not only provide the amenities we needed for extended living, but also something with quality and style to match. After months of searching tons of different brands, we came across the North Trail and were sold right away. The layout, aesthetic and features were exactly what we were looking for in the weight and price range we were comfortable with. We purchased sight unseen which was a bit nerve-racking but let me tell ya, after picking it up, we knew we made the right choice. We are absolutely stoked to hit the road in our new North Trail!”

— @theroamingcrew

“We lost our camper keys and we called Customer Service and spoke with Crystal, who was Super Helpful. She was able to get us the key info we needed to get replacements and get back on our way. OUTSTANDING customer service!”

— -Anonymous

“We sure love our 2021 Torque T333 and this beautiful sunset in Ninilchik, AK”

— Ashley Maxwell

“We live outside more than we ever did when we lived in our house. I took this picture while out jogging and realized how neat it is that we have transitioned so well to this life. Everything we have with us has purpose and a place. We enjoy drinking coffee out on those chairs; I work out in front of the basement, our bikes are always there for quick rides and our backyard is just awesome to BBQ in and watch the sunset.”

— @the_holmg_three

“My family and I bought our Cyclone 4100KING in 2017 after going camping with friends that also have the same model. Both of our families travel up and down the East Coast during the spring, summer and fall, making memories along the way. The amount of storage this toy hauler has is great and the huge master bathroom is what we love the most!”

— The Bowles Family

“We're very happy with our Prowler 303BH.”

— Annie Gray

“We love our Gravity 3340. It's an excellent build and we haven't had a single issue.”

— Laura Esparza

“We’ve been full-time RVers for the last year and a half and upgraded to a Landmark Newport in October. We love the layout and design. Since our family is spread from east to west, this is the perfect solution.”

— Paul & Joan Bryant

“After doing much research, the Torque T26 was the right fit for us. We were looking for a toy hauler that we could take our dirt toys with us on camping trips and that would also provide comfort. Well, we found it with Torque. The bathroom is very spacious, and with the kitchen slide out, there’s so much room for entertaining and activities. We instantly fell in love and look forward to all the memories we will make.”

— @los323

“We recently purchased our very first RV after several months of searching for the perfect one. We ultimately settled on the Milestone 377MB - the amount of seating in the living room was what really sealed the deal for us. It was important for us to be able to have space for our entire family to sit together and enjoy movie nights. We also loved that this floor plan has a bunk room for our two youngest children and a loft for our oldest child to give him his own space. We took the fifth wheel out on our first trip last week and we can now confidently say we chose the right floor plan for our family!”

— @pursuemoore

“Our F450 got a new friend. We traveled from Denver to Florida and back in five days. What a haul it was, but she pulls like a dream and the Cyclone 4270 is such an incredible floor plan.””

— Jerome Case

“We're officially an RV family! This photo was taken on day one and so far, our first trip is going really well.”

— @wanderwhilewecan

“We put our house on the market, so we’ll see what happens. If the house sells, we will be living in our Big Country full-time. We set up camp near family so they could come check out our RV.”

— Angela Standley Johnson

“We chose the Heartland Milestone 379FLML because we loved the front living floor plan but could never find one where all of our kids had their own space. Heartland RV offered the front living floor plan with a unique twist – an amazing bunk for two of our kids. We also loved the master bath and bedroom. The bathroom feels like a ‘real’ bathroom and the bedroom has tons of storage! We also had to have a full-size washer and dryer hook up and wanted a half bath. This floor plan checked so many of our boxes and we were excited to find it after months of searching and trying to decide which RV we would choose.”

— @rvmansionfor5

“As first time RV owners, we were nervous about the whole process of owning and maintaining of this major purchase, but our Heartland Trail Runner 251BH has made it easy. We won't be using it as much as we'd like because of work, but at least we travel in style. We went on a trip to Lake George and the rig pulled so easily for a 29-foot trailer. This Trail Runner has so many nice options and we were able to use all of them flawlessly and it was as if we were simply at home.”

— Joe & Lizzy Cabrera

“Our family is the proud owner of this Heartland RV Torque Fifth Wheel! We have so many adventures ahead, and so many places to see! The open road is our dream and we’ll be conquering @nationalparkservice Jr. Rangers one stop at a time. We’re still speechless and it feels a little surreal to us all, but we couldn’t be more excited. Our family is about to grow together more than we ever imagined and it’s just what we need.”


“Maiden voyage with our new Sundance in southern Idaho. We downsized from a fifth wheel and are pleased with our decision.”

— Bill Burkholder

“We just sold our business and retired three weeks ago. Now, we're cruising around in our new fifth wheel." ”

— Dan Brookeshire

“In April of last year, we took ownership of the highest quality, most affordable couples camper there is! We replaced the dinette with a reclining sofa and it's perfect! We're excited for our second camping season!”

— Jim McDonald

“This is the perfect camping experience."”

— Daleena Reeves

“We're very happy with our Mallard M25. Our first long journey was from South Carolina to Wyoming and then to Colorado before ending up in Utah. It's the perfect rig for my wife and I."”

— Todd Caldwell

“My wife and I traded in our [Bighorn] 3855FL and picked up our new [Bighorn] 3870FB. Just in time for a 1200-mile trip to Arizona for work!”

— Travis Miller

“We love our 2015 Prowler 285LX. It has made a great home for us since going full-time in summer of 2020. We now live full-time in Mexico where we enjoy the sunshine and RV life.”

— @dashboarddrifters

“We chose our Torque 373 because of the interior layout especially the space it provided for our kids in the garage. Nearly 5 months in and were loving all it has to offer.”

— @standbyforthemillers

“We're new RVers and picked up our '20 Bighorn Traveler 32RS last month. She's currently set up in our driveway, but we're ready for retirement travels and adventures!”

— The Fields Family

“We chose the Heartland North Trail 22RBK because the layout feels very open, we like the detail on the interior and because the exterior decals match our truck - kidding (kind of). We also love the outdoor ‘Party Center and Grill.’ The wide axels and seemingly indestructible ceiling were two feature that made us feel safe, while the two-inch, insulated walls made us feel like we were making a quality choice no matter where our journey took us.

The waterproof and scratch-proof floors are absolutely appreciated in our ‘household’ and the modern look of the interior made us feel right at home. And that’s the whole point isn’t it? No matter where in the United States we travel, nothing feels more like home than heading back to our North Trail.”

— @lifewithbethandcourt

“Our family will be traveling full-time as I pursue my musical career. I [@jessicaingrammusic] made a southern Gospel album this year that has taken off with 1 million Facebook views in two months of the music video for ‘You Were in It All.’ Since 2020 has been crazy, we decided it was a good time to step out of our comfort zone. We will be traveling with four of our kids, touring the nation while sharing the gospel. Seeing the Cyclone 4006 in another full-time family’s Instagram feed sold me almost instantly. I fell in love with the full kitchen and the versatility of the garage for my kids. In short, it just felt like home. We love our rig and can’t wait to set out on our new adventure.”

— @faithandfairwinds

“One of the biggest perks of having an RV is that I can haul all of my boards and not have to worry about packing my car to the brim. With our toy hauler, there is so much room for not only all of my adventure gear, but also my wife and kids’ stuff too. This is especially important if you’re planning to RV full-time or go on an extra-long trip. The larger space allows you to be more spontaneous with your travels.”

— @erichannan

“We grabbed our Bighorn Traveler 39MB when we found out we could work remotely. We love how spacious the floor plan is with an extra room and the open living room and kitchen - we haven't run out of space for things we need! It's also great having a trailer hitch to store our bikes. We're currently living in the RV and traveling across the country and we couldn't have made another choice for an RV to purchase. This Bighorn Traveler fits our lifestyle perfectly!”

— @evokeyouradventure

“I’ve lived in my Pioneer with my Labrador Retriever for the last three years. We’ve been through Hurricane Matthew, Florence and Michael while RVing in North Carolina and have driven close to 6,000 miles through Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina and now Maryland with no issues. I like that there is plenty of space inside and allows for flexibility of the space. I’ve added aluminum shelving for additional storage but otherwise, this RV is perfect for a single guy and a dog. I enjoy the unit and look forward to upgrading in the future.”

— @cowboyyyconnor

“We have never been to a Service Center that has treated us and our property like it was their own but hats off to the Heartland RV Service Center team for doing just that – these people are awesome! We were kept in the loop from day one – receiving either a phone call update or email with progress photos. I guarantee we will own nothing but Heartland RV products for life.”

— The Boyce family

“My wife and I have just returned home from a 2000-mile vacation in our ’10 Heartland Sundance [Travel Trailer] that we pull with a ’20 Silverado RST. We have looked at newer RVs, but we haven’t had any problems with our current rig and it still looks brand new. Newer RVs have options that weren’t available in 2010, but ours is still functional and has withstood the test of time.”

— The LaValley family

“I got out of the Marine Corps in '16 and went back to college, and after a year of paying rent in a big college town, it was time for a change. I've been a full-time RVer in my '16 Bighorn for about three years. This last semester I graduated from the University of Alabama and with everything happening in the world right now, what better time to go off the grid for a bit. So I loaded up and spent a few weeks boondocking out west in Colorado and Utah.”

— Kody Pemberton

“I'd like to give a shoutout to Heartland RVs for the fantastic customer service I received regarding maintenance needed on my Milestone [Fifth Wheel]. The dealership was denying the repairs under warranty so I made one phone call to Heartland RVs and spoke to one of the Regional Sales Managers, and the issues are now being resolved and covered under warranty! This is fantastic backing to the retail customer from the manufacturer. Heartland RVs rocks!”

— Matt Kleinmann

“We chose the Bighorn Traveler 32RS and have never once regretted our choice. We looked at so many RVs, and even bought a Montana at a RV show, but backed out because we still liked the Bighorn more. It's the perfect layout and size for us - with tons of storage! This floor plan is exactly what we wanted and it's so nice looking on the outside too! We travel all over and our Bighorn has kept us cozy in all of the snow we've encountered - definitely an all-seasons home-on-wheels. We love our Bighorn!”

— Korey & Michelle Seeba @followourfithy

“We bought our North Trail 22FBS the day before the Oregon fires started and was able to escape the smoke and Level 2 evacuation. The kids were also able to begin their first week of online school from our new RV.”

— @grn_light_go

“We love our 2020 Fuel Toy Hauler. There is so much room and everything is easy to operate. It’s also just a great looking RV.”

— @ewan1mclean

“We love our ’15 Prowler Lynx 30LX and have made many memories over the past five years of ownership.”

— @happycamper_gordon

“My wife and I bought a 2021 North Trail 31 BHDD - two camping trips the last two weekends, and so far we 're happy with it!”

— The Gudgeon Family

“We are absolutely loving our Fuel 362 [Toy Hauler]! We drove off the lot and headed out on an 1800-mile road trip. We’ve made great memories in the short time we’ve been Heartland owners and can’t wait to make more. Our Fuel is hands down the best RV we’ve ever owned.”

— The Gaines family

“We have been full-time RVing for the last five years. We spend our winters in Kamloops, British Columbia, where temperatures drop down to -25 degrees, but we’re snug and cozy inside. We love our Heartland Bighorn!”

— Andy Seminuk

“We chose our 2019 Trail runner 28RE because of the interior layout. There is tons of room for entertaining with all the luxuries you'd want while camping. We can't wait for the 2021 camping season!”

— @kfowler22

“We chose the [Milestone] 379FLML for the loft, full-size washer and dryer hook up and the half bath. We also love not having steps leading into the bedroom and the master bathroom is amazing.”

— The Loyd family

“We bought a Heartland RV Sundance 242RK [Travel Trailer] a few months ago and absolutely love it. We are new to travel trailers, but the layout, look and storage are perfect for us.”

— The Kaslik family

“This is our new 2020 Trail Runner 31IKBS and its huge compared to our previous 26' travel trailer with no slides. We love the double pantries and kitchen island.”

— The Winemiller family

“We have a 2020 Bighorn – our third Heartland RV rig in the last 11 years. We love the lighter interior and added color with the accents and accessories. We've converted the butler's pantry into my sewing room and also use the space as an area for our puppies.”

— The Kuhn family

“We are absolutely loving our Fuel 362 [Toy Hauler]! We drove off the lot and headed out on an 1800-mile road trip. We’ve made great memories in the short time we’ve been Heartland owners, and we can’t wait to make more. Our Fuel is hands down the best RV we’ve ever owned.”

— The Gaines family

“We love our Heartland [Mallard] M33! We pulled our travel trailer from Arkansas to South Dakota and it proved to be an excellent rig. The M33 floor plan provides so much room for our family. Heartland makes a great RV.”

— The Horn Family

“We bought our North Trail 22FBS the day before the Oregon fires started, and were able to use it to escape the smoke and Level 2 evacuation. The kids were also able to start their first week of online school from our new RV.”

— @grn_light_go

“We decided to join the Heartland family in January 2019 after talking to other Heartland RV owners - because as everyone knows, that's how you find honest feedback.  Ultimately, it was the slide-in-a-slide in the bedroom and the layout of the living area that swayed us.”

— Duane & Maureen Metcalf

“We are a full-time, RV family traveling in our Cyclone 4270 [Toy Hauler] - and love it! I am a traveling Emergency Room nurse and my wife stays home with our two-year -old daughter. Currently, we are camping in Gordon, Nebraska - enjoying a small town slow down after coming from Phoenix! We couldn't be happier with the [Cyclone] 4270!”

— Banginout Adventures

“My family and I bought our Cyclone 4100KING in 2017 after going camping with friends that also have the same model. Both of our families travel up and down the East coast during the spring, summer and fall - making memories along the way. The amount of storage this toy hauler has is great and the huge master bathroom is what we love the most!”

— The Bowles family

“When searching for the perfect fifth wheel for our family, the choice was clear. We love the open floor plan that our Heartland 2008 Big Country provides us and it's so hard to find a RV that has all the comforts of home. My husband and I didn't feel the need to start completely from scratch with our renovation because of the abundance of storage it provides and great layout. We love our Heartland RV!"”

— @tiny_modernfarmhouse

“The [Landmark] Louisville is perfect - the stairs located on the non-camp side are what we loved most! We have a bar with large drawers and storage above instead of a dinette - it's the perfect coffee station! We have two German Shepherds, and the entry way and rear living room provides enough space for us and our rambunctious canines. We absolutely love our fifth wheel and would recommend Landmark.”

— Woodyard Family

“Fraser and Lauren Bayley are health and wellness entrepreneurs who specialize in plant-based nutrition and strength and fitness coaching. They purchased their 2018 Heartland Road Warrior 427 to be able to travel around the country booking speaking engagements and events, and they live full-time in their RV for several months out of the year. Here, they share with us why they decided to become RV owners and what factors drew them to the Road Warrior.”

— Fraser & Lauren Bayley

“We custom ordered our '18 Road Warrior 427 in the color 777 green to match our race team colors. We travel from the East Coast of Canada to the most southern parts of the United States to race, and our toy hauler has never let us down and is a real show stopper everywhere we go.”

— Unknown

“We chose our Big Country 3902FL as our rig because we LOVED the front living layout. I wanted the extra bathroom and my husband wanted all the basement storage it provided. We are traveling with two German Shepherds and love having the extra space, because we didn't really want to feel like we'd always be in each other's way!”

— Risner Family

“We bought our North Trail [31 BHDD] new in Las Vegas in October of 2017, and have only had to make a few cosmetic changes since then. We love our travel trailer and will eventually upgrade to a Milestone [Fifth Wheel].”

— @Lake_lif

“We love our [Bighorn] 32RS and we knew it was "the one" as soon as we walked in. It's the perfect couple's camper and with all of the modifications, we couldn't imagine ever getting rid of it. We have it just the way we want it.”

— Albers Family

“Our family loves our time together in our home away from home.”

— Kris Nee