Product Review: RVLock Keyless Baggage Door System

Original blog written by Jim and Melinda Tanner.

Say Goodbye to RV Keys

We've all been there! You're outside and remember that you need to grab something from the storage compartment. And..... it's locked. You have to get the keys from inside your RV. It's not the biggest problem however, it gets repetitive.

The solution is easy....the Keyless Baggage Handle System from RVLOCKS. With this installed, we can now simply walk up to the storage door of our Bighorn, enter our code and grab what we need without having to find those darn keys. Efficient and easy!

The installation will take you about 30 mins from start to finish, which includes reprogramming the lock with a new code (FYI...default from factory the code is 1-2-3-4) and programming the included key-fob remote. The Keyless Baggage Handle System comes with everything you'll need. You'll only need a screwdriver to complete this install!

Link to Slam Bag Lock on Amazon

Link to Main Door Lock on Amazon

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