Product Review: WiFi Ranger Elite AC Kit

One would expect to have strong WiFi signal and speed when camping at an RV resort. They are certainly fancy when compared to our boondocking locations! However, we've been disappointed time and time again with lack of WiFi signal in resorts that claim to have strong WiFi.

Enter WiFi Ranger!! They offer four different packages to suit whatever connectivity needs you may have. Prices range from the entry level Micro LTE Pack at $299.00 to the High End EliteAC Pack FM at $749.99.

I installed the High End EliteAC Pack FM. To test and compare I started by standing in my driveway to find how many WiFi networks I would find on my phone. I found 7. I then went inside the RV and tested with just my computer and it found 30 WiFi the same spot.

Finally, I turned on our WiFiRanger EliteAC Pack FM, and it found 43 WiFi networks!  You can see in the image below, how the WiFiRanger found 43 WiFi networks and the signal went from 1 bar of coverage to 5 bars of coverage. Now that is exactly what I was hoping for. When staying at a campground that could be the difference between being able to watch Netflix or not.

To enable "Load Balancing", which allows you to use WiFi and a second device to increase your coverage. We use our dedicated AT&T hotspot, but you can also use our cell phone as your secondary device. Additionally, the dashboard will show both the WiFi network and the Cellular Hotspot are connected, enabling us to increase and load balance our internet needs. I explain this in more depth in the video below.

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