About Us

Who We Are
The promise of adventure drives every RV journey. Nobody knows this better than those who have answered the call of the open road, season after season. Heartland was founded over 17 years ago by a group of veteran RVers. We’ve made your perfect journey our business ever since. We're ready to take you exploring - to collect experiences, create memories, chase down dreams. To take in all this great land has to offer. It's time to get on board, hit the road, and enjoy life's great adventures. We've got you covered with RV's built by RV lovers for people who love RV's. Your journey awaits.
What We Stand For
When you’re on the road, we want you to focus on having new experiences and making memories. So we promise you comfort, quality, peace of mind, longevity and service. What we really mean is this: Focus on taking the journey of a lifetime, and we’ll take care of everything else.

  • Customers, First and Foremost: We believe in the time-honored tradition of providing excellent customer service. In the last few years, we’ve built a new customer service facility , made extensive technology upgrades and increased staffing to better handle service, parts and warranties. That means that whatever you need, we have a person dedicated to help.

  • Good Facilities Create Good Workmanship: Just like we’re continually updating our products, we’re always looking for ways to upgrade our facilities so that our employees have every thing they need to create the best possible RVs.

  • On and Offline Quality Control: Every Heartland production facility has quality control that gets implemented during each manufacturing stage, ending in a thorough audit as units come off the line.

  • Best-In-Industry Warranties: We set the standard in luxury brands with our “Full-Time Friendly” warranties and have added a 3-year structural warranty to all models in the years since.

  • Treat Friends Like Family: Our owners’ group is large, loyal and fun and does more to advance Heartland’s reputation than a thousand ad campaigns ever could. And that’s why we consider every Heartland owner like family.
Our History
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The Beginning
A group of experienced professionals such as an engineer, product and sales manager, marketing professional, facilities manager and a successful entrepreneur joined forces with the promise to build RVs better.
Heartland Introduces Landmark
A luxury fifth wheel with industry first features such as the 88 Degree turning technology, Drop frame basement storage, Universal Docking Center. Landmark will continue to set the standard for years and will become our one our flagship brands.
Owner's Club and Sundance
Started by Heartland super fan, Jim Beletti, owners all over the nation began to rally together and the owners club was born. Also, Heartland developed Sundance a laminated, lighter weight fifth wheel with all the features for customers with smaller trucks.
Cyclone Toy Hauler and New Manufacturing Facility
Cyclone takes the world by storm. A toy hauler with attitude and a feature lineup like no other on the market. During this time, Heartland grew an unprecedented 225% and broke ground on a 110,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility and administrative office.
The North Trail
With fuel prices rising, lighter weight laminated North Trail travel trailer answered the demand for more fuel economic RVing. Through the most turbulent financial crises our country had seen since the ‘20s, Heartland continued to grow and gain market share faster than any other RV manufacturer.
With the growing number of first time RVers, Heartland introduced a more cost effective way for our customers to RV. Heartland entered into the traditional travel trailer market and expanding into a 80,000 sq. ft facility dedicated to light weight travel trailers.
Heartland becomes part of the THOR family and reintroduces iconic brand
In September 2010, Thor made its largest acquisition to date when it purchased Heartland RV Company, further cementing its companies’ combined position as the world's largest producer of towable RVs. Heartland also reintroduces the iconic travel trailer Prowler brand.
Growing Dealer Network
In 2011, Heartland added more product lines, added more facilities and grew their dealer network to over 400 dealers nationwide.
Destination Trailers
Heartland begins to offer destination trailers to their product portfolio.
Expansion Continues for Heartland
Heartland expansion continues, manufacturing plant space tops 780,000 square feet. Administration moves into a new building bringing sales, marketing, accounting and purchasing under one roof, improving our quality and customer experience
Acquisition of Cruiser RV and DRV Luxury Suites
Heartland acquires Cruiser RV and DRV rounding out product offerings and expanding production capabilities outside of Elkhart. The very best service at the very best customer service center in the RV industry. Heartland commits millions to unbeatable service after the sale
Terry Classic Introduction
Heartland debuts retro classic travel trailer called the Terry Classic and expands production into Idaho.
Heartland Rebrands
Heartland released a new brand identity which included a new logo, new brand colors and a new brand story around Launching Life’s Journeys. The new identity represents what Heartland stands for today and into the future.