Top RV Design Trends Coming in 2024

In July 2022, Heartland hired a new Interior Design Manager, Jill Peterson. We’re excited to introduce her today with a few questions that get into her design philosophy, forecast top RV design trends coming in 2024, and share a bit of her personality with Heartland enthusiasts.

Just like sticks and bricks homes, RV interior design trends change over time. Materials change, as new advancements in technology help create elements that are lighter in weight, easier to maintain, more durable, or more sustainable and eco-friendly. Consumers’ color preferences change, going from muted to bright, cool to warm, or vibrant to monochromatic over the years. And amenities change, too. As camping has grown in popularity over the years, people camp over a wider range of seasons and temperatures, making indoor fireplaces more ubiquitous. And more people camp for longer periods of time, living full-time on the road or taking the RV down south for winter, which means larger refrigerators have become more popular with time.

Sometimes design trends change subtly over time, and sometimes we notice changes all at once. Jill is uniquely qualified to discuss the trends coming down the pipeline – the ones that will shape our aesthetics for the next several years to come. So here are Jill’s thoughts on the state of design in the RV world today, where it’s going next, and what she’s personally excited to introduce in 2024 production models.

What new overall trends can consumers expect to see rolling out in the 2024 production model Heartland RVs? Which are your favorites?

The return of color – and I am here for it! Over the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of minimalism and shades of grey. Our customers are now craving warmth and depth in their RVs.

Wood finishes are getting warmer and richer, and we’re layering textures to create an inviting interior space. Moody colors are trending for walls, creating the perfect vibe.

What paint colors, floor finishes and wood tones are currently trending in RV interiors? How do they differ from past trends?

The return of color is a popular design trend for 2024.

One big trend right now is creating a space that provides peace, rest and refuge from the outside world. During the pandemic, people got really attached to the outdoors and the natural world, and now we’re translating that into interior design. Color trends have begun moving toward earthy, warm tones. And we’re incorporating more natural elements in our design, like wood, stone and organic textures. I just joined the Heartland team in July 2022, so I’m excited to bring these exciting interior changes to the 2024 model year.

What kind of hardware and metal tones are shoppers currently demanding in RV interiors? Why are they popular?

Mixed metals are popular trends in RV interiors.

The days of using one metal finish everywhere are gone. Mixing metals is a great way to add an interesting and contemporary look. For example, mixing black and gold is all the rage. Black hardware and accents are popular because they’re a great way to add sophistication, drama, and contrast. And following the trend of warm tones growing in popularity, gold is here to stay.

What emerging home trends do you hope to see in RV design in the coming years?

I’ve always brought a residential feel into the RV world. Current residential trends see interiors moving away from minimalism. Instead, there’s a renewed interest in more decorative styles, like Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern – two of my favorite design styles. I’m excited to bring some of those elements to RV interiors.

When it comes to inspiration, what sources do you turn to for new ideas?

Designers pull inspiration from lots of places to bring trends into an RV space.

As an interior designer, my creative mind is ALWAYS on. I get inspiration from

Everywhere: traveling, attending design trade shows, and even on Pinterest while I’m searching for a dinner recipe!

How do you test things like fabrics or surfaces to ensure they'll look good for years to come?

There are so many stain-resistant and high-performance fabrics on the market now. We partner with fabric vendors who perform extensive testing on their materials, and in addition, we test all our new products through our R&D process.

Campers are people who love the great outdoors, and the environment is a precious resource. What advancements have you seen in eco-friendly, recycled or renewable materials in the RV interior design space?

Sustainable interior design is more important now than ever. Every year, we learn more about which practices and materials are sustainable, and which options help protect our planet. We always keep this knowledge in mind during our design and material selection process and use as many sustainable materials as possible in our RV interiors.

If you could design a custom, one-off dream RV just for yourself and your own aesthetic, what would it look and feel like inside?

One of the biggest challenges in RV design is appealing to the masses, usually by keeping interiors quite neutral. It would be so fun to design a one-off unit just for myself. I would use a lot of colors and give it an energetic, fun vibe.

What's your dream camping trip this year, and what makes it special? Are you more into boondocking and "roughing it," or do you prefer a more luxurious camping experience?

I prefer a more luxurious camping trip in an RV, to truly get the home-away-from-home experience. My husband and son love to be out in nature, so camping in an RV is a great compromise because we get the best of both worlds. We love the red rocks and desert terrain of southern Utah and northern Arizona. Being able to camp comfortably with family among such abundant natural beauty is incredibly special.