New RV Technology and Heartland Features for 2023

Across all our RV brands, one thing we do well at Heartland is continually develop innovative new features that elevate our coaches and delight our owners. We don’t mind bragging a little, and we can back it up. In fact, there’s an entire Innovations page dedicated to the things we do exceptionally well. With that being said, when it comes to what’s new in 2023 Heartland models, we’re excited to talk about the new Heartland features that can help take your next journey to another level.

Whether you’re the kind of person who loves rusting camping in out-of-the-way places, glamping at resorts and cooking gourmet meals, or optimizing your RV with the latest technological developments. Ready to see what we have in store? Here we go.

Solar Packages

New Heartland SoL Solar Prep

One of our most exciting new developments is an exclusive line of solar packages called SŌL - Powered by the Sun. Every coach will come with the most basic package, SŌL Prep. This includes all the wiring and installation prep needed to add solar panels, batteries and an inverter of your choice. That provides two big benefits. One, it allows for the option to add solar energy capability right away or in the future – you don’t need to have your mind made up yet. Feel like it might be of interest  down the road, once you’ve gotten a better handle on the basics? Great! The SŌL Prep package is ready whenever you are.

The second benefit is that all the pre-installed wiring makes it simple to add or adjust the equipment of your choice. No need to hunt down someone locally who has experience installing solar wiring in RVs. (And cross your fingers that the person you find will do a good job). SŌL Prep means everything is professionally installed at Heartland headquarters by RV experts who do this kind of thing every day. All you need to do is pick out the solar panels, inverter and batteries of your choice.

You could start simple with one smaller-capacity solar panel to test the waters. Then decide to upgrade in a year or two to a more comprehensive system that can handle powering your entire coach through a week of camping off-grid. We make it easy to upgrade by offering multiple tiers of SŌL packages that bundle the equipment you need. But you’re also free to choose your own equipment if you’re the kind of person who loves researching every last element.

We’ve written in more detail about solar power and why solar prep is something we’ve built into all our new models. You can read more about our SŌL packages and what each tier includes.

Air Fryer Ovens

New Heartland air fryer oven

If you’ve ever eaten a soggy sandwich or tried to reheat last night’s french fries in the microwave, you know how important texture is in creating an appetizing meal. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer our new Heartland-exclusive air fryer ovens for 2023. We’ve taken all the convenience and ease of an air fryer and built it right into onboard ovens. So now you can create perfectly crispy foods without having to pack and store a separate appliance.

Each air fryer oven comes with a standard multi-burner gas cooktop. Then, the oven uses the same convection technology as an air fryer to create the ideal texture for crunchy foods. When you cook with convection heat, the oven blows hot air around inside to help evaporate excess moisture and create the texture of fried foods without using oil, making it both easy and healthy to use.

You can use it to cook frozen foods like chicken tenders or tater tots for the whole family. But it works equally as well to create crisp skin on oven-roasted potatoes or your world-famous wings. Or to add a delicious crunch to the bottom crust of homemade pizza. And you can do it all without having to pack another appliance that takes up valuable countertop space.

Here’s where you can check out our new air fryer oven and range in greater detail.

Central Housing for Wiring

This one is for the gearheads and RV tech enthusiasts out there. For 2023, we’re rolling out The Vault, a water-resistant central housing unit that holds mini-breakers, solar fuses and your battery disconnect in one convenient place. Inside, it keeps wires organized and properly identified thanks to a color-coded distribution block. This way you can repair or replace any connections as needed. No guessing or untangling necessary.

Benefits of The Vault

It streamlines your wiring, reducing the number of components mounted to the drawbar. This creates greater flexibility in managing the elements you add to your coach. All the wiring is protected from nature and the elements – water, dirt, bugs, debris, and small animals with sharp teeth. The Vault stays in good working order, no matter where you find yourself.

And a dedicated breakaway post provides constant power to the breakaway switch. Even if you’ve disconnected power, the breakaway switch is still powered and ready to function as designed in an emergency. The Vault also allows you to charge your solar batteries when you’ve disconnected power. This means you can create and store energy from your solar configuration while you’re towing.

The Vault comes standard on all Heartland travel trailers, with a larger version, the Vault XL, available on all Heartland fifth wheels.

New Heartland central wiring system

So there it is. Whether you want to expand the limits of camping off-grid, cook delicious meals, or optimize the RV technology in your Heartland RV, there’s something for everyone. Which new features are you most excited to try?