2023 RV Trends Featuring RVFixerUpper

We have all noticed that RV manufactures have stepped up their interior design game in the last few years, and I am here for it! We are no longer seeing as many brown on brown interiors with wallpaper borders and granny sofas. Instead, we are seeing more sleek, modern designs with luxuries many of our sticks & bricks homes don’t  have. The following are a few of my favorite RV trends that I’m currently seeing.

New RV Trends


Banquettes are making a comeback, but they don’t look like the old school banquettes we’re used to seeing. We are now seeing neutral, solid fabrics instead of florals and retro patterns and it has completely elevated the look of the dining space.

Stylish and modern banquettes have become a popular RV trend for 2023 models.

Double Sinks

Double sinks in bathroom vanities. You’re probably thinking, “That’s impossible!” It’s actually being done by several manufacturers and it's a game changer for couples who are full-timing in their RV.

Double sinks are a popular RV trend for full-time RVers.

Bunks and Bunkrooms

We all know bunks in an RV are extremely sought after, but one feature I’m loving seeing in toy hauler designs in 2023 is they have changed the way you access the bunks. We’re seeing more manufacturers moving the bunk access to the garage, rather than having it off the kitchen. This creates more sleeping privacy and drastically improves the overall aesthetic of the RV making it feel more like a home. We did this modification in our personal toy hauler and it has been a game changer.

Carpet-Free Interiors

No more carpet! Can I get an "Amen!?" Many RV’s that are rolling out in 2023 have ditched the carpet all together and made many of us very, very happy.

Carpet-free interiors is an RV trend many RVers love.

Brighter Interiors

White walls instead of brown. Consumers asked and the manufacturers delivered! White walls make everything lighter and brighter creating a much more cohesive space that pairs well with any interior style.

The light and airy RV trend provides a blank canvas for owners.


The home office is exploding in the RV industry as the number of remote workers has grown exponentially over the last three years. This option gives customers a dedicated work space making their work environment more private and more organized.

Outdoor Griddle

One of my favorite things we are seeing in the outdoor space is the addition of the griddle.  Many of us love cooking almost everything on a griddle and it is nice to have easy access to it and not have to stow it on travel days.

The outdoor griddle is an unique RV trend that makes it easy to whip of an outdoor meal.

Fit and Finishes

The overall improvement of cabinet colors, cabinet hardware, faucets, shower surrounds and flooring has drastically changed the look and feel of RV’s. This allows customers to create a home on wheels without having to do major renovations.

The changes the RV industry is making to recognize the new demographic of RV buyers is impressive. The combination of working remotely and homeschooling/roadschooling children has enabled people to start their travels now instead of having to wait until retirement to hit the road.  In my opinion, I don’t think there’s ever been a more exciting time to own an RV and start having the adventure of your lives!

Article written by Heartland RV brand ambassador, RVFixerUpper.