Heartland Difference

What Makes Heartland Different?

Setting the standards in materials, construction and service is what sets up apart. Heartland RVs are comfortable, modern and backed by the kind of longevity and service that will make you feel at home wherever you go. 

What Makes Heartland Different?

Since our founding, we set out to do things differently. We strive to innovate in the towable market. Within 5 years of our founding, Heartland became a top manufacturer of fifth wheels and travel trailers, and many of our designs have since become industry standards. Our products continue to be among the best-selling and best-reviewed of the towable market.

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Unmatched Quality Control

We double down on quality control. So you and yours can spend some real quality time cruising our country’s natural wonders.

Unmatched Quality Control

Quality assurance — Better products equal more confidence.

Every single Heartland unit is put through the ultimate test.

When it comes to quality, we hard to lead the pack.  We don’t just follow industry best practices, we set them. Our commitment to quality means we source better components, create optimized manufacturing processes and raise industry standards in quality assurance inspections.

  • We source higher-grade manufacturing components, ensuring our RVs outlast rival brands.
  • Our warranties guarantee our RVs are protected and most warranty claims are processed within 24 to 48 hours, so Heartland owners can feel secure from the moment they drive off the lot.
  • Our Total RV inspection means 100 percent of our units get looked over by experienced technicians as they come off the line. Then, they’re delivered to our 89,000 sq. ft. Pre-Delivery Inspection Center where experts test the weather-proofing, slide outs, chassis, seals, gas lines, water lines, electrical systems, appliances and all interior and exterior elements. Finally, they get a top-down cleaning before shipping out to dealerships. Our Pre-Delivery Inspection is the best in the industry.
  • Heartland is implementing a new quality check system, allowing us to identify, assign and take action on quality anomalies in real time. This helps us improve our inspection process through optimized productivity and lower-cost screening for potential issues.

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Heartland Recreational Vehicles were founded on the idea of building better. That notion is at the heart of everything we do.


To us, building better means taking a fresh approach to RV manufacturing processes. Like introducing materials that are best in the industry, like our Azdel sidewalls.  Or never settling for the status quo by sourcing higher-grade manufacturing components. We’re next generation engineers, first and foremost, focused on optimizing engineering and manufacturing techniques. That’s why we’re not afraid to do things others don’t, like designing our RVs to be easy to service. When you choose a Heartland RV, there’s a lot of heart — and forward thinking — built right in.


Structural I-Beam Frame

Heartland RVs are built on a strong foundation with powder-coated structural I beam frames.  Full height cross members approximately every 48”.  Up to 3x the amount of required full height cross members for lateral support, which provides a more solid floor foundation and more attachment points for the enclosed underbelly.

Aluminum Superstructure (5th Wheels and Laminated Travel Trailers)

Heartland RVs are five-sided aluminum construction above our subfloor meaning all sidewall studs, end wall studs, and roof rafters are aluminum. This allows us to build strong, lightweight campers with a low center of gravity for easier towing.

16” On Center Floor Joists

Our wood floor joists are 16” on center. The closeness of joists provides a solid foundation to secure our tongue and grove plywood subfloor and holds the fasteners more securely adding to the strength of floor.

Aluminum Roof Rafters (5th Wheels and Laminated Travel Trailers)

Aluminum Roof Rafters are installed with spacing 16” on center to provide a solid and sturdy foundation for a full walk-on roof while maintaining low weight and low center of gravity.

Triple Seal Slide System Technology

Triple Seal Slide System Technology securely seals the slide room whether opened or closed protecting your trailer from water, dust, wind, insects and other environmental units.

TPO Roofing Construction

A durable resistant material that protects against debris and environmental exposures.  Its flexible membrane allows it to withstand punctures, tears and impact-related damage.

*Please notes some brands may vary in construction, please visit each brand for specific construction information.


Our slide-outs are a proven slide room system with easy manual override. The design of this system allows for taller slide room heights and less obtrusive interior slide room headers and fascia equaling more interior living space.

Azdel Composite Interior Wall

Construction using a patented blend of polypropylene and fiberglass to create a strong, lightweight, quiet, weather and temperature resistant, odorless and environmentally friendly construction that will increase the life of your RV.

Tongue & Groove Plywood

Our flooring is securely fastened to the wood joists, creating seamless and superior foundation which can carry more weight and provide less bounce.  Tongue and Groove flooring also creates an airtight floor membrane to help rid the loss of heat and to prevent the intrusion of moisture.

No Carpet

All our units have been updated with woven flooring, a material that’s durable, easy to clean and hypo-allergenic, making it great for all adventurers.

Molded Fiberglass Cap with Paint and Clear Coat

Laminated under intense pressure with heat setting adhesives in a climate-controlled space with a clear coat finish for protecting from UV Ways.

Oversized Slam latch baggage doors

Oversized Slam latch baggage doors with industry leading pass-thru storage for easy access to storage allowing for easy access to items stored from both sides of the camper. Lots of storage for all your supplies.

Azdel Sidewalls

We raised the bar by being one of the first RV manufacturer to build with Azdel composite sidewalls. They provide big benefits over wood.

Azdel Sidewalls

Azdel Onboard® composite panels come standard on most Heartland RVs. For starters, they increase the longevity of your rig. Half the weight of wood, they’re also more durable and easy on the environment. Weather and temperature resistance means you’ll be a happy camper in a variety of climates. Equally welcome: these panels act as sound barriers, reducing outside noise and increasing your peace of mind.

AZDEL Composite Panels

Azdel Composite Panels have been used in RV exterior and interior sidewall, ceilings, and roofs since 2006. They are produced using a patented blend of polypropylene and fiberglass to create a strong, lightweight, quiet, weather and temperature resistant, odorless and environmentally friendly wall that will increase the life of your RV.

Proven Technology Used to Replace Wood Since 2006

With twice the insulation value, excellent strength, and half the weight of wood, composite panels increase durability and lighten your adventure. Reduced weight helps keep fuel costs down, while superior insulation decreases heating and cooling costs. The panels also absorb sound waves to help provide a quieter ride, reducing road and outside noise.


Half the Weight of Wood

Azdel composite panels are lightweight yet durable. Half the weight of wood – just think of the fuel savings!

Water ResistantNo Delamination, No Rot

Water will not cause fiber decomposition on our composite panels, so there is no rot or warping. Wet/dry cycles can affect wood bonds and diminish structural support.

Sound and Energy Absorbing

Azdel panels are porous which allows them to absorb sound waves instead of being transferred through vibration of wood panels. You are in for a quieter ride.

Free of Formaldehyde, Mold, and Mildew

Azdel composite panels do not grow mold, mildew or emit toxic fumes, so you can breathe easily with peace of mind. Conversely, wood panels can decompose releasing airborne particle pollutants.

Temperature & Humidity Changes are Tolerated

Azdel composite panels are not damaged from freezing and thawing cycles, a common cause of delamination. Temperature and humidity changes are well tolerated.

Puncture and Impact Resistant

Azdel composite panels are durable and stay strong. No adhesive failure from fluctuating temperatures can occur to weaken bonds.


What does delamination look like inside the wall of your travel trailer, fifth wheel or motorhome?

Have you ever seen an RV with bubbling along the sidewalls that looks like an air bubble under contact paper? That’s delamination – the wood is separating from the outer layer and can no longer support the structure. Water seeping in has soaked the wood. This along with freezing, thawing and hot temperatures causes it to decompose and loosen adhesive bonds. Because of the moisture/water presence, mold and mildew are formed or accelerated during this process. What you don’t see can make all the difference – in the support structure of your walls, road noise, and comfort level inside your rig, the air quality your family breathes, and the longevity of your RV.

If you want an RV that will last, and provide you with the comfort and durability you deserve, be sure it is a Heartland RV with AZDEL Onboard!


Luan Vs Azdel: Water and Wood Don’t Mix

Take a look at what can happen to a traditional RV when leaks occur. Rotting, warping and delamination are common, commonly with a bubbling sidewall. This can cause thousand of dollars to repair.
What is Lauan? The term lauan (or luan) comes from the lauan tree, native to the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries. Sometimes referred to as Philippine Mahogany or Meranti, it is the general name given to a wide variety of related woods imported from the Philippine Islands, Malaysia and Indonesia. Of all the hardwoods, Philippine lauan was once the most plentiful. It is not an actual mahogany. This is a trade name for underlayment plywood.

Soak Test

Azdel placed composite panel and a panel made from lauan in water for 51 days. The damage to the lauan panel displayed mold and the beginning of delamination which would require repair. The Azdel panel was 100% unaffected. Some RV’s sit through six months of winter, subjected to freezing, thawing, heating and repeating the cycle with the potential for water seeping into the wall. This damage occurred in less than two months.

For additional information, check out this video.

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Reinvigorated Features

Heartland believes that every RVer deserves the best of available features. That's why we’ve reimagined our RVs to support our campers’ changing tastes and lifestyles. Now, camping is more comfortable and convenient than ever.

Reinvigorated Features

Our Products —  Reimagined and reinvigorated.

We’ve made major improvements to our products, both inside and out. Buying an RV is like buying a home, which is why we’ve put importance on creating welcoming interior decor and updated exterior graphics. But every RV also includes technology that makes it easier to tow, handle and set up on the road.


Heartland interiors have been updated to feel lighter, brighter and more modern. We’ve leaned toward more mixed wood tones in muted shades, sleeker fixtures, and an overall airier, residential feel that allows natural light to shine.

All our units have been updated with woven flooring, a material that’s durable, easy to clean and hypo-allergenic, making it great for all adventurers.

Azdel Composite sidewalls come standard in our units. They’re half the weight of wood, durable and easy on the environment. They’re also weather and temperature resistant, so you can camp in all kinds of climates, and they absorb noise to give you peace and quiet almost anywhere.

To read more about our interiors, visit our Campfire Stories blog.

Floor plans:

Something for whatever your need, wherever you go.

You’ve got big plans, both where you want to go and how you want to get there. Luckily, we’ve got big plans too, more than 200 floor plans across our Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels and Toy Haulers, so you can find the perfect configuration to fit your life  In fact, this is one big reason why so many people choose Heartland over the competition. With so many options to choose from, you don’t have to sacrifice quality, comfort, utility or style.  You can have it all, and we can help you find your perfect fit.


Our Top Notch handling package and Confidence package both feature suspension systems for smoother towing, industry-leading axles and tires, nationwide 24/7 roadside assistance in case of emergency and Level Up,® the number one-rated hydraulic leveling system on the market.

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Commitment to Our Customers

At Heartland, we do our absolute best to provide the best customer service possible at every turn. Whether it’s our live chat that instantly connects you to a Heartland expert or our focus on customer feedback, we promise to treat you like family.

Commitment to Our Customers

Connecting with Customers.

Providing you with compassion, understanding and exceptional service at every turn. 

Customer service calls are answered by service experts who can answer a variety of questions quickly, reducing hold times for callers.

Warranty claims are processed in under 24 hours.
Expansion of our parts warehouse will allow us to carry 40% more parts than before and ship within 24 to 48 hours of every order.
Newly implemented customer satisfaction surveys help us collect customer feedback and adapt our products and services to meet their concerns.
Our live chat connects you with a Heartland expert instantly, and we’ll be extending service hours for both retail and dealers in the near future.
We have a dedicated retail parts and service team just to address retail-specific questions.

Hear from our owners regarding our service agents:

I wanted to thank you for the excellent service we received from your staff members Elaine Niece and Zachary Hostetler. We arrived at your facility around 3:45 to pick up parts… not knowing they closed at 3 on Fridays. Elaine was still there helping another customer, and instead of sending me away- she called in Zachary to help.  Even though he was out with his wife and had to come back in to help, they both had excellent attitudes and went above and beyond to help in a friendly and gracious manor.  I was so impressed!!
We also have employees that work for us, and it was pleasant to see not one, but two, excellent employees working in the same spot.  It is becoming rare to find that, and I just wanted to give them the credit they deserve, and also to congratulate you on a job well done in finding such good people.
Kurt Dufendach

My wife and I were sitting out on our deck this morning over a cup of coffee talking about our whole RV experience. This is our first foray into RV’ing and it has been a bit of a challenge. But through this journey, you and Dena and everyone else at Heartland have stood out as brightly shining stars of quality and care. Although the 5th wheel topic has been challenging, you guys have been so pleasant and pleasing to work with. And we so appreciate you and everyone else.  I made a statement to my wife, that I don’t know how our journey turns out with this particular unit, and if we find ourselves looking for another RV, I will buy a Heartland RV JUST because of the positive experience with Heartland.
Mark Vaske

These people are AWESOME!!!!!!  We have been kept in the loop from day one.  Daily either a call or an email with progress pictures.  Nothing has been hidden.  I have never been to a service center that treats you and your property like it was their own.  Hats off to the Heartland Service Center.  I guarantee we will own nothing but Heartland products for life!!!!!
Norman Boyce

When I first reached out to customer support I was simply trying to see if there was a shot in the dark I could get an update on when/if our unit (which was an order from the manufacture) was going to ship.  We worked together to get  daily updates until the unit arrived at the dealership.  Once we took delivery, we had a few concerns and I reached out to Damon to see if we could redirect the warranty items directly to us so we didn’t have to drive 5 hours round trip back to the dealer just for a TV mount and some steps.  He worked with the parts team to not only get those sent directly to us, but as we found other missing parts he was able to get those ordered for us no problem. This is our 4th brand new RV and this is BY FAR the BEST customer service we have EVER had from a vehicle manufacturer.  Damon goes above and beyond every single time we reach out to him.  His responses are fast and lets us know exactly where we are in the process.  

Alex Pappas


Best in Class Facilities to serve you icon
Best In Class Facilities

We promised you peace of mind, longevity and service with your Heartland rig. Allow us to demonstrate.

Best In Class Facilities

For starters, we have  10+ different manufacturing facilities, all focused on optimizing engineering and providing the best  service. Then there’s a custom audit facilities where every RV gets an additional quality assurance check. And we have one of the most thorough safeguard operations in the industry: our rain bay testing facility, where trailers are run through a water leak test to check for leaks throughout the interior to ensure weatherproofing. Last but not least: our dedicated customer service and parts centers, where are dedicated team is providing the best service at every turn. We even have a state-of-the-art service center at our headquarters in Indiana, where campsites with full hook-ups give you a convenient place to stay the night before your appointment, on us.

Nation wide serviceability
Nationwide Serviceability

Few things are more precious than time away with family and friends. That’s why we offer convenient coast to coast service options.

Nationwide Serviceability

Life on the road can be wonderful, inspiring, spontaneous and sometimes unexpected. And every camper deserves to have confidence that their RV is up to every challenge life has in store, both the good and the bad. Our own experience as campers and our dedication to our customers are why we’ve built a network of customer service and service partners that spans from coast to coast.

Every RV we build is designed to be easy to diagnose and service through our vast network of nationwide servicing partners. They are ready to address any issues that may arise on the road, whether you’re touring the Grand Canyon, the Smokies, or somewhere in between.

At Heartland headquarters, we’ve recently expanded our Service and Quality Campus to include a new 82,000 sq. ft. parts warehouse, which holds 40% more inventory than it did before. The parts warehouse is the hub for our Service Department, which supports our nationwide network of service partners.

With newly streamlined processes, more inventory, and the addition of an app for dealerships and service departments, we can get parts into our service partners’ hands faster than ever before. And we process warranty claims within 24 to 48 hours, so campers can get back on the road as quickly as possible.

We’ve also rolled out a new app for customers, MyHeartland RV. It lets campers monitor their RV and warranty information, track sales and parts orders and access our list of nationwide service partners right from their smartphone. That means you’re never more than a click away from finding the help you need, wherever you roam.

Looking for help right now? Find a service dealer near you with our dealer locator.


3 Year Warranty Icon
3 Year Warranty

Anticipation and excitement come with the territory. Please know peace of mind is onboard as well.

3 Year Warranty

From our landmark Fifth Wheels to our Toy Haulers and Travel Trailers, we stand behind our RVs with the best warranties in the business, including a 3-year structural warranty on every rig. Landmark holds an industry-leading 2-year warranty for full-time RVing. Our luxury brands, Bighorn and Big Country, are warrantied for full-time RVing. Every RV we build is backed with a minimum 1-year warranty.

Our warranties guarantee our RVS our protected and most warranty claims are process with in 24 to 48 hours, so heartland owners can feel secure from the moment they drive off the lot.

Download the Heartland warranty sheet.

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Community Connection

When you come aboard with Heartland you’re not just buying an RV, you’re joining a community.

Community Connection

With one of the most robust owners’ communities around, you can share your RV dreams with like-minded folk through our Heartland Owners’ Club, blog and forum. Get rally information and good advice. Make new friends, exchange road-tested recipes, even connect with Heartland locals who can assist with maintenance or host you for an overnight stay.

  • Heartland owners are proud of their RVs and enjoy the company of fellow Heartland RV owners. Share in the good times with others like you, make new friends and create a lifetime of lasting memories together. Chapters of the Heartland Owners Club exist across the US and Canada. Owners are meeting at rallies and camp-outs at great destinations, sharing experiences, making friends and making memories.
  • With your Club Membership and access to the Heartland Owners Forum where owners share stories, recipes, photos, experiences, tips, tricks and knowledge… you’ll be set to get the most enjoyment out of your Heartland RV ownership.
  • Get in on all the Fun and Join the Heartland Owners Club Today!
  • The forum is an online community of tens of thousands of Heartland owners, caring and sharing.  Learn more about your RV and the systems in it by joining the Heartland Owners Forum.  It’s fast and free to join. Follow this link to learn more: www.heartlandowners.org

MyHeartlandRV Consumer App

Our new mobile app allows Heartland owners to store their RV information, monitor warranty statuses, and access how-to videos and camping checklists on the go.

MyHeartlandRV Consumer App

Our new mobile app, MyHeartland RV, allows Heartland owners to store their RV information, monitor warranty statuses, and access how-to videos and camping checklists on the go. You can find a dealer, schedule service, order parts and contact Heartland support right from the app, plus access our Owner’s Club and comprehensive Owner’s Forum where real owners can ask and answer questions about their RVs. You can download MyHeartland RV from the App Store or Google Play and set up your account today.

Visit MyHeartlandRV to create an account.



One thing all campers share is an appreciation for the natural world. And because our products allow campers to get closer to nature, we feel it’s our responsibility to help preserve it. That’s why we’re constantly researching ways we can reduce energy consumption, reuse excess materials and recycle the by products of our manufacturing process.


One thing all campers share is an appreciation for the natural world. And because our products allow campers to get closer to nature, we feel it’s our responsibility to help preserve it. That’s why we’re constantly researching ways we can reduce energy consumption, reuse excess materials and recycle the byproducts of our manufacturing process. We build our RVs to last for years of travel – and we want to help preserve the environment so it’s beautiful, vibrant and healthy for years to come, too.

Sustainability in our RVs:

  • Recycling-friendly aluminum components reduce total towing weight to conserve fuel.
  • Azdel composite sidewalls are durable, lightweight and insulate well to help reduce energy used on climate control.
  • Solar packages offer a clean, renewable energy source that’s perfect for boondocking.
  • Awnings and blackout shades help control interior temperature by blocking out sunlight when needed, while skylights and LED lights reduce energy used for lighting.
  • 30 lightweight and ultra-lite models are easy to tow and help improve gas mileage during towing, compared to heavier models.
  • High quality manufacturing provides good resale value, which means each coach can stay on the road longer to maximize the life cycle of manufacturing materials.

Sustainability in our Plants:

  • Our new assembly plants recycle water used for testing tanks and are constructed with improved insulation to help conserve natural gas consumption.
  • LED lighting provides lighting that uses fewer watts for the same brightness as equivalent incandescent bulbs.
  • We’ve set a goal to reduce the gas and diesel we use transporting units between the assembly plant and pre-delivery inspection facility by 1,100 gallons per year by 2023.
  • Six new rechargeable electric forklifts have been installed in Plant 15, with a commitment that 25% of forklifts in all Heartland facilities will be electric by 2026.

Sustainability in Our Manufacturing Processes:

  • New optimizing saws reduce wood scrap by 25% and aluminum scrap by 20%, allowing for more efficient use of materials and less waste.
  • New panel storage and retrieval system optimizes the storage, transfer and cutting of RV panels to create a more efficient workflow and reduce the amount of materials damaged in normal human error. This reduces scrap by 15-25% per unit, providing a massive savings in raw resources.
  • We recycle byproducts of our manufacturing process including styrofoam, skids, cardboard, plastic bags, empty aerosol cans, aluminum, wire, steel, steel barrels and sawdust.

Visit our sustainability page to read more about our sustainability efforts and commitments in detail.

The Vault / The Vault XL

Exclusive to Heartland, The Vault provides central housing for 12V wiring connections. It allows owners to disconnect 12V power going from your battery to the RV, keeping your battery in the same charge state as when you cut power. To maintain safety, even when you’ve disconnected power, The Vault still powers the breakaway switch, and any installed solar packages will still be able to charge solar-connected batteries.

The Vault / The Vault XL

A Single Location for 12V Wiring and Power Reset Breakers

Exclusive to Heartland, The Vault provides central housing for 12V wiring connections. It allows owners to disconnect 12V power going from your battery to the RV, keeping your battery in the same charge state as when you cut power. To maintain safety, even when you’ve disconnected power, The Vault still powers the breakaway switch, and any installed solar packages will still be able to charge solar-connected batteries.

The Vault contains:

  • Multi-way cord connections with a color-coded distribution block
  • Battery disconnect (standard or optional)
  • Mini-breakers
  • Inline fuse connections

The advantages of The Vault include:

  • 12V connections protected from weather and the elements
  • Fewer battery connections needed
  • Streamlined wiring, reducing the number of components mounted to the drawbar
  • A dedicated breakaway post for constant power to the breakaway switch
  • Trickle charging through solar power
  • Clearly labeled and easily removable components for easier maintenance

Inside The Vault, there’s an easy-to-understand diagram that identifies each item and circuit. All components listed above are easy to remove or replace. If you blow a fuse or trip a breaker, always identify the cause before you install new ones, and never use a higher-rated fuse or breaker than specified in your Owner’s Manual. When doing maintenance or repairs on your Heartland RV, please use caution. If you feel unsure of anything you’re doing, play it safe and call a professional service provider.


The Vault is standard on all Travel Trailers and The Vault XL is a larger version and standard on all Fifth Wheels.