10 Ways to Decorate Your RV Interior on a Dime

Whether you buy your Heartland to live in full-time or use as a seasonal camper, you'll eventually want to personalize it. But don't think you have to spend a fortune on RV redecorating to make your RV your own.

I'm sure you've seen the countless photos on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook groups of small RV interiors that are just jaw-dropping. They are beautifully decorated and personalized. In fact, most don't even look like RVs or campers inside.

Whether you buy your Heartland for full-time RV living or use as a seasonal camper, you'll eventually want to personalize it. But don't think you have to rush out and buy a whole bunch of paint and wallpaper to make a statement in your towable.

You can simply personalize and brighten it with decorative wall art, small accessories, textiles, and kitchen counter gadgets.

Having owned two Heartland RVs so far, we've taken spiffing up our home on wheels to new levels; adding color and lots of personality. We've theme-decorated which made it even more fun to plan, collect and decorate with our new accessories.

But sometimes, you just don't have the creativity or forethought to make it all come together. So I've come to help with that in this blog about RV interior ideas for wall decor and more.

First, I must add that some of my recommendations may lead you to order your RV decorating accessories online. Unfortunately, you lose a little control of knowing the exact colors so you may end up sending them back. If this may be a possibility, you may want to consider if the cost of shipping it back vs. the price of the item is worth the purchase. So, keep that in mind when buying from online sources.


Pillows are a quick way to get those pops of color so easily. For me, I like to change my pillows often so I don't spend a ton on them. Also, we have two cats, so those with pompoms or fringe aren't going to last long. And frankly, I get bored fast, especially in the small confines of our fifth wheel. So, what's a girl to do? Change 'em out!

Oh, and if you shop around on Amazon or Etsy, you can now buy pillow covers instead so you can swap them out and store them for later.

Wall Decals

We don't have these in our RV, but we've seen several who have put them on the walls of their travel trailers and fifth wheels. You can find them at most craft and hobby stores like Michael's or Hobby Lobby in the home decor section. Most of the decals are not permanent and can be repositioned fairly easily so if you decide after a year you don't want them, simply remove them. Make certain if you buy them, you follow the manufacturers' installation instructions.

Small Photo or Art Frames

We have quite a few frames peppered throughout our Landmark. We have some with family photos and others with small pieces of artwork. If you're looking for a more uniform and simple look, you can pick up inexpensive frames at your big box stores. However, if you're looking for a little personality or decorative features, you may want to head, again, to Hobby Lobby or places like TJMaxx, Marshall's or Home Goods.

OH! And if you don't like the colors? That's what paint is for! A simple can of spray paint or acrylics can coordinate your frames to your decor.

Faux Plants

When RVing, who has time to take care of plants. And, if you're like us who have cats, owning houseplants is a no-no. They may be toxic or just plain messy when shedding leaves or flowers. Instead, head to your hobby and craft store to either create your own arrangement or you can buy them already to be displayed on a table or counter.

Do what we did! We bought plastic flowers at IKEA for dirt cheap! We also bought little bucket planters for them to sit in. Again, don't see the color of pot you want, personalize it with paint! OH! And they are lightweight too!

Placemats or Table Runners

When it comes to RV home decor, is another way of bringing in pops of color in your fifth wheel or travel trailer. Just like you're pillows, these can be purchased pretty cheaply at most big box stores and home decor outlets. Don't rule out finding them on internet shopping venues like Amazon or Ebay. And if you're really looking for something really unique, you can find them at craft fairs.

Throw Rugs

In a recent remodeling project in our Landmark, we removed all of the carpet and replaced it with versatile vinyl plank flooring. While we totally love it but felt it still needed a little warmth added and color to balance our other decor and accessories. We measured the area and took our chances on color by ordering from Amazon. Fortunately, it coordinated and fit the area beautifully.

Dishes, Plates, and Trays

Kitchenwares can also be used as visual affects in decorating. Plates stacked vertically in a plate stand can double as decor and quick-grab usage. We bought a 4-plate small countertop rack to hold our sandwich plates. You can see how it gives a splash of color in the corner.

Bottles or Counter Trinkets

I know! I know! The point of RVing is to eliminate unnecessary clutter. However, not everything that 'sits out' is just fluff. We have our dish soap in a cool glass blue bottle with a colorful spout. We also have our olive oil in a stylish oil bottle that sits on our counter right next to our cooktop for easy grabbing. As you see, with the plates above, they pop with color!

Kitchen Appliances

In an RV, because you don't have much cabinet storage, you may have to leave your coffee maker, air fryer, or other small appliances out on the counter. There's a perfect opportunity to select different colors to accentuate the rest of your decor, theme, or color scheme. As you can see, I've chosen a red air fryer to sit opposite of my red sandwich plates on either side of our cooktop. The color balances and gives a symmetrical appeal.

Decorative Lights

Lighting isn't just to allow you to see things in the dark. It can also be a cool decor feature that offers ambiance. We strung up colorful patio lights on the back window for some party-fun. You can find your own lights in different colors, themes, and sizes.

You can also change out some of the shades on your sconce lights like we did. After assessing if it could be done, we headed to Home Depot and found these cool red glass globes that took the place of the original lampshades.

So, as you see, it doesn't have to take a whole lot of cash to jazz up the inside of your travel trailer or fifth wheel. And, you certainly don't have to change it all at one time. But when you do, your Heartland will now be your very own 'customized' Heartland. What are ya waiting for?

This article was written by Dan & Lisa Brown of Always On Liberty.