Product Review: HooToo TripMate Titan Portable Router and Media Server

By:  Jim & Melinda Tanner

Wouldn't it be nice to have something that can take all the headaches out of getting all your devices online? Look no further...the Hootoo "TripMate Titan" can do it all...and a bit more! We've had this device for about a year and can't believe what it offers for around under $40.

It packs a bundle of features into a very small package:

1 - Router (AP mode, Bridge mode, router mode)

2 - Battery charger for USB devices (Tablets, Smartphones, GoPro, etc.)

3 - Media Sharing - Share content (Movies, Music, Pictures) to anyone via App or Web Browser

4 - Chromecast fully supported.

This will provide you a fully functional router and it is very easy to setup/connect to internet source. For get WiFi code from then use the app (free) to connect the TripMate to campground. Now the TripMate will act as a router and all your devices are connected. Tip...use the same SSID you use at home when you setup the TripMate, and all your devices will simply be connected as if they were at fumbling with logins and WiFi codes for every device you wan to be on.

We use this all the time. The best part is it is mobile, so we can move it to a location in our RV with the best coverage. Going outside? No problem, just take the TripMate with you, as it operates on a battery and is not tied down to a location with AC outlet. The battery will last well over a day. When you finally need to charge the TripMate, it uses a standard USB connector.

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