Best Heartland RV Models for Remote Work

Dreaming about taking your job on the road in one of our top 2023 RVs for remote work? Picture this: You wake up in the morning and drink a cup of coffee while you watch the sunrise over the mountains. Then you get cleaned up, hop on a video call for work and send some emails. When lunch comes around, you take a stroll in nature, enjoying the sights and sounds of the season – birds singing, leaves rustling in the wind, bees landing on flowers. You put in a few more hours on the job, and when the working day ends, you step outside and go for a hike, meet your new neighbors and share a glass of wine, or head into town to try a new restaurant.

All that could be your life. Maybe you currently have a job you can work remotely, or you’re just dreaming about “one day.” Either way, the RVIA reports that one in five leisure travelers have worked remotely from an RV in the past two years, setting a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. So if you’re looking for an RV model to make your mobile office dreams a reality, you’re in luck. We’ve assembled a list of some of our best RVs for remote work so you can take your pick and start your next adventure.

And for 2023, every Heartland model now comes with SŌL Prep or more, so you get everything you need to install a solar package in any coach you choose. Pre-installed solar prep makes adding solar panels and components simple, and it makes working from the road even easier.  With solar power, you’ll always have energy banked to power your laptop, charge your cell phone and keep your WiFi running smoothly.

Best Travel Trailers for Remote Work

Floor Plans with Bunkhouse Dinettes

Depending on your job, you might need to take private phone calls or jump on video meetings without interruptions. With a secondary dinette table in a bunkhouse, you get the benefit of your own work surface behind a door that closes when you need extra privacy. That means you won’t be interrupted by people coming in and out of the coach, and you can muffle indoor sounds when you’re on the phone.

Remote work made easy with a bunkhouse with dinette.

Trail Runner 30RBK

It’s also handy to have a private room if you’re traveling with kids or pets, too. You can put small children down for a nap or safely secure your dog during a big presentation. Plus, older kids can have a place to read, play a game or listen to music without having to listen to you talk about ROI and KPIs.

So if you’re looking for a travel trailer with a secondary dinette in a separate bunkhouse room, take your pick from the Sundance 291QB, Trail Runner 30RBK, Prowler 300SBH, Prowler 303SBH and Pioneer QB300.

Floor Plans with Bunkhouse Half Baths

While these models lack a work surface in the bunkhouse, they have the added benefit of a half-bath included in this small space. So if you need to have an important meeting with your boss and ask your kids or partner to make themselves scarce for a bit, they’ll be able to chill in the bunk room and use the facilities without interrupting your flow.

North Trail 33BHDS

The North Trail 33BHDS even includes a secondary entry/exit door in the bunkhouse half bath. That means people can come and go without disturbing you, giving them access to indoor plumbing and the great outdoors alike. This particular model also comes with WiFi prep to help you get started on the right foot when you make the switch to working from the road.

Trail Runner 31DB

There’s a half bath in the bunkhouse of the Trail Runner 31DB, too. Although there’s no secondary exit in this floor plan, the door is just around the corner from the bunkhouse. And a 20-foot awning and outdoor kitchen make it easy to work from your outdoor patio or whip up some grilled cheeses without going in and out of the coach.

Large Dinette Tables, Solar Setups and More

Maybe you don’t necessarily need a secondary dinette or a bunk room with a half-bath. If that's the case, all you need to do your job is a surface where you can spread out with a laptop and a notebook. No problem!

Work remote with a view no matter where you are.

Sundance 19HB

If you’re a solo traveler or just looking for a smaller travel trailer, the Sundance 19HB and Mallard Pathfinder P18CRB are both compact models with distinct advantages. The Sundance features a dinette table in the rear of the coach, next to a large hatchback door which opens up to let in fresh air and includes a fabric screen to help keep bugs out.

If you're searching for a small footprint but big technological features, then the Mallard Pathfinder P18CRB might be for you. It comes standard with a 110W solar panel, 1200W inverter and a solar monitor, so you’re ready to enjoy the self-sufficiency of solar power right away. Additionally, it also includes a Winegard Air 360+, a built-in 360-degree antenna with a 55-mile range that can help you access WiFi from almost anywhere. It comes with 4G LTE and WiFi prep, and all you have to do is connect the Winegard Gateway router to get started using the internet.

Work remote in comfort with a over-stuffed couch and coffee table.

North Trail 22CRB

The Prowler 212RD and North Trail 22CRB are two models that share a common feature – extra large, sectional-style seating at the dinette table. If you’re the kind of person who can’t think unless you’re comfortable, these models were built for you. The seating is perfect for sprawling out, sitting cross-legged, sitting upright, putting your feet up – however you sit, there’s space to make it work. The North Trail also includes WiFi prep to help you get connected, and the Prowler includes USB charging ports throughout the coach, so you’ll never run out of battery power.

Work remote and get the job done with a classic dinette booth.

Trail Runner 211RD

And if you’re just looking for a classic floor plan option that includes a decent-sized dinette table where you can take care of business, we’ve got you. The Sundance 268RL, Trail Runner 211RD and North Trail 22RBS are all models under 31 feet long that give you a club-style booth and big dinette table.

Best Fifth Wheels for Remote Work

Middle Bunkhouses with Built-In Desks

If you’re looking for a roomier or more luxurious model, fifth wheels are a great choice. And one particular fifth-wheel layout we love at Heartland is a floor plan with a middle bunkhouse. Middle bunkhouses provide a second bedroom, featuring at least one bed behind a closed door. Sometimes they have fold-out sofas, which makes them feel more like a den during the day, while others have true bunk beds to sleep a few more people.

Work remote with total privacy in a mid bunkroom.

Milestone 333MB

The Bighorn 3880MD’s middle bunk room has a sofa and a built-in desk, making it the perfect place to do some work in peace and quiet. It also comes with an optional 300W solar panel with a 30-amp controller and a 2000W inverter, which lets you get your work done under all kinds of conditions. The Milestone 333MB also has a built-in desk in the bunkhouse, plus two true bunk beds. It also includes WiFi prep, wireless charging, and a 50-watt solar panel with inverter prep, giving you a head start setting up your mobile office.

While the Bighorn Traveler 39MB and Elkridge 38MB don’t have built-in desks, they do feature middle bunkhouses behind a door. Both rooms include secondary televisions, giving you the flexibility to use them as a playroom or nap room for young kids, a place where teens can keep themselves entertained on rainy days, or a quiet room where you can take a private work call. Both models include wireless charging pads, and the Elkridge also comes with a Winegard Air 360+ antenna with WiFi prep, which lets you access the internet or cell service within a 55-mile range.

Bunkhouses with a Half Bath

Like the models featured above in the travel trailer section, the following fifth-wheel floor plans include a bunkhouse with a half bathroom inside. That means you can have a closed-off space with access to the facilities for you or your kids when it’s time to join an important meeting.

Milestone 377MB

The Bighorn Traveler 37DB and Milestone 377MB also include wireless charging pads, and the Milestone comes with WiFi prep and a 50W solar panel with inverter prep – just add the components of your choice. Taking it a step further, both Elkridge 37BBH and Elkridge 37DRB also include secondary entry/exit doors through the bunk room. That means people can come and go from the coach without disturbing the quiet in the main living area. And both Elkridge models come with the Winegard Air 360+ with WiFi prep, so you can always find cell or internet service when you’re on the road. No more dead zones.

Fifth Wheels with Unique Features

If you’re looking for a luxurious fifth-wheel model with a less conventional layout, we’ve got some great options for you. First up, check out the Milestone 321FL. With an extra-large sectional-style sofa and an elevated counter with three stools, you can work from a comfy couch or use the counter as a standing desk when you want to stretch your legs. It also includes WiFi prep and wireless charging ports, as well as a 50W solar panel with inverter prep. 

Pantry space that doubles has usable space for remote work.

Milestone 360HP

Love a good magic trick? With a desk inside a hidden pantry, the Milestone 360HP can make you disappear behind the French doors in the kitchen. (And after hours, it makes a great kid fort, too.) You’ll also get the magic of WiFi prep, wireless charging, a 50W solar panel and inverter prep, giving you fewer things to conjure up as you build your home office.

Bighorn 3120RK

Finally, the Bighorn 3120RK is a rare model that has both dinette seating and stools at a kitchen island. That means you’ll get two separate workspaces where you can spread out and get things done – perfect for anyone with kids doing homeschool work or joining a class from Zoom. You’ll be able to keep an eye on them while you attend to emails and work requests. You can also select the optional 300W solar panel with a 30-amp charge controller and a 2000W inverter to stay connected while you camp off-grid.

Best Toy Haulers for Remote Work

Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers with Swift Space Workstation

Cyclone 4006

One of our more recent innovations is the Swift Space workstation, which lets you transform the dresser in the master bedroom into a desk whenever you need it. Featured in the Cyclone 3413, Cyclone 3511, Cyclone 4006  and Torque 350, it’s a great option for anyone who wants both privacy and convenience. Because the desk is in the bedroom, you can close and secure the door when you need peace and quiet. And the desk stows away when you’re not using it, giving you unmatched versatility when it comes to creating the ideal RV workspace.

Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler with Double Dinettes

The defining characteristic of a toy hauler is a garage space that can do a little bit of everything. It can fit motorized toys and secure them when you’re in motion, thanks to frame-welded tie-downs in the floor. When you’ve parked, it can transform into a bunk room at night, thanks to electric beds and fold-out benches. And during the day, those same benches can provide seating at a dinette table. But in the Road Warrior 414, Road Warrior 4275, Gravity 3610 and Torque 371, you don’t just get one dinette table, you get two.

Gravity 3610

That’s right, in addition to the garage dinette, there’s another traditional dinette space in the living area. That’s two places in two separate rooms where you can spread out papers, set up a laptop and get to work. The Road Warrior and Gravity models also come with a standard 100W solar panel with inverter prep, setting you up to take advantage of solar power, wherever you go.

Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers with Garage Half Baths

Having a secondary half bath helps an RV feel more like home. You can create separate zones in your coach, giving people room to spread out when they have to be inside. So a half bath in the garage is a great way to create an impromptu office space that’s self-contained and has everything you need for a productive day’s work.

Torque 384

If you’re traveling with kids or multiple guests, leaving your office to use the bathroom opens you up to distractions and interruptions. On days when it’s crucial to focus  – you’re working on an important project, or you have to do some deep thinking about a problem, let’s say – that extra half bath will ensure you can stay in your inner sanctuary and get things done. The Torque 384, Fuel 362 and Fuel 395 all include half baths in the garage, with both Fuel models also featuring a 100W solar panel with inverter prep.

Travel Trailer Toy Haulers with Double Dinettes

If you’re looking for dual workspaces to rival the fifth wheel toy haulers with double dinettes above, we’ve got a list of models for you. All the same benefits apply – separate areas to do work or homework, room to spread out files or notes, or a place to eat lunch where you won’t get your laptop messy. Check out the Torque T333, Lithium 3113, Fuel F-305, Fuel F-287 or Pioneer RG28 to see travel trailer models with double dinettes.

Travel Trailer Toy Haulers with Garage Half Baths

You don’t need a fifth wheel toy hauler to get the benefit of a garage with a half bath. Both the Torque T322 and Torque T331 are travel trailer toy hauler models that give you a secondary half bath in the garage space. Plus, with the optional patio kits, you can convert the garage ramp into a rear patio, giving you additional space to spread out and work while breathing in plenty of fresh air.

There we have it, a thorough guide to the very best 2023 RV models for remote work and mobile offices. With such a wide variety of floor plans, features and technological amenities, we know there’s something here for every kind of remote worker. So if you’re dreaming up a way to make this year your best adventure yet, take a look at all our 2023 models and look for your perfect mobile office. After all, every kind of work is a little easier with a stunning view, don’t you think?