Pending patent application for the new STOR-MOR Storage system

Industry-leading, towable RV manufacturer Heartland Recreational Vehicles currently has a pending patent application for their new STOR-MOR Storage system – which maximizes front-end storage space for passionate RVers and outdoor adventurers alike.

The idea behind STOR-MOR Storage is to eliminate congestion in the front storage area that can be created by items such as leveling legs, hydraulic pumps and hoses,” said Heartland Director of Sales, AJ Jones. “The original plan was to add a cargo tray on top of the existing generator box, but it did not add any additional storage, made it difficult to reach and didn’t allow access from the outside,” added Jones. “By dropping the generator box down, it allowed our existing storage compartment to go out over the generator – creating a compartmentalized, better utilized storage space with easier access for the owner.”

Never before seen in the towable market, STOR-MOR Storage will provide Heartland RV owners the best of both worlds – more storage and better utilization of space. With STOR-MOR, owners have the ability to separate item such as coolers for food and beverages, wet gear and dirtier items, avoiding all of their belongings being lumped into one, large compartment as seen in most 5th wheel front storage areas.

STOR-MOR Storage is standard on BIGHORN®, BIGHORN TRAVELER™, and ELKRIDGE® Fifth Wheels as well as CYCLONE® Toy Haulers.



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