5 Must-Haves to Make Living in an RV More Comfortable

We admit, we were frustrated when we didn’t have enough food prep and cooking surfaces, drink holders and places to stow our magazines and tablets in our RV. However, once we found some remedial options, it was like striking gold. Once we accepted that living in an RV requires organization and a minimalist mindset, we were much happier. We found products that are multi-functional. Some are made for RVs and some were just perfect for our tiny living.

So, we've put together a cool short list of 5 Must-Have Interior Essentials to Make Living in an RV More Comfortable that should help fill those voids of necessity.

RV Cup Holder

Small tables to set our drinks on weren’t feasible because we have cats. And, those who’ve had or have cats realize tables aren’t conducive. They find pure enjoyment in knocking glasses of whatever we’re drinking onto the floor. It seems their one mission in their nine lives is to tempt gravity.

Our friend Jim showed us these cool adjustable plastic cup holders that he installed throughout his Landmark. So, I went to Amazon and bought four. We have one mounted on the wall by the recliner, one on each side of our workspace and one in the bedroom next to the bed. Now, no more soppy papers or messes to clean up because of our cat’s swishing tails or mischievous ways.

Oh, Dan spray-painted our tan beverage holders white to coordinate better in our recent interior makeover. While the company does offer them in white, it was cheaper for us to paint them instead of buying new ones.

Magazine and Tablet Rack

Admit it, a magazine rack in the bathroom is a necessary commodity.

There are plenty of cool wall-mount magazine racks that are lightweight, stylish, and, most importantly, gets your magazines off the floor. Some can be mounted quickly and easily with Command strips - if they're not holding too much weight. Just be careful not to overload it as it could damage your wall surface. Always use the proper wall anchors for attachment.

Though we don’t have this wall/cabinet-mount rack above (that one is in our friends Michael and Kelly's Landmark), we saw that it would be perfect next to the bed or recliner to hold your tablet, remote controls, eye glasses, or a small notepad and pen. If it doesn’t match your wood tone in your RV, consider painting it to personalize. These can be mounted anywhere! Even in the bathroom!

Countertop Extension

Though our Landmark 365 kitchen has ample food prep and cleanup surfaces, but we know some fifth wheel and travel trailer owners aren’t so lucky. A handy ‘drop leaf’ countertop extension can be installed at any height; even to create a small place for children to eat or to set your Instant Pot on the end of a kitchen island. Oh, and even in the bedroom if you need a CPAP shelf!

Again, if you’re mounting it to wall or onto your cabinetry, make certain you install it with the proper anchors to ensure wear and tear durability.

Or, if you wanted something a little more custom, you could make your own shelf of another material (Corian, Formica, etc.). Mount that custom countertop with collapsible shelf brackets and that new shelf can fold neatly away when not in use. Just make certain when you install it that you use proper wall/cabinet anchoring.

Stove Cover

There are all different kinds of stove covers for RV kitchens. They add more prep space to even the smallest of kitchen food prep areas. There are many made from all different materials; wood, metal, glass, or heavy plastic. Some stoves, like the one below, come with a built-in cover. You can also find custom made stovetop covers at rallies or RV stores.

All you have to do is measure the surface of the stovetop and see which one suits your cooktop, style, and function.

If you prefer a more multi-function stove top cover, there are custom-made butcher blocks that double as cutting boards. Thicker wood butcher block stovetop covers will withstand weight from induction cooktops, blenders, crockpots and Instant Pots.

The RV stove top cover and cutting board we have is a heavy-grade 12" plastic cutting board that has a rubber grip material on the bottom so it doesn't slip off of the stove. It makes it a great continuation of counter space if I'm not using my stovetop to support my Instant Pot or portable Induction Cooktop. Though I don't use it as a cutting board, it still can be used as one.

RV Sink Covers

Some RV kitchens have barely enough countertop space to put a small cutting board on let alone serve on. So, we’ve found a way to gain a little real estate for actual kitchen prep.

Like the stovetop covers, you can find an array of sink covers made out of different materials. Many have multi-purpose functionality. Some double as drying racks. Some function as cutting boards. Some simply provide more prep space when you're not using your sink.

Of course you could just use the sink covers your Heartland came with for more counter space! They are typically made from the same countertop material on the top. Some have plastic cutting boards adhered to the underside so you can flip them over and viola! Instant counter space.

With a little ingenuity and creativity, you too, can find the perfect accessories for your RV that will make living them just a little more comfortable. All in all, it's hard to argue that these essentials aren't just niceties but RV necessities for tiny living. They provide extra food prep space, prevent spills, and making simple life tasks in the RV a little easier and more comfortable.