Best 2023 Heartland RV Models for Families

As RV philosophers say, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to have maximum fun, take the whole family.” We would have to agree. Adventures are always more fun when you can share them with the people you love the most. But not all RVs are equally equipped to handle multiple family members. That’s why we’ve assembled this list of Heartland’s best 2023 RV models for families. You’ll find different floor plans, RV types and features perfect for optimizing your next trip. No matter how big your family is or what your specific needs are, we’ve got something to make your next trip the best ever.

Heartland's Top 2023 Travel Trailers for Families

Travel trailers are a versatile type of RV. You can find them in extra small sizes, ultra-light weights or in more luxurious configurations that can rival fifth wheels in size. Let’s take a look at three main categories of family-friendly travel trailers.

Family Travel Trailers with Bunkhouses

Kids love bunk beds, and they probably always will. One of the best floor plan layouts for families is one with a bunkhouse, which is just a private space with bunk beds. That means you can put kids to bed behind a closed door, knowing that they’re safe and secure. Bunk beds also give kids personal space, which can help head off sibling bickering or competing for space. And having a separate bunk room means you have a place to store kids’ shoes, clothing and toys so they don’t clutter up the main living area.

These travel trailer models have family-friendly bunkhouses:

Small Family Travel Trailers

If you’re looking for a smaller travel trailer model that’s easier to maneuver or store, we’ve got you covered. Some of our smallest models are less than 24 feet long and still fit beds for up to 8 people. Small doesn’t have to mean less – with a cleverly designed floor plan, small travel trailers give you outsized amenities in a more compact footprint.

Here are our favorite small travel trailers for families:

Ultra-Lite Family Travel Trailers

Although the small family travel trailers above are extremely light, we have a wider variety of ultra-lite models you can choose from. So if tow weight is your primary concern, take a look at our hand-picked list of travel trailers that are less than 6,000 lbs. dry weight. Ultra-lite trailers give you the flexibility to tow with a wider variety of tow vehicles. Where fifth wheels and toy haulers require pickup trucks, many ultra-lite models can be towed with SUVs. That makes them more accessible for campers just starting out, or who don’t want to buy a new vehicle.

Family-friendly ultra-lite travel trailers include:

Heartland's Best 2023 Fifth Wheels for Families

Fifth wheels are RV trailers with a particular type of hitch that provides a more secure anchor point. To tow a fifth wheel, you’ll need a pickup truck, because you’ll need to install a fifth-wheel hitch onto the truck bed. In return, you get models that are typically longer, larger and more luxurious than travel trailers. Fifth wheels make a great choice for anyone who intends to travel often or for longer periods, as they have more of the amenities of home. For families, this means you can have a larger kitchen to cook in, more slides to expand your indoor space, and room for a washer and dryer so you can do laundry on longer journeys. Another plus for families is that fifth wheels have some creative floor plan layouts you won’t find in other models, like the ones below.

Fifth Wheels with Middle Bunkhouses

Middle bunk rooms are a great fifth wheel feature because they can double as a den. You’ll get bunks or a fold-out bed, often with an additional loft space above the room. Because they include a door, they’re a great place for kids to play or rest indoors – on rainy days, say, or if they’re too small to be left unsupervised outside. And many middle bunkhouses also include a TV or TV prep, giving you the flexibility to watch the big game in one room and cartoons in another.

Here are some Heartland fifth wheel models with middle bunkhouses:

Bighorn 3883MD

Rear Bunk Fifth Wheels with Lofts & Second Bathrooms

With main bedrooms in the front of the coach and bunkhouses in the rear, these fifth wheel layouts offer improved privacy and quiet at night. Rear bunks with lofts offer separate spaces for kids to spread out and store their things, thanks to the bonus ceiling height. And these models also include access to a second half-bath in the bunkhouse. That means easier bathroom access for kids, more privacy for parents and fewer disturbances at night.

Fifth wheels with rear bunk lofts and second bathrooms include:

Fifth Wheels with Big Living Areas

The whole point of camping with the family is spending time together, right? These next fifth wheels agree. Some RVs have tight layouts that make it challenging to fit a big family in one area. But fifth wheels with big living rooms make it easy to gather together and watch a movie, play a game or snuggle up on the couch together. There are two layouts we want to highlight – front living areas and rear living areas. Both have their charms, but you may find one suits your family best.

These fifth wheels have family-friendly front living areas:

Top selling Milestone model.

Milestone 370FLMB

Some fifth wheels with spacious rear living areas are:

Heartland's Best 2023 Toy Haulers for Families

The most obvious use for a toy hauler is, you guessed it, hauling toys. With garages designed to secure and move motorized toys, you get benefits like frame-welded tie-downs, diamond-plated ramps and space for things like ATVs or side-by-sides. But many families use toy haulers for the additional space they provide. An empty garage can transform into a playroom, a bedroom, a home office, a workout studio or a mobile classroom. Rear ramps convert to patios that provide fenced-in outdoor space, so you can safely corral small children or pets while allowing them to get some fresh air. And garages can store non-motorized toys, like bikes for the whole family, kayaks, paddle boards, etc. With the flexibility to make them whatever you need them to be, toy haulers are a popular choice for long-haul travelers and their families.

Toy Haulers with Standard Patio Kits

While you can always choose to add a patio kit to the toy hauler model of your choice, these models include them at no extra cost. A ramp patio is a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, providing raised, private space with all the benefits of the outdoors. Patio rails help keep kids and pets safe and secure, so you can step away for a moment without worrying about them wandering off or getting into trouble. And some floor plans also include a set of steps off the back patio, so you can come and go more easily.

Heartland toy hauler models with standard patio kits include:

  • Fuel F255: 29’11” long with a 16’7” garage, 7,697 lbs. dry weight, sleeps 5-6
  • Fuel 357: 40’10” long with a 12’9” garage, 12,304 lbs. dry weight, sleeps 7-8
  • Cyclone 3713: 44’7” long with a 13’ garage, 14,655 lbs. dry weight, sleeps 7-8
  • Torque 350: 39’11” long with an 11’1” garage, 13,300 lbs. dry weight, sleeps 5-6
  • Torque 384: 43’3” long with a 14’ garage, 13,432 lbs. dry weight, sleeps 7-8

Toy Haulers with Garage Half-Bathrooms

With electric raising beds or overhead lofts, toy hauler garages can become the perfect second bedroom or bunkhouse for kids. That’s why a second half-bath in the garage makes a lot of sense. When you have kids sleeping in the garage space, having a nearby bathroom means less tromping through the coach at night. That’s less noise and inconvenience for everyone. And when you’re traveling with a crowd – multiple kids, plus the friends you graciously allowed them to bring – having a second bathroom is a practical choice. With one bathroom, someone taking a shower ties up the facilities. With two, everyone’s happy.

Our favorite toy haulers with garage half-bathrooms are:

  • Fuel 395: 44’10” long with a 15’ garage, 13,562 lbs. dry weight, sleeps 7-8
  • Gravity 3570: 40’10” long with a 13’ garage, 12,304 lbs. dry weight, sleeps 7-8
  • Torque 384: 43’3” long with a 14’ garage, 13.432 lbs. dry weight, sleeps 7-8
  • Torque T322: 37’9” long with a 12’6” garage, 9,436 lbs. dry weight, sleeps 7-8
  • Road Warrior 397: 43’10” long with a 13’ garage, 14,600 lbs. dry weight, sleeps 7-8
  • Cyclone 4014C: 46’7” long with a 14’ garage, 16,302 lbs. dry weight, sleeps 7-8

Torque T322

These are by no means the only Heartland RV models that are suitable for families. They’re just some of the models we think deserve a closer look as you begin shopping for your ideal family RV. Whether you’re traveling as a couple, with one kid, or with a gaggle of children and pets, we’ve got models that can handle it all. Check out our RV Finder to help narrow down your search by RV type, number of beds and various floor plans so you can find your perfect match. Happy camping!