10 Reasons to Get Out and Go RVing

As our world changes, our travel habits inevitably change with it. When you go RVing, you get the best of several worlds. Like having your own traveling accommodation – no looking for a hotel or other place to lay your head every night. You have the freedom to move around much more; to let the explorer in you take flight. When going RVing, you can plan your destination as you go, for as little or as long as you want.

Studies have shown that RV camping is by far the safest way to travel post coronavirus. Stay healthy and happy and go RVing!


Unplug devices and plug-in with your family.

When you are done exploring nature for the day, hunker down and unplug in your RV, gather the family around and play games inside, or hang just outside around a fire and tell stories.

RVing can be a less expensive alternative to flights, hotels, rental cars, etc.

You literally have all three of these in one! Not only can you go RVing all around the country, saving you on a flight and a rental car, but this is also where you hang your head at night. And you even have the option of bringing a tent along for those times when you truly want to sleep under the stars.

Explore new places not accessible any other way.

An RV allows you to really explore the back country, going to remote locations and not having to worry about people or the long trek back into town to your hotel.

Have all the comforts of home while traveling down the road.

When you go RVing, there's no unpacking and repacking your suitcases! You have a traveling home and you know where your items have been.

Experiential learning right at your fingertips.

Being on the road can bring an untold number of opportunities to learn about the country through parks, historical sites, and nature centers.

Nature boosts happiness and alleviates fear and anxiety.

Being out in the open spaces soothes the soul and breathes life into your sense of adventure.

You can still enjoy the fresh air outdoors during this time of social distancing.

Being out in nature is easy for social distancing; however, it is still a good idea to check parks and other popular sites ahead of time to find out what trails and other common spaces are open.

Reconnect safely with your family and mother nature.

Going RVing means you can spend precious time with your family, and you have the wonderful opportunity to explore and discover all the wondrous natural gems this country has to offer.

Keep flattening the curve and be with only your family.

Enjoy your family in a constantly changing new environment (keeping things interesting) while also doing your part to flatten the curve and keep everyone else safe.

Pick up and go any time you want.

When you go RVing, you have the freedom to freely explore when and where you like, while also adhering to state and local guidelines during travel.

Come and rediscover the great American road trip by traveling in an RV!