Article written by Brandy Gleason, author of Gleason Family Adventures, and owner of a Heartland Sundance 294BH.


Why should you attend an RV show? What is an RV show? What is the benefit of going to an RV show?

These are all great questions. If you're in the process of buying an RV for yourself, with your significant other, or your family, going to an RV show is the perfect place to find exactly what you have been looking for.

Go to an RV Show to Meet the Local Dealers and Manufacturers

You may feel overwhelmed by walking onto a dealer's lot to take a look at RVs, concerned you will be pressured into buying something or followed around from unit to unit. At an RV show, dealers know you are there to look and check out everything there is to know about units. With so many potential consumers, you will be greeted, handed a business card, and then you are usually left alone to check out everything the dealer offers.

The show is also an excellent opportunity for you to do comparison shopping without driving from dealer to dealer. All major RV dealers and manufacturers will have a display at the show. RV dealers are not as busy during the January. However, they become increasingly busier during the beginning of the warmer months when people really start to think about camping and the RV lifestyle.

At an RV show, you will be able to see firsthand the newest RV models and all the new just off the production line models. I enjoy going to an RV show to see all the latest floor plans and exciting new technology.

Pro-tip: Check out all the vendors online before heading to the show and familiarize yourself with the brands they carry. Learn more about Heartland RVs floor plans before you go.

Find New Camping Gear and Gadgets

Who doesn't love new camping gear! There are so many unique products that come out every year, and I can't wait to get my hands on them. Often, dealers will have things displayed so that you can see how they can be used while out camping. It is the perfect place to imagine your camp set up and gather the things you need for your desired camping trip.

One year we found a fishing pole that roasts marshmallows over the campfire; what a fun and creative way to make s'mores!

Camping gear can be expensive, and sometimes you can find things discounted at the RV show.

Pro Tip: Watch your budget! Don't buy it all.

Check Out New RV Designs and Technology

If you are the type that likes to get into the nitty-gritty of how an RV is made or what makes the unit you are looking at so unique, an RV show is a perfect place to learn.

During an RV show, you can learn more about how an RV is made. Dealers and manufacturers usually show videos about the RVs, display how the unit was made, and you can even find representatives on hand to share about their products.

If you attend a show, you will find something new that will make you say, "I am so glad they thought of adding that feature!" I remember when the automatic jacks and stabilizers came out. I envisioned myself setting up our unit without getting into a full sweat cranking everything by hand. As soon as I was able, I purchased an RV with that feature. Pushing a button and watching those stabilizers come down still brings a smile to my face.

Go to an RV Show to Get Your Questions Answered

When buying an RV, you will probably have a lot of questions. Going to an RV show will allow you to have your questions answered. By attending, you will have plenty of dealers and experts there to help you get all the information you need.

One major benefit to attending a show is that there is no pressure from the dealers. At the last show I attended, I went to every location and no one made us feel uncomfortable. In contrast, everyone was available to help if we needed them. They gave us plenty of space to shop, snap pictures and write down our needed information.

Pro Tip: Come with your questions written down. Don't try and wing it.

Top Benefits for Attending an RV Show

  • Discuss financing options
  • Compare model features
  • Get show discounts
  • RV specials
  • Manufacturer rebates
  • Meet other outdoor enthusiasts
  • Time to see all the RVs available
  • Go on a weekday or weeknight to miss the crowds
  • Attend seminars to learn from the experts
  • Find new places to camp
  • Have fun, dream a little and get prepared for camping season