Why I Love Attending Heartland Owners Club Rallies

When we purchased our Heartland Sundance 294BH, we bought it because we loved everything about it - the spacious layout, perfectly sized outdoor kitchen, sliding door to our bedroom, and the warm fireplace for those chilly Fall mornings. We love camping, and it never occurred to us when we purchased the travel trailer that there was a Heartland Owners Club. I found out about the club through a friend and decided to check into it. After a few clicks, adding my Heartland unit's specs and information, I was into the owner’s forum - joining was easy!

Join Heartland Owners Club

As good fortune would have it, there was an Ohio rally lead by Chapter Leaders Don and Cindy Gilbert, happening a week from when we joined, and it was only thirty minutes from where we were already going to be camping. So, I took a deep breath and called the campground to book a site. After camping for over twenty-five+ years as a family, I was stepping into new territory. I was going to a Heartland Owners Club rally, a place where we would not know anyone. In my mind, though, I knew I was going to be meeting up with some people who loved to camp, and that was good enough for me to shed my nervous insecurities.

What to Expect at a Heartland Owners Club Rally

Every rally is different and has its own flavor. However, there are a few things that you can certainly plan for.

Rowdy tournaments of corn hole. Thankfully, I have not been pulled into a corn hole tournament because my partner would be sorely I find it entertaining to sit back and watch them battle it out.

Games after supper. You never know what game might get going after dinner On our first Heartland Owners Club Rally, we were invited to play Euchre. Since no one really knew us, they were in for a surprise the new kids on the block were card sharks.

Campfire Shenanigans! Gather around the campfire for evenings of camaraderie and laughter as you relax the night We learned some new campfire tricks too! Hayden Warren, North Carolina Leader, pulled out his Dewalt leaf blower and had a roaring fire within minutes. After seeing that, I whipped out my phone and added one into my Amazon cart to purchase.

Day trips to sightsee the nearby area. You find your tribe when you come to a Heartland Owners Club rally. Motorcycle lovers hit the road for driving tours of the nearby scenic beauty. History buffs head off to the local museums. Quilters and sewing queens find the nearest fabric stores. Adventure seekers hit the trails or find the heart-pumping zip lines.

Stellar Giveaways and Auctions. You never know what prizes you will get at a Heartland Owners Club Rally. You might win anything from a brake controller to electric RV locks, to a water filtration system for your Heartland unit or the booby prize of toilet packs. No matter how it plays out, it is always an evening of laughter and camaraderie!

Ridiculously good potluck suppers. I quickly learned that some people know how to campfire cook way better than I can. At every rally I have attended, there have been at least three full tables of fabulous food. At the first rally, I attended I took cold Trail Bologna and Swiss Cheese, but by my second one, I was pulling out the crockpot to attempt to make something more unique, like frozen meatballs and sauce.

Why Attend a Heartland Owners Club Rally

Beyond the fun of attending an RV rally, there are a few perks that we have learned.

Learn more about your RV

RV Rallies are a great place to learn about your RV. I found a wealth of information from each attending individual. Everyone loves to share what they have learned about how to upgrade or do minor repairs. What I have found is the owners have a passion for their Heartland RV and it spills over to help others.

Experience the Heartland RV Community

Make new friends and meet up with old friends at an RV rally. When we went to our first rally, we did not know anyone; walking in the first time made me a little nervous. However, once we sat down and got comfortable, everyone came over and introduced themselves to us. It was not long before we were laughing and joining in all the activities. By the time we went to our second rally we were greeted with warm smiles and big hugs! We had become part of the family.

How Do You Find a Local Heartland Owners Club Rally Near You

Join the Heartland Owners Club and get instant access to the Online Forum where you can find a growing list of upcoming events. Listed below are the Rally Events currently scheduled.

CA, Pala - 10/20/2021 to 10/24/2021

 FL, Crystal River - 10/22/2021 to 10/24/2021

MS, Natchez - 04/21/2022 to 04/24/2022

TX, Fredericksburg - 4/25/2022 to 5/2/2022

GA, Dillard - 5/4/2022 to 5/8/2022

MI, Ludington - 6/23/2022 to 6/26/2022

Pro-Tip: Plan and book your site in advance. The more time the Chapter Leaders have to plan the event, the better it will be!

Experience the Heartland Owners Club National Rally

One thing that every Heartland Owners Club member tries to do is make it to the National Rally held every odd year. It’s two weeks jammed packed full of RV amazing-ness.

  • Vendors from all spectrums of the RV industry!
  • Food, and lots of it!
  • RV Techs onsite doing limited repairs
  • Factory tours, of all your favorite Heartland RVs
  • Live entertainment
  • Seminars -Highlighting the RV lifestyle and technical
  • Kids and adult activities

Be on the lookout for more information in the coming months! And mark your calendars now.