Sewage Disposal When Camping Off the Grid

By:  Lisa & Dan Brown

We enjoy camping off the grid aka boondocking! However, one of our greatest hindrances that kept us from longer-term boondocking was our RV sewage disposal. Typically, we can go about 10 days before we have to empty our black tanks (human waste) and about 5 or 6 days for our gray water tanks (brush, slosh and wash water) if we are really mindful and conservative with our water usage.

We wanted to change that without having to pack everything up, hooking up and trying to find a place to dump. And then there's the worry of someone taking our favorite camping spot by the time we get back. Also, where we boondock may be several miles from a campground or dump station, so this method works wonderfully in our favor. We were eager to spend more time out there instead of being tethered or leashed to parks, resorts and campgrounds.

While visiting our son in Minnesota this past summer, he recognized our dilemma. Being ingenuitive, he had mentioned this cool contraption called the Rack JACK - manufactured Viking Solutions LLC in Decatur, Alabama - that he and his friends use to lift lightweight ADV motorcycles and engines into the back of their pickup trucks.

The boys made a father-son day of it and gave it a look-see at the local Bass Pro Shop and Dan was instantly sold on the idea! Now, we have figured out how to elongate our boondocking stays.

Today, this cool invention temporarily attaches into our truck's 2" receiver that lifts our little 'honey wagon' (portable sewage tank) into the bed of our truck.

Dan bought ours from Bass Pro Shops costing us about $250 out the door. The Rack JACK Original is a hitch mounted hoist that swivels a full 360 degrees that allowed us to load our RV portable sewage tank with a simple 3-piece attachment and easy installation.

Dan simply inserted the receiver piece and a hitch pin, put the vertical column on the post and attached the boom with the winch and VOILA! He was ready to hoist our portable sewage tank (aka honey wagon).

Since they designed the boom/winch piece as one unit, there was no cable threading or alignment of holes or pins. There is a bracket and slot design that is amazingly foolproof. Virtually any RVer and truck owner could assemble it. The Rack Jack features machined pulleys to produce a high quality product that will not bind or jam. They even provided a hook for attaching our straps that cradle the sewage tank. The total weight of the Rack JACK is 42 pounds.

We've used it several times so far and absolutely love the freedom of not having to pull in the slides and hitch up Liberty just to take her to empty her guts. It allows us to boondock longer and with less stress of trying to find a dump station that we could fit in or go out of our way in finding.

Disclaimer: We at Always On Liberty will not be held liable for bodily injury or damage to any property due to misuse; accidental, purposeful or otherwise. This product is what works for 'us'. We recommend reading all instructional information by the manufacturer for proper and safe use.

*Lisa Brown (Always On Liberty) is a paid contributor to the Heartland Blog. All opinions expressed are her own.*