8 Easy Ways to Decorate Your RV (or Tiny Space) for the Holidays

Whether you are living in an RV or a tiny home, there’s always room to do a little decorating for the holidays. Travel trailer decorations like cozy blankets, festive pillows, twinkling lights and of course, a Christmas tree (or whatever main symbol for your faith), all make even the smallest of spaces feel jolly for the holidays. When you live tiny, the issue with holiday décor is where you will store it all after the season is over. Storage space in an RV is the most valuable real estate out there!

Here is a list of ways to decorate your RV for the holidays from Molly Henard of The Flying Hens, that won’t take up much storage space, but make a BIG, HOLLY JOLLY impact! And when the season is over, you can choose to put some of your camping Christmas decorations in a storage bin with other holiday décor or simply donate!

1. Change Out Pillow Covers

If you already own some throw pillows for your sofa, bench or bed, this is an easy way to make a space festive. Change out old pillow covers with holiday ones! Pillow covers are flat and are able to be stored without taking much space. They are also inexpensive and there are so many different options on Amazon to fit your RV camping décor or theme! Here are the links to the pillows featured Red with Christmasy Lettering and Ivory Velvet w/Pom Poms.

2. Add A Festive Blanket

Nothing brings a room together like a pop of color! A blanket is perfect because it’s functional and can tie into any holiday theme you choose. I chose this red blanket because it’s cozy, not too “Christmasy” and can be used on the couch through Valentine’s Day! I got mine at Target, but I also love this one on Amazon.

3. Use Decorative Garland

I have a small obsession with cute, festive garland. Not only are these inexpensive, but they can be stored easily and make a big impact! I’ve found Christmas garland and banners at Target, Hobby Lobby, TJMaxx, and Amazon. Garland can be used over windows (hanging from the curtain rod) above cabinets and shelves, and across the tops of slides. There are so many options and styles that will fit in with any décor or theme. These are some of the garland strands I’ve used in decorating: Red and White Pom Pom Garland,  Natural Wood Bead GarlandRed Bead GarlandLighted Garland.

4. Change Out Dish Towels

Simply exchanging one or two decorative kitchen towels for holiday towels makes the kitchen feel festive! This is another inexpensive way to add a pop of festive color or tie into your holiday décor theme. I got my Merry Tex-Mas towel at a local boutique, but I also love this one on Amazon.

5. Hang Lights

My favorite thing about Christmas time is sitting in a quiet, dark room with just the warm glow of Christmas lights twinkling around me. Lighted garland , fairy lights and even these pretty starburst lights from Target make a space magical.

6. Hang A Wreath

Christmas wreaths come in all sizes and are inexpensive. A simple wreath can add a touch of Christmas in a small space- whether on your front door or an interior door! You could also buy a simple green wreath to hang all year long and interchange accessories on the wreath for each holiday (pumpkin/leaves for fall and red bow/berries for Christmas, etc.) This red berry wreath on Amazon would add a perfect pop of color!

7. Hang Stockings and RV Fireplace Ideas

There’s something about having stockings hung up that gives a space a cozy Christmas-y vibe, am I right? You don’t have to have a fancy fireplace or mantle either. When we downsized from a house to an RV, one of the things I had to keep were my personalized Christmas stockings. We don’t have a mantle in our RV, so I used these closet hooks and hung them on our curtain rod! I framed the space with this lighted garland and I just love the way it looks! Get creative with where to place your stockings- over the fireplace, on a shelf, command hooks on a wall, or on a curtain rod like ours!

8. Get A Real Christmas Tree

Can you believe it? They actually have real, live Christmas trees that are perfect for RVs and small spaces. Lowes and Home Depot sell real 2.5’ “tabletop” Christmas trees that already come with a stand (including a water basin)! These are ideal for decorating travel trailers and for RVers because you get that wonderful Christmas tree fragrance but don’t have to worry about storing a tree all year. We keep a small bin of ornaments for our tree (we collect ornaments from all the places we travel to!) After Christmas, simply use your little tree as firewood!


There you have it! You can absolutely make even a small space feel Christmas-cozy with minimal items that won’t require too much storage space after the holidays. Don’t forget your batteries (we love these rechargeable ones) as well as Command hooks for hanging! Comment below with your favorite way to decorate your small space, we’d love to hear!

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Original blog post published by The Flying Hens, owners of a Heartland Cyclone 4007.