Cyclone Test with Trailer Life


Years ago, a group of us would head to Hungry Valley in Southern California with dirt bikes piled in the back of pickups, and mounds of riding gear, camp stoves, ice chests, sleeping bags, tents and food stuffed into every crevice inside the vehicles. Loaves of bread were stuck inside helmets in the hopes that they wouldn’t get smooshed on the journey. When we reached our campsite and opened the truck doors, bags of potato chips — which were now dust — and cans of soda and clothing would tumble out. This was longer ago than I care to admit, but now we have better options.  Heartland’s 43-foot Cyclone 4007 fifth-wheel toy hauler lets you go in style with residential amenities to keep a family of seven or more in the lap of luxury while securing motorized toys in a 13-foot-long garage wide enough to park a side-by-side.

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