Elkhart, IN (October 3, 2023) – New for the 2024 model year, Heartland RVs is introducing the Trio Airflow A/C System across select models. Designed by RV Airflow Systems, the Trio Airflow A/C System offers three new dimensions of cool climate technology. It’s quieter, more efficient, and results in cooler temperatures, solving the well-known drawbacks of traditional RV A/C systems. Heartland has partnered with RV Airflow Systems to use their patent-pending new technology in the Trio Airflow A/C System, which is exclusive to Heartland models.

In most RV A/C systems, air that’s pulled into the outdoor rooftop unit creates turbulence due to the design of the internal ductwork, causing a loss of airflow and sub-optimal cooling inside the RV. Depending on the ductwork layout of an individual RV, airflow can vary so much between vents that some areas in the coach get much cooler than others.

In the Trio Airflow A/C System, a custom-designed, proprietary rotear helps catch and guide air into the ducts more effectively. Then, a block installed in the plenum reduces air turbulence, creating more powerful airflow through the ductwork. Splice blocks help support the ducts and allow for more precision in fitting where ducts meet, which further reduces air loss and inefficiency. These components all work together to capture more air, funnel it exactly where it needs to go and reduce the elements that disrupt power and airflow.

“The innovative design of the new Trio Airflow A/C System helps cool RVs better and quicker than before,” said John Hambrick, Heartland RV Service Liaison, R&D and compliance Manager. “With Trio, every vent gets equal airflow, which results in cooler air and faster cooling for a more responsive climate control system.”

By cutting down on airflow inefficiency, Trio uses less energy, too – which results in savings for owners. The improved airflow cuts down on the time it takes to reach comfortable temperatures, requiring less energy output than comparable models. And because the airflow is more powerful, it also allows Trio to reach cooler temperatures overall. With the combination of energy savings and efficient cooling, Trio can handle a wider variety of conditions with ease, from battling unexpected heat waves to facilitating longer stretches of camping off-grid.

Another complaint campers have had with RV A/C systems is excess noise. After returning to the coach from a long day, if campers needed to cool down the interior quickly, traditional A/C systems could impede conversations or make it difficult to hear TVs or music. But Trio’s operation is significantly quieter than other models, making it less disruptive and less noticeable as it runs in the background.

“Camping is all about letting go of everyday stress and connecting with your surroundings and the people you’re with,” Hambrick said. “The last thing campers need is an air conditioner that makes it harder to relax in peace or engage with one another.”

Cooler temperatures, better airflow, and quieter operation make Trio the ideal climate control system for 2024 Heartland RVs. With the power to keep themselves cool and comfortable, campers can feel confident making plans in a wider variety of destinations and conditions for years to come.

The Trio Airflow A/C System will be available on all new 2024 Heartland models beginning in November of this year. To learn more about the Trio A/C System and other HEARTLAND® products, visit Heartlandrvs.com, and join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. ABOUT HEARTLAND RV Heartland Recreational Vehicles, LLC manufactures and markets towable RVs through leading brands such as CYCLONE®, LANDMARK®, and PROWLER®. For more information about Heartland RV or its products, please visit www.heartlandrvs.com. Heartland RV is a subsidiary of THOR Industries.