Replacing LCI Auto Level Controller

By:  Jim & Melinda Tanner

9th Jan, 18

If you have an RV with the self leveling feature, you probably are using a LCI (Lippert Components Inc.) controller. This controller acts as the brains of the leveling system, ensuring your RV is level, regardless of the ground conditions.

Now what happens if this controller goes bad? Well, you have to replace it of course. In the video below, we walk you through this quick, 5-minute process. If possible, make sure your RV is level before starting, as this will help once you program the "Zero Point" for the controller ....(meaning, where the RV should be every time to push the "auto level" button).

Link to replacement controller on Amazon - ?LCI Replacement Controller

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Jim & Melinda Tanner

Jim & Melinda Tanner

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