From Kitchen Table to Work Station in 90 Degrees

By:  Emily Rohrer

21st Nov, 16

We're big on computer use here at OwnLessDoMore, and that means we need places to put them. Tim's got a nice big area for all of his equipment, but for our first 15 months of full-time RV living, I've made do with a recliner and side table, with my laptop in my actual lap.

What attracted us to our Heartland Bighorn (a 2008 3670RL) when we purchased it two years ago, is that there is a dedicated desk right in the main living area.

Newer fifth wheel trailers tend to have a fireplace in the slide across from the sofa, with a ginormous TV overhead, and — if anything at all — only a pull-out drawer for a laptop.

As you can see, we need more than that. Tim does technology consulting work, and thus needs a more permanent surface to hold up what I call his Command Center. He built the wooden extension himself before we sold our house and he therefore lost his garage workshop, constructing it with a hinged leg that folds inward when we bring in the slides, so there's no need to disassemble it when we're ready to roll.

I don't need that much space to meet my needs, and the original plan to have me sit at the end of the L never quite panned out, but juggling everything in the recliner was getting old.

Then, not so very long ago, our kitchen table caught my eye.

"Honey? I bet if we turned that table the other way? You know, so that the long side is to the window instead of the short side? It would make a really nice little office area!"

Tim brought in the drill, removed the bolts from the base, rotated that baby 90 degrees, and voila! Just look at my new space. I'm using it right now!

We think that it really transformed the area (yes, he'll bolt the table back in again), and the best part is that I can easily store my laptop and notepad inside the table when we want to use it for dining.

This was perhaps our easiest RV modification ever, and now we can honestly say that the table's been turned! 

Emily Rohrer

Emily Rohrer

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