Working From The Road: Resources & Tips

Since 2020 many people have begun working on the road as they travel around the US. Flexible work schedules have become commonplace, and remote or hybrid options are accepted in today’s workforce. One could even argue that the “work from home”  model is not going away anytime soon. 

As internet access improves worldwide and remote work expands, RVing opens up a whole new world of opportunities and destinations to explore. 

Why work from home when you can work from your RV? If you are considering working from the road, here are resources and tips to consider first.

Versatile RV Work Spaces

If you already own an RV, you will want to begin creating a workspace that will work for you. Many people will work from the kitchen table, which is what I do. What I like about doing this is that it makes me clean up at a reasonable time for dinner. I started to work from home so I could enjoy more life; taking time to stop and enjoy my campsite at a reasonable time is vital. Your workspace is yours, so do whatever you need to do to make it functional.

Don’t own an RV yet? You are in luck, then. You can choose the perfect rig for whatever you want. Here are a few Heartland models that provide built-in work spaces..

  • Big Horn Traveler 3880 MD has a whole room that you can close off and make into an office; when not used for work, it is usable for sleeping or watching a show in your personal space.
  • Milestone 333 MB has a small room you can set up during the day and use as a mid-bunk sleeping space at night.
  • Big Country 3851 MO has space for a great office, and this rig has enough room for all your travel crew as you work your way down the road.

All the rigs shared come WiFi prepped for the Winegard Air 360+ Gateway Router.

Choose the Correct Internet & Equipment

As you take your office on the road, consider downsizing your equipment. You are only as good as your gear, and taking the low road on this will leave you frustrated. Sure, there are certain things you can do your job without, but those reference manuals are probably online as a PDF and can stay behind.

Finding the right internet is vital, and ensuring you have the wifi you need is imperative to getting your work done. 

Tip: Buy high-quality equipment that is durable and mobile for your line of work.

Pick Your Destination Wisely

As you make your way on your working road tip, intentionally plan your destinations. From personal experience, I work much better with grand views versus looking out my RV window at another rig or a brick wall.

Research your camping destination in advance and call ahead to let them know what kind of site you are looking for. Most campgrounds will do their best to accommodate your needs and look forward to having you stay with them.

Tip: Pick a campground in Ohio, a surprisingly diverse state.

Work en Route

As you work from the road, one of the biggest wastes of time is just staring out the window as your best buddy drives you down the road. Use every minute you can as the pavement rolls under you and your rig; this is an opportune time to get some work done. I am always stoked when we get somewhere and set up so that I don’t have to get right to work because I prefer catching a sunset by the campfire.

Tip: Create a “travel day bag” with your laptop and other supplies; this creates easy access to everything you need to work while en route to your next camping spot.

Create a Work Schedule & Stay Organized

Schedules on the road should be loose so that you can add time for bathroom breaks, a flat tire, or a pull-out with a stunning view. However, these schedules will get you to your campground on time and before dark. If you have already set up, it will get you to the campfire before 10 pm.

The old adage your momma used to say, “to stay on task is to make a to-do list,” rings true. Being organized is your best defense against missing a due date or getting so overwhelmed with work that you miss out on enjoying being on the road. Download apps that will help you do this. Evernote, Trello, and Asana are a few that will keep you organized on a mobil device and keep you from losing your mind. 

Create a work schedule and stay on track with dedicate breaks.

Enjoy Your Destination

Life is short, and you probably started the RV lifestyle to enjoy it more. Make sure to schedule free time for your work day. Everyone needs to eat, so pick a local joint and check it out during your lunch break. End your day a little early for a walk on the beach or take in a sunset over the mountains. No matter where you are, there is beauty and adventure to be found. Take time to experience it.

Original blog article written by published author and owner of a Heartland Sundance 294BH, Brandy Gleason.