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Testimonials & Reviews

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Jayne Wilson
2018-01-02, 08:40
Christmas camping in our 2008 North Trail. These campers are built to last. We love ours, and use it all the time. Our latest trip is Kerrville, Texas. Thanks Heartland for all the wonderful memories!
Gary Chick
2018-01-02, 08:33
We have a 292 Elkridge and love it. Went to the Black Hills last summer going to Montana next summer and we spend a lot of time around Silverton Colorado. Pulls over the mountains like a dream.
Don Owens
2017-10-30, 13:59
I just wanted to send out a Great Big THANK YOU to Heartland and the people (Elaine, Terry and John) in Heartland Customer Service. They are awesome
and really made us feel like part of the Heartland family.
Nancy Dahling
2017-10-30, 13:58
We would like to thank Holly and Lindsay for the great job they did finding us parts for our Heartland that we just bought. Great customer service; very happy with Heartland campers.
James Wilburn
2017-05-10, 10:00
Today as retired full-timers, we have our '17 Bighorn 3760EL towed behind our Ford F-350; overall we are at 59'6" in length, and I must say that we have never been more pleased with an RV.  Heartland RV and their suppliers have been A+ in handling our on road customer service needs.
Greg Stoltzman
2017-05-10, 09:59
Their Toyhaulers are by far the best played out for comfort, and they use good building practices!!! Buy one and you'll see !!!!!
Forloveandventure via Instagram
2017-03-27, 09:19
Home...we absolutely love for all it allows us to do, all that it teaches us, and all that it grows us. So grateful and so humbled by it;  less stuff, more family.
Watts family
2017-03-27, 09:18
We love our new Oakmont by Heartland. Can't wait to use it.
Aaron family
2017-03-27, 09:16
Room for a Newfoundland to camp in our bunkhouse Mallard M29.
2017-03-27, 09:16
Heartland headquarters employees are the Best! Especially Mr. Robert Miller in the service dept area. Our Elkridge isn't even 1 yr old yet; just an extremely minor issue to be fixed on it, and they have been great in responses and friendly in assistance in getting it fixed! I'm truly glad we did our 'homework' on the Heartland trailers: quality, value, and servicing before we purchased 'new'. Great Job Heartland; you guys Rock!!!
2017-03-27, 09:15
I just have to say to all the people out there: if you're going to buy an RV, go to Heartland. I've been camping for years, and this is my seventh RV. I have never had a company stand behind their products like Heartland. We had a problem with RV; no questions asked and our repairs are being done. Their customer service is amazing. The man, Anthony Roberts, a gentleman named Mark and my good friend whom I trust more than anything, Andy Wesdorp. Couldn't ask for a better company. Thank you all for your help. You are the best.
Trace Weber
2017-03-27, 09:13
We just picked ours up last week at Dave Arbogast RV Depot [Torque] model T31; we love it!
Davidtaillardsr via Instagram
2017-03-27, 09:10
We've started planning our warm weather camping in our Wilderness. Can't wait!!!
Alyce Pennock
2017-03-15, 14:33
I have a Madison and it needs work i can say enough on how great Heartland in Indiana have been to us i have never been treated so well and i have owned 5 other trailers and never had the response like Heartland thank you all so much i would recommend to anyone looking for a RV you are out standing
Simple Love blog
2016-11-08, 11:20
Thanks Heartland RVs for the factory tour! It was super cool checking out the "skeleton" and "insides" of your luxury line of 5th wheels. We enjoyed checking out where our Landmark 365 "Charlie" was born! Read more about our visit here....
Smith family
2016-11-08, 10:06
Heartland is the best!
Thompson family
2016-09-16, 08:52
We picked up our new camper on Tuesday.  What a beauty! Can't wait to hit the road!
Ecton family
2016-09-16, 08:51
Best RV company around. Best customer service. I will always buy a Heartland RV.  Mr. Chipps in Customer Service was so helpful.  In less than three hours, we have a Mobile crew here fixing the problem.
Kuhn family
2016-09-16, 08:50
Bucket list item checked off. Camped at Kettle Falls Campground in Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area. Thanks Legacy RV Center for helping my dreams come true. Love you Troy. The desert is nice, but this is my #happyplace #ontheroadtoanywherewewant #theadventurecontinues.
the Glennas
2016-07-20, 09:16
I have nothing but great things to say about Heartland RV customer service. I've talked with Chris (MN sales guy) and Dustin (Service guy) and both offered extremely good help and listened to my complaints about dealership service. I hope they continue to close the gap between dealerships and buyers. THANK YOU! ‪#‎weloveourresort
2016-03-02, 22:16
We have a Golden Gate and love it !! Will not part with this beauty!
Steve and Sharon Vondracek - South Dakota
2014-11-24, 02:22
"...We agree that the rally was great and I (Sharon) especially enjoyed the quilt/embroidery get together."
Lance and Gayle Levis - Iowa
2014-11-24, 02:20
"Not sure exactly which thread this should go on but Gayle and I wanted to be sure to THANK everyone who attended the Branson Rally. Special THANKS to Jim B. and his lieutenants for their fine organization and management. We had a great time and look forward to seeing everyone again at the Rally in Goshen (if not sooner.) Kindest regards to all."
2014-11-24, 02:14
I wanted to be sure to thank the factory for answering my questions I have had. You have proven that you care about the consumer and that means a lot. I would rather pay a bit more for something and get good service than to just go cheap. A BIG thank you to all who have taken the time to talk with us and answer our inquiries. You are reasons we have chosen Heartland over other mid-pro fifth wheels we have looked at.
2014-11-24, 02:13
Thanks so much for all your help. You have surpassed all my expectations for service and support. Heartland RV is tops in my book!
Dr. John
2014-11-24, 02:13
I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your work on my behalf. Our parts arrived quickly and we were back on the road. That kind of service frequently goes unappreciated
2014-11-24, 02:12
As I write this, we are in the middle of a stretch of weather where it has been in the low teens, yet we remain nice and warm in our Heartland rig. Thank you Heartland for making a very tight and well-insulated fifth wheel!
2014-11-24, 02:12
We are still enjoying our Heartland 5th wheel and everyone who sees it remarks about how well built it is and the quality of the interior. The factory has been nothing short of marvelous and because they have been so good, I will definitely be buying my next 5th wheel from Heartland.
2014-11-24, 02:11
I am very happy and very pleased with Heartland. You are very aware and do want to please the customer and make sure that you do stand behind your product and will go the extra mile to make your customers happy.
2014-11-24, 02:07
Heartland is one of the best products I've owned since I have been RVing and I've been RVing since the early 1970's.
Patty Emerson Wilder
2017-05-10, 10:01
We have a Landmark Savannah . It's two years old now, and by far it's the best we have ever owned. We have had many pull-trailers , fifth wheels, C-Class and a diesel motor home.
Clanton family
2017-03-27, 09:18
We’ve had ours for a few weeks now and are still getting to know the wonderful little things that our Landmark 365 Newport has in addition to the beautiful floorplan.  We are planning our next trip and can’t wait to get out again in our new vacation home!
DS Alldaffer Clanton
2017-03-27, 09:17
Took our new 2017 Heartland Landmark 365 Newport out for a 1st trip to KOA in Onalaska, Texas and loved the feeling of our new Vacation Home. This one may be headed up to Alaska with us when we get ready to go. Love our RV Dealer, Bailey's RV in Lufkin, Texas....they are a great group up there.
Gary Dabb
2017-02-19, 12:46
When is the new Louisville scheduled to roll out of production??? These Slide in slides are very cool and roomy. Especially the master bedroom where its desired by many.
2016-11-27, 14:27
We are very excited about the new Oshkosh. In addition to the luxurious upgrades, the new slide within a slide in the bedroom offers tons of floor space. Once the Louisville is available, we will make our decision between the two.
Dan & Lisa Brown
2016-11-16, 18:44
We LOVE and LIVE full-time in our 2016 Heartland Landmark 365 Ashland! You can follow us on Facebook (RV Liberty) and our blog Heartland RV's are the best for the price.
HanRnRman via My Heartland Portal
2016-11-08, 11:22
We just had some minor warranty work completed on our 2017 Landmark 365 Charleston. Justin and the gang in the service department at Camping World in Rapid City did an excellent job. Nice to have the TSB on the air conditioners done.
Simple Love blog
2016-11-08, 11:21
We certainly love our Heartland Landmark 365 Charleston 'Charlie!’
J Holliday
2016-10-04, 21:50
I have a 2016 Landmark 365 Newport since April 2016. Unfortuneately, the quality of the product has not met my expectations. Assistance from support staff at Heartland has clearly exceeded my expectations.
Daryl & Corgene Wahl
2016-09-21, 20:22
Just wanted to recognize the outstanding customer service and support that we have received from Heartland and our local dealer, Roughrider RV in Beulah, ND. We have had a couple of minor issues since we took delivery of our 2014 Landmark Savannah in late 2013. Some were warranty related and some were not. Either way we were taken care of properly, in a fair and timely manner. We snowbird between ND and FL and will soon leave for our 4th season to spend the winter in our Landmark. Enjoying it so much, wether we are traveling or parked for the season. Heartland is definitely a customer friendly company, building quality products.
Allen McGillivray
2016-09-17, 21:21
we have had our Landmark 365 Newport for 2 years now and I have to say the people at Landmark are first class and have gone over and above to make us happy and deal with any and all issues that we have had and I would tell anyone interested in a Landmark buy it you are in good hands. thank you to all the Landmark employees that have helped us. First class all the way!!
Allen McGillivray
Kathleen Adams via Facebook
2016-06-15, 16:52
Oh Yeah! Been full time 11 years and just added full solar to the Landmark, so we can now go anywhere...
2014-11-24, 02:16
Thanks to you and the whole Heartland family for making our experience as Landmark Mt. Rushmore owners exceptionally good!  We have owned nine (9) RVs in our sixteen (16) year history RVing, so we have had some experience purchasing and this one is by far the best!  Thanks again.
2014-11-24, 02:15
I have a Landmark Golden Gate.  I love it and would not even consider trading it in on anything else!
2014-11-24, 02:14
Our Mt. Rushmore is our 9th RV and we have never been treated as well by the dealer and the factory! Everyone has been great to work with.
Teresa Ryan Mallery
2017-05-10, 10:02
We have a great life now also. No payments, ride our Harley when we want. Love our Heartland.
Sheri Dolan
2017-03-27, 09:17
We are over the moon delighted with our 2016 Bighorn 3270!!
John Osterman
2017-03-27, 09:12
Recently purchased Bighorn 3875FB..been camping for 40 years... This is THE FINEST UNIT I have ever owned… Compliments your way
Downs Family
2017-03-01, 19:51
My wife and I have been living in our 3970RD for 5 months and absolutley love it. The workmanship is outstanding. When friends come over they are amazed when they walk inside and see the homey yet upscale layout and decor. There are too many features to try and describe we previously owned a 37 foot class A motorhome and the bighorn is so much nicer. We love traveling with this 5th wheel!!
Jim & Sue Wilburn
2017-01-30, 01:48
We purchased a 2017 Bighorn 3760EL for retirement and full time living. We have been RVing for 45-years and have owned 10 previous RV's and without question our Bighorn fits right up there with our other high end RV's. Thank you Heartland for building a quality unit!
Morgan family
2017-01-12, 09:12
We enjoy our Heartland #Bighorn 3585RL. With winter coming in Ohio we decided to park it behind the house and continue!!!
the Mallery family
2017-01-12, 09:10
We can't say how much we love our #Bighorn. Still haven't froze up, and it's been 10 days of negative 6 degrees fahrenheit. By far the best #RV built, and we have had 7 by each different manufacturing company.
Kowalski family
2016-11-08, 11:19
We have a Bighorn in which we have full timed for a year and any time now. The advice I give everyone is to find the floor plan that speaks to you. Our Bighorn had the layout we wanted, and we were able to build it with all the options we wanted.
Pfister family
2016-09-27, 10:58
I have been living in this Big Horn [3760EL] for two months now and love everything about it! Lots of storage, counter space and great shower! Love, love, love it!
Scott and Clare Herrick
2016-07-15, 11:46
Yesterday, we enjoyed a visit from our dedicated followers and Bighorn owners, Scott and Clare Herrick. They are on their second cross country road trip in their Bighorn with plans to cover the Northeastern U.S. in order to visit all fifty states. Their first stop after their Heartland RVs tour will be at theGrand Hotel in Mackinac Island, Michigan with inspiration from the movie,Somewhere in Time; one of Clare’s favorite movies. From there, they will be traveling up through Toronto and back down to Lake Placid, New York; the idea being from the monster horror comedy, Lake Placid featuring Betty White. Their trip continues with plans for Providence, RI, Woodstock, CT, Newburg, NY, Washington D.C., Pigeon Forge, TN, and Hilton Head, SC.
The Herricks are seasoned RVers, whose original plans were to travel in a 26 foot travel trailer across country. However, after a visit to Camping Worldin Calera, AL, they were impressed by Bighorn. Clare stated, “The minute we saw Bighorn nothing else compared.” The Herricks are taller individuals and appreciate the high ceilings of a fifth wheel. The extra space feels more open and comfortable for long, cross country vacations. They also loved the idea of a large rear window to back their RV towards a lake for beautiful morning views. As a retired Nuclear Electrician Navy Chief, Scott was interested in the mechanics of the Bighorn with his top feature being the 6 Point Auto Leveling System. The 2015 Bighorn 3270RS fit their RV lifestyle, and they have been pleased ever since.
With a few hiccups along the way, the Herricks were quick to reach out to Heartland for their service needs. Clare posted on their Heartland Bighorn and Landmark group page: “Bighorn friends. I just wanted to share how pleased we are with our experience with Heartland Warranty/Service Dept. We had an issue with one of our leaf spring brackets breaking totally off where it had supposedly been welded to the frame. We were in Florida at that time (February for the whole month) and already set up in an RV park when we discovered it. Heartland made good on paying the warranty fix. We had to get a mobile welder (which are hard to find in Dade City, FL area) to come to our RV park and fix it onsite. We just received the reimbursement check from Heartland for the full amount. Thank you, Mr. Chambers [Heartland Service Team Rep] for your hard work in getting the fix approved at Heartland and getting us reimbursed in a timely fashion!!”
The Herricks advice to new owners: Join the online owners groups and never be afraid to ask questions. Someone else will want to know, but are too shy to ask. Clare pointed out, “Ten years ago, it wasn’t like it is now. With all these new online resources, it’s much easier to ask questions and find assistance as an RVer.”
Scott recommended taking your new RV to a campsite nearby as a “practice trip”. In this way, you will have people you know nearby for assistance and time to get to know your RV before those longer trips.
It was a pleasure meeting Scott and Clare. A BIG thank you to their service to our country, and we look forward to seeing you in Brunswick, GA for their first rally as Heartland Owners Club members. Safe travels to you both!
Follow the Herrick's Heartland Bighorn and Landmark Group Page:
‪#‎HeartlandRVs ‪#‎Bighorn ‪#‎Luxury ‪#‎FifthWheel ‪#‎RVLife ‪#‎GoRVing‪#‎GetOutThere ‪#‎Travel ‪#‎Adventure
Tim and Emily Rohrer
2016-06-22, 10:13

We had the pleasure of meeting bloggers, Tim and Emily Rohrer last week. Their philosophy is to experience more in life with less “stuff” to maintain. Most recently, they completed a home renovation and placed their final home on the market. With this project completed, they are happy to have a free schedule and be on their way to Yosemite this summer. When asked about their favorite Bighorn feature, they quickly replied the layouts. They are fans of the Bighorn 3760EL, but are hoping to modify with a desk area similar to their 3670RL. When considering an RV, they look for pantry space, a front hall closet, desk area, nightstands, and a Queen sized bed (more space to move around the bed). Emily explained, “It’s space over appliances.” Their advice to new RVers is research and think through the type of RV lifestyle that you’re considering. They also enjoy being able to clean their entire Bighorn home in 20 minutes and thoroughly in an hour when needed. On their way out, Emily summed up their RV lifestyle, “We considered our happiest times while our family was active duty (military), and it was always when we were on the road with all of our belongings.”

A BIG thank you to Tim and Emily Rohrer for their service to our country, and we can’t wait to follow more of their adventures on their blog!

Follow ‪#‎RV Adventures in a ‪#‎Bighorn:
2014-11-24, 02:24
Hi everyone I thought I would finally introduce myself. I'm Spencer I live in New Mexico and have been a member here since 2005

The wife and I have been dreaming and drooling for several years. We have done a lot of research and finally bit the bullet and bought a 2012 Bighorn 3585. This summer we traveled across North Texas and Southern Oklahoma visiting Heartland dealers. On our way home we stopped in Lubbock Tx. and found the unit we were looking for. We pick it up on the 19th. It's our first travel trailer of any kind. We are looking forward to being able to have our own bed behind us when we travel.

Thanks for all the valuable information on the forum. Looking forward to meeting other Heartland owners.

Ricky and Rachel L - Mississippi
2014-11-24, 02:24
The wife and I looked at literally hundreds of units from all brands before we went with Heartland.  We love our \'09 Bighorn 3600RE.  I do not think you can go wrong with Heartland no matter which model you decide to buy.
2014-11-24, 02:15
I wanted you to know just how pleased my wife and I are with your company. The dealer has been great to work with and we are equally, if not more impressed with the Heartland product line. We really love our Bighorn. It fits our needs and wants better than any other coach we have looked at and the "fit and finish" of the unit is outstanding.
2014-11-24, 02:14
We feel the attitudes and ideas of everyone at Heartland is the way to go and we could not be happier than we are now with our Bighorn. I cannot imagine ever wanting to trade it in, but when the time comes for a change, it will be with Heartland.
Janie Evans Jones
2017-05-10, 09:58
Just picked up our Big Country 3965DSS. Love this rig, it’s beautiful with lots of room…The bedroom is awesome1
the Gallaway family
2017-01-12, 09:14
A recent tag on our Instagram page from the Gallaway family - "Our home! We travel around the US working on wind farms. I went from living in a house where the extra bedroom was my closet, a nice bathtub to soak in after a long day at work, and a nice backyard for my little dog to run around unsupervised. Oh, the little luxuries! Now I have to fit everything in a two foot closet, hustle in the shower (shaving me legs is now a whole separate event), and keep Asta from chasing bunnies, squirrels, and...chickens. Yes, there are chickens where we live right now…But this RV has become home. It's has everything we need and we can take it anywhere. We have hosted friends, taken it to music festivals, and holds many memories in the 2 years we've had it. It's been to Kansas, Oklahoma, and right here in Texas. We've had flooding, a sick dog, splattering spaghetti sauce that covered the entire camper, a mouse, and LJT necklace beads that are still hanging on the sconce months later. But those moments hold the funniest, happiest, memories. We have learned to live a simple life and to hold on to the things that matter. (Apparently that means the beads too.) There's no telling where we will take it next and what other memories will be made here! But we will be ready when adventure calls!" #BigCountry #HeartlandRVs
Texas Rver
2016-11-24, 09:32
Wasn't really in the market for an RV, but looked in the 4010 and bought one the next week. Not one single problem on the shakedown weekend trip
Gregory family
2016-09-16, 08:51
Picked up our Big Country 4010 RD from Arbogast RV. Thanks to Heartland and Arbogast RV. We love it!!!
a Guest
2015-11-14, 02:03
Elaine Henke, customer service, always very helpful great job and pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable. Keith W.
2016-09-27, 10:55
Thank you. Picked up our Gateway 3400SE yesterday; it tows fantastic and my wife and I are pleased. Hats off to Dixie RV in the panhandle of Florida. Process was easy; walk thru very thorough. We are looking forward to camping with it.
Howard & Michelle Blake
2016-03-25, 15:33
Our 2015 Gateway is an AWESOME RV! We love our second home and commend Heartland for a great product and fantastic support. We've attended several rallies now and hear the same comments from all of the Heartland owners. Thanks again for a great home!
Larry Davis
2017-01-16, 20:20
We have had this unit since July 2016 and LOVE IT! I love the front living room with the 50" tv and the dual sofas. The only complaint so far, and the dealer is working on it, is the floor in the kitchen, dining room, hall area squeaks when you walk on it. I do wish it had a bigger awning and I wish we'd gotten the dual pane windows. Other than that, FANTASTIC unit!
DeMasters family
2016-11-08, 11:22
I have one of your RV trailers, and it is the best RV I have ever seen or owned.  I bought it 2 years ago from a dealer in Virginia; it's a 2011 Elkridge 5th wheel and pulls like a dream.
Dorsey family
2016-09-27, 10:59
A year ago, we were settling into the RV full-timing lifestyle! After closing on the sale of our home, we moved the rig [Elkridge] from the Lake Leon to Cisco. Had to move again when that rv park closed, but a year later, we still love living smaller and simpler.
Webb family
2016-11-08, 10:10
This week we will pick up our New Heartland Sundance 5th Wheel SD 2880RLT. So many more adventures to be had with the quality and dependability we have had from #HeartlandRVs. Thank you Rick Hipp at La Mesa RV.
Stephanie Romisher-Webb
2016-09-29, 16:16
We just upgraded our Heartland North Trail Bumper Pull to a Heartland Sundance Fiver- We didn't realize we would love Rving so much and we needed more space. We did research, we saw competitor products and we came back to Heartland. Love the product, love the quality, and love the quick responses I receive from Heartland. I feel like I have a great quality product with great support. Also a big Thank You to Marie Pennington for answering all my questions and referring me to the appropriate parties each time I have questions.
BillC59 via My Heartland Portal
2016-06-15, 16:50
Just wanted to say how much we enjoy our 2015 Sundance XLT 267RL fifthwheel. This unit is the perfect mix for residential and/or camping needs.
charliehorse - Missouri
2014-11-24, 02:21
"For what it's worth - took delivery of our (Sundance) 29RK - had an excellent pre-delivery at dealers service center - 5 days later left on a 3800 mile and 17 day trip with absolutely no build or operational issues! Whatta RV!"

charliehorse - Missouri
Timar Wright
2017-05-10, 09:58
I just bought a 2017 [Cyclone] 4200 HD, and I have been looking for a few years. Had it down to this and the 4212 Jayco Seismic. I am having a ball so far. Thank you for what you do, so I can do what I do :)
Koth Family
2017-02-02, 02:48
2013 Heartland Cyclone 4000, purchased August 2013. Transitioned to full time living since November 2013, and won't go back to house living. Ample room for one and a great layout.
Harleylite via My Heartland Portal
2017-01-12, 09:13
Just spent 3 Weeks in Central Florida at Rivers Edge RV park in our 2016 Cyclone 4150, no issue towing to Florida from KY and back. Absolutely love it.
Bates-King family in Colorado
2017-01-12, 09:12
Arctic package? Check! 13 degrees with the fireplace on [in our Cyclone]? Check! ! Full time RVING? Check! Thanks Heartland!
Ctforsyth via My Heartland Portal
2017-01-12, 09:11
We absolutely love our 4100! We enjoy all of the room it offers so we can spend family time together (and usually the kiddos take friends). My bride and I especially enjoy some porch sittin' on the back deck!.
Herschel Family
2016-11-08, 10:07
Purchased a 2017 Cyclone 3611JS recently; big decision. We've traveled and lived in an RV for over 30 yrs. I have to say we absolutely love this one. 3 A/C’s in south Texas; it's hot, first RV we've ever owned that we are not hot in. Praise God we have no complaints. It's just awesome. This crazy big slide [in Cyclone 3611JS], wow!
Travaglino family of
2016-06-22, 10:21
We love our Heartland Cyclone for many reasons but dealing with Heartland this week was really the cherry on top. Great, accommodating, knowledgeable and they really make us feel like family. Thank you Heartland RVs. ‪#‎thisisrving
Johnson family
2016-11-08, 10:09
I love my Road Warrior Toy Hauler! We have been living in it for 5 years now, and the garage has gone through several incarnations; you can see our idea of the Good Life at
Martin family
2016-09-27, 11:00
We love our Road Warrior. From the Dunes to the Mountains to the Racetrack, it covers it all. Glad we found it.
Katherine Winters
2017-03-02, 01:27
We bought our torque 325 SS 2016 model in July of 2015 to travel with four grandkids and a German Shepherd but we're wondering now that the new patios have outdoor steps can ours be retrofitted with outdoor steps and a new railing system for the back deck
Weber family
2017-01-12, 09:09
Kim and I would like to thank Ohio Sales Rep Dustin Swindeman for the plant tour in Howe, Indiana. We enjoyed seeing our Torque T31 Toy Hauler on the assembly line being made. Looking forward to picking it up soon at Dave Arbogast RV Depot.
2016-12-19, 12:02
Love ours, hated the buying process and dealer.
Potter family
2016-11-08, 11:19
We love our Torque T32 - In the 3 weeks we have had it, it has been from Boone, IA to Deadwood, SD.  We take fourwheelers, a canoe, and our dog.  We purchased our Torque from Noteboom RV in Harrisburg, SD.
John L. Denver, CO
2016-12-17, 13:47
Bought the 33BKSS in September 2016. So far it has been a great camper. If you a looking for a TT with space for 2 groups of people this is the one. For the value, quality and size, no other trailer compares. I think it has its quirks but those are easily outweighed by the positive things this trailer has to offer. I ordered an additional rear couch for the back bunk room. It has made a huge difference in useabilaty. That mini couch stinks. It also forced me to remount the rear door which is a must in my opinion. I rarely leave testimonials and just feel this product deserved one. We are very happy we chose Heartland.
Charles Storey
2016-12-04, 08:02
Purchased 2017 22FBS August 2016. Have pulled camper app. 6000 miles since. Removed the inside furniture added recliners, new Mattress, computer desk. 32" TV. Very comfortable. Neg. No on/off battery switch. Shower floor pan flexes during shower. Bathroom door hung opening wrong, can't fully open pantry door because of the knob. No shade on entry Door glass. One Plug for living area, 3 for bedroom? Panel under refrigerator fell out. Do not pull WITHOUT SWAY BAR on hitch. Despite the negatives we are pleased with the comfort. Trying to work out a sliding pantry and inverting the bathroom door.
Webb Family
2016-09-27, 10:57
I love being out with nature & enjoying a great nights sleep in my Heartland RV, North Trail.
Stephanie Webb, New Mexico Realtor
2016-07-20, 09:13
Ribeye and Brats for my BBQ on Sunday. I love my Heartland RVs North Trail RV Camping Trailer's outdoor prep station and grill.
2017-08-17, 03:28
Bought our 3125BH in May and have put about 4000 miles on it so far this summer with several other trips planned. We have been through some harsh weather, high winds, poor road conditio ns, high and low temperatures, and it has behaved rather flawlessly for us! We have minor screen door alignment issues, but no major mechanical or electrical issues whatsoever. We elected to upgrade the electrical to 50amp and add a second ac unit, which I would do again in a heartbeat. Will post later this year with an update, but so far we love it.
2016-09-27, 10:56
I wanted freedom and I found it in my Heartland RV [Wilderness]! Cheers to ‎RV living for 1 full year!
Hellerich family
2016-09-16, 08:48
Thoroughly enjoy our #Wilderness 3250BH!!!!
Evans family
2016-07-20, 09:15
Picked up this baby [Wilderness] just yesterday. We're so excited!
Astorquia family
2016-07-20, 09:14
We had a great first outing in our ‪#‎Wilderness 2875 last weekend! Looking forward to many more.
McGee family
2016-11-08, 10:21
We bought the Prowler Lynx there [Wilkins RV] from Tanner…He was fantastic…In fact, everyone we encountered at Heartland was great! Thank you!
Glenna family via Facebook
2016-06-15, 16:51
Just got our new #Resort up on blocks and moved in. First weekend down. It's beautiful inside and out.
Eugene Kemp
2017-05-10, 10:00
Camping for a week with the family in our 2016 Heartland Pioneer DS310 we have had for a year and love it!
Arnold family
2017-01-12, 09:11
My wife and I have enjoyed our M302. ( We bought it February 2016 ).It's easy to set up and has ample room inside with the slide-outs. I'm an old Scoutmaster ( at 68 ) and love the outdoors but was ready for the upgrade. Thank you for such a nice product.
Atomsplitter via My Heartland Portal
2016-11-08, 11:22
Just purchased a 2017 Mallard M302. Easily the most beautiful and well built camper I've ever owned despite the accent light recall on the front cap.
Gallagher family
2016-11-08, 11:20
I recently purchased a Heartland Mallard and I love it. Very well made.
Watson family
2016-09-16, 08:49
Picked up our brand new 2017 #Mallard M28 on Saturday! Watch out world, here we come!
Ricky and Rachel L - Mississippi
2015-02-17, 14:44
The wife and I looked at literally hundreds of units from all brands before we went with Heartland. We love our '09 Bighorn 3600RE. I do not think you can go wrong with Heartland no matter which model you decide to buy.
charliehorse - Missouri
2015-02-17, 14:17
For what it's worth - took delivery of our (Sundance) 29RK - had an excellent pre-delivery at dealers service center - 5 days later left on a 3800 mile and 17 day trip with absolutely no build or operational issues! Whatta RV!
Steve and Sharon Vondracek - South Dakota
2015-02-17, 14:16
We agree that the rally was great and I (Sharon) especially enjoyed the quilt/embroidery get together.
Lance and Gayle Levis - Iowa
2015-02-17, 14:15
Not sure exactly which thread this should go on but Gayle and I wanted to be sure to THANK everyone who attended the Branson Rally.  Special THANKS to Jim B. and his lieutenants for their fine organization and management.  We had a great time and look forward to seeing everyone again at the Rally in Goshen (if not sooner.) Kindest regards to all.
Ron and Ann Parrish - Georgia
2015-02-17, 14:13
Ann and I really enjoyed the Rally one of the best we have ever been to and so well organized. We feel we made some great friends and hope to see all of you next year or maybe on the road once our home sells. My hat is off to all at Heartland and to Jim especially for doing such a great job. Thanks all for a great time.
Ron and Ann Parrish - Georgia
2014-11-24, 02:19
..."Ann and I really enjoyed the Rally one of the best we have ever been to
and so well organized. We feel we made some great friends and hope to
see all of you next year or maybe on the road once our home sells. My
hat is off to all at Heartland and to Jim especially for doing such a
great job. Thanks all for a great time."
2014-11-24, 02:17
Comment Regarding the Independently Operated Heartland Owner's Forum : ( This is exactly why we bought from Heartland - the willingness of the factory to stay in touch and communicate with people on this forum and those who have purchased their products!

Thanks Heartland!

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