5th Wheel Trailer

Heartland 5th Wheel Trailer for Sale

Wanting to buy a new trailer, get a 5th wheel trailer. We have over 9 different models with over 50 floor plans for you to choose from. 5th Wheel Trailers are great because they are the biggest trailers available and allow for more inside room and storage all around. If you like to live in luxury, some models are decorated to look better then others and with nicer appliances. Great for everyone who likes the comfort of home, but wants to experience the outdoors.

5th Wheel Trailers Features/Benefits

  • Lots of floor space

  • Luxury Models

  • Residential Appliances

  • Queen and King sized beds

  • Sleep multiple people

  • Slideouts

Reasons You Need a 5th Wheel Trailer

  • Smaller than Motor Homes

  • Additional Sleeping Room

  • Larger than Travel Trailers

  • Residential Appliances

  • Spacious Bathrooms

  • Able to Sleep large groups of people

5th Wheel Trailer Lineup

Browse our 5th Wheel Trailer Collection: If you want to buy a 5th wheel trailer Heartland RV is the place for you. Whether you're new to camping or an experienced camper, there’s a model for everyone. Just use our Rv finder to pick out the model that's right for you and your family.