A family with a fifth wheel bunkhouse model

Fifth Wheel Bunkhouse

RVs are perfect for having outdoor adventures and camping whenever you want. But some RVs will fit your life and your circumstances better than others. Heartland offers fifth wheel bunkhouse campers in nine different models, from lightweight to luxury. So whether you’re traveling with a partner or looking for a family friendly option, you can find the best option to fit your unique needs.

What is a fifth wheel bunkhouse camper?

A fifth wheel bunkhouse is an RV that combines the specialized hitch of a fifth wheel with a floor plan that includes bunk beds. Often, the bunk area is in a separate room that can be closed off from the rest of the RV. Sometimes the bunk beds are stationary and sometimes they fold out for use as needed.

Fifth Wheel Bunkhouse Models

If you’re interested in a Heartland model that blends the best aspects of a fifth wheel with the efficiency of bunk beds, take a look at the selection below. Our fifth wheels with bunk beds range in length from 34 feet and up, and sleep between 4 and 8 people. Visit our RV Finder to help find your best RV model by its specific capacity and features.

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Double Axle

Starting At

  • $110,451MSRP
  • 36' 5"Length
  • 12,255 lbsWeight
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Double Axle

Starting At

  • $87,441MSRP
  • 36'3"Length
  • 10,745 lbsWeight

What are the benefits of a fifth wheel bunkhouse RV?

A fifth wheel with a bunkhouse has tons of benefits. In addition to the easier tow-ability of a fifth wheel, you’ll also enjoy larger storage areas, perfect for bringing along everything you need for an ideal camping trip. Fifth wheels can sleep more people, which allows you to camp with your whole family or bring along a few friends. Bunk beds use space efficiently to fit more beds in a smaller footprint. Which means you have more floor space to stretch out, even in small fifth wheel bunkhouse models. And bunks offer more privacy and a sense of security to sleepers. With many luxury and lightweight Heartland fifth wheel models, you can find a bunkhouse floor plan that has all the amenities you love with the additional sleeping space you need. And you won’t have to sacrifice your favorite features, either. Bunkhouse models can be found with all your favorite features, like big-screen TVs, fireplaces, high-end kitchens and more.

Who should consider buying a fifth wheel bunkhouse RV?

With the additional sleeping and storage space, fifth wheels with bunkhouses can be great for a variety of people. If you have multiple kids or your family is still growing, a bunkhouse option provides plenty of room for little ones to grow. Bunk beds can also be great for blended families or extended families who like to travel together, giving everyone a dedicated space to retreat to if they need some peace and quiet. If you like to travel with friends, the extra space in a fifth wheel is a great way to spend quality time together. And it’s perfect if you have kids who are teenagers and want to bring along friends of their own on family camping trips.


Disclaimer: Always consult owner’s manuals for vehicles and accessories before towing a recreational vehicle. Towing capacity will vary based on cargo, vehicle configuration, accessories, and number of passengers.