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2023 Heartland RV North American Owners Rally

All Heartland RV Owners Welcome!

The Heartland RV North American Owners Rally is a collaboration between Heartland RV and owners like you to put together an incredible experience! View our FAQ section for more information and details.

Rally Dates

Pre-Rally – June 5-11, 2023

Rally Week – June 12-18, 2023


Elkhart Fairgrounds

17746 County Rd 34 Goshen, IN 46528

Registration / Tickets

Rally Registration is open to all owners of recreational vehicles manufactured by Heartland RVs.

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Heartland Rally FAQ

How to Purchase Tickets

Registration will begin on March 15 2023. You will need to have year, make and model of your rig when you begin the process and answer all required questions.

The cost to attend the 2023 North American Heartland Owners Rally is $450.00 per rig plus processing fees. This includes up to two (2) adults. Those attending between the ages of 13-17 are an additional $50.00 per person and children 12 and under are free. The fee includes site fees for six (6) nights (June 12-17, 2023), seminars, entertainment catered meals and additional rally offerings.

When you have completed the registration process, you will be able to pay by credit card. The charge will come through your statement as 2023HRVRALLY.

The E-ticket is the receipt from the registration site and proof of registration for admission upon arrival at the fairgrounds. Please print or have it saved for quick access as you will need to present this at check-in/parking upon arrival.

We understand that schedules and plans change for a variety of reasons, sometimes out of your control. As a result, we have implemented the following cancellation policy:

Cancellation Refunds are processed to your credit card when possible – otherwise a refund check will be mailed. Cancellation of rally registration is subject to a $50 cancellation fee regardless of reason. There are no refunds after June 11, 2023 regardless of the reason for cancellation. See below for details of the refund policy:

  • The refund policy for total rally cancellation is: Prior to May 1: All money will be refunded less a $50 cancellation fee plus 10% of the refunded amount. From May 2 through June 11: Pre-Rally campsite fees at $25 per paid night plus $75 for Rally campsite fees – less $50 cancellation fee plus 10% of the refunded amount. From June 11 through June 17: No refunds issued and/or no discounts allowed for cancellation, no show, late arrival, or early departure.
  • The refund policy for cancellation of pre-paid golf cart rental is: Prior to May 1: Pre-paid golf cart fees less 10% of the refunded amount. From May 2 through June 17: No refunds. Exceptions may be made if golf cart can be re-rented.
  •  There is no refund for cancellation of pre-paid tours and/or bus tickets you may sell your tour ticket to another guest.
  • The refund policy for cancellation of pre-paid pre-rally camping is: Prior to June 5: Pre-paid Pre-Rally campsite fees at $25 per paid night less 10% of the refunded amount. From June 11 through June 16: No refunds.

When you register, you will be able to select the area in which you would like to camp. Specific sites are assigned upon arrival and site location is first come, first serve. Each area has a description of what is offered, i.e., electrical (50-amp, 30-amp or both), water, sewer availability and the size limitation

We reserve the right to change your site selection if, in our opinion, siting your rig in a different location would be beneficial to the best utilization of the available sites. Changes may be made prior to your arrival in the registration system OR upon your arrival when visual identification of the length of your rig indicates that a siting change is warranted.

If the area you want is not on the list, it is full, and you will need to pick another area. Remember to match your site to your rig length. If you have a short rig, select a short site.

Please consider the following limitations before registering for the rally:

  • RV sites vary in size. Sites 45’ or less are noted in site selection with maximum RV length.
  • Sites backup to fences, buildings, utilities, and other trailers. There is no overhang room.
  • Most sites are back-in sites.
  • We reserve the right to change your site location.
  • Your RV length includes tongues, ladders and/or any carrier welded to the frame, i.e.., not removable.
  • Rig length does not include ramps or patios in the extended position.
  • Rig length does not include the tow vehicle.
  • All tow vehicles MUST be disconnected from the rig once parked on the site.
  • If the tow vehicle and/or the rig are large, the tow vehicle may have to be parked away from your site.
  • Tow vehicles cannot be parked on other sides as all sites are occupied.
  • Multiple sites cannot be used to accommodate attendee rig and tow vehicle.
  • Some sites may not accommodate awnings if extended.
  • Many sites cannot accommodate toy hauler ramps down or in the patio position.
  • Attendees may not encroach upon other sites to accommodate their trailer, ramps, patios, tow vehicles, etc.
  • If specified in site selection, you site will not have sewer.
  • Dump stations are available around the fairgrounds.

No. Certain areas can only accommodate rigs that are 35’ or smaller. Please do not select these areas if your rig is over 35’ in length. When asked “Length of Trailer,” please include measurements in feet, rounding up to the nearest foot. Please be accurate as the parking crew needs the trailer length to ensure you will fit in your site. Sites backup to fences, buildings, utilities, or other trailers. There is no overhang room. If your rig length exceeds the site length it will stick out into the street. Please note that your model number is NOT the same as the length of your RV.

Unless otherwise noted, all the sites at the fairgrounds are FHU with 50-amp – providing you with fresh water and electric. This is “fairground camping” and sites are not laid out like a traditional campground as they are multi-use. Our site configuration provides as many FHU sites as possible.

No. Once registration begins, sites are reserved on a first come, first serve basis and there will not be a waitlist for specific camping areas or sites.

Yes. There are a very limited number of golf cart rentals available. The cost is $400/week for a 4 passenger and $315/week for a 2 passenger. Please reserve golf carts ahead of time.

A waiting list will be started once ALL sites have been booked. However, it will not be area specific.

You will have the opportunity to select any available tours during the registration process and the total cost for any selected tour(s) will be added to your purchase total. All tours, except for the factory tour, have an additional cost and include bus transportation, all admission fees and tips and any meals as shown in the tour description. There will be a standby process for the optional tours, see the next question. Heartland RV will not be maintaining any waitlists for the tours.

We are not able to refund your tickets on option tours for this event. Near the Heartland Marketing booth, there will be a board where you may share what you are trying to sell or buy tickets for a tour. The transaction is strictly between the buyer and the seller. If you cancel prior to the event, the cancellation policy will apply.

During the registration process, you will be able to select the option to attend the Heartland RV Factory tour. This tour includes stops at our Audit Facility, Parts Warehouse and either the fifth wheel or toy hauler facility. There is no additional fee for this tour.

The rally registration fee includes at least two catered meals and one potluck dinner.

Sign-ups for seminars will be available during on-site check-in. Seminars are open to all rally attendees; however, some seminars have limited spots available and have a per person fee. The seminar schedule will be published and distributed to all attendees prior to the rally.

We will try our best to accommodate any allergies or special diets.  Please make sure to identify those needs when registering.

No. The volume of attendees and need to create meal tickets and monitor who does and who does not have them is simply not practical. We require that you wear your rally name badge, which is your ticket to all meals and activities.

No. Rally attendees must be in an RV manufactured by Heartland RV. All Heartland RV brands, and models (past and current) are invited to attend!

Yes. Heartland RV Service Technicians will be on-site during the rally to perform MINOR repairs. Please DO NOT drop underbellies. Additionally, Lippert will be on-site offering service upgrades. Service options and sign-up will be available on-site and are first come, first serve. Please note they may only take requests for units that are still within their specific warranty parameters.

During registration, you will have the opportunity to request three (3) repairs. Changes to your repairs will not be accepted after June 1, 2023.

Due to supply chain issues throughout the industry, there may be service parts availability constraints. We will do our best based on available stock; however, we cannot guarantee that we will have the repair parts required to complete all repairs.

Yes. Lippert Service Technicians will be performing minor service repairs during the rally. There will be a sign-up on-site with a list of repair options available. Spots are reserved first come, first serve.

We are currently finalizing the rally agenda and will publish and distribute to all attendees once finalized. Please note, all items of the agenda are subject to change.

During on-site check-in, you will have the opportunity to sign-up for seminars. Some seminars have a limited number of spots available and require an additional per person cost.

Before You Arrive at the Rally

Rally check in will begin at 8 am on Monday June 12th. All guests will arrive through Gate 1. After checking in, if you registered for Rig Weighing you will be guided to you have your rig weighed, if you did not schedule your rig to be weighed, our parking team will assist you to your location.

If you are arriving at any time during the pre-rally, these dates will be added during registration. If you are arriving prior to June 5, 2023, you will need to call the fairgrounds directly to make reservations. To make a reservation for arrival before the rally starts, please call the fairgrounds at (574) 533- 3247. You will make payment directly to the fairgrounds for these early nights. When you arrive, please check-in at the fairground’s office and they will call the parking crew who will direct you to the appropriate area. Arriving early DOES NOT change the area that you have selected for rally parking.

You will need to contact the fairgrounds directly on availability following Heartland RV rally dates. Payment for any night after Saturday, June 17, 2023, is to be paid directly to the fairgrounds.

Depending upon your rig and the ticket purchased, you may need a 50-amp to 30-amp power adapter. Please read the area descriptions carefully as some sites only have 50-amp and in this case, you may need a 30-amp to 50-amp adapter if you have a 30-amp rig.

Electric, water and sewer hook ups are located at the rear of the camper. In the water & electric only sites, some of the water and electric hook ups are on the curb side and some are on the street side. Some are 10’- 15’ behind the bumper and some are 20’-25’ behind the bumper. How much you need of electrical cord, and water will be dependent upon where your connections are on your camper. Ten feet is advised.
Some sites share a single water connection, so a two-way or dual water connector is required for these connections. Water hose, sewer hose and cord extensions, two-way water connectors, and/or electrical plug adapters are the responsibility of the attendee. Heartland RV nor the fairgrounds will be providing these items.

The Parking Designator is a tag given to you by a Parking Team member once you are parked at the fairground. It will have your name, camping area, and your site # on it.

Specific sites (within the purchased, specified area) will be assigned as you arrive at the fairgrounds. There will be many rigs arriving in a short amount of time and assigning sites as attendees arrive allows us to assign sites as quickly as possible.

Group parking is available, but will be on a first come, first serve basis and the group MUST adhere to the following:

  • All members of your group MUST have tickets in the same area
  • All members of your group MUST arrive at the same time
  • All members of your group MUST be lined up one behind the other in the same lane at check-in

Yes, there is handicap RV parking available to registrants possessing and displaying a valid state-issued handicap permit, on a first-come, first-served basis. There is limited amount (eight sites) of handicap parking available near the HCP-Pork Producer and HCP-ECCC. Pork-Producer sites are on concrete and are particularly suited for walker and/or wheelchair use. They are close to the rally hall but are not near other campsites should you prefer to camp near friends. Please purchase a ticket for a handicap area and provide your handicap permit number during registration for handicap parking. The only way to guarantee a handicap site is to pre-purchase a handicap ticket.

All buildings at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds are pet-free (except for certified service animals in working mode). If your pet is outside, it must be restrained in an appropriate manner and on a leash if being exercised. Please remember to pick up after your pet(s) and dispose of waste properly. Expect the pet policy to be enforced. If you are having Heartland service done inside of your RV, the pet must be crated or removed for the safety of the technicians, as well as to prevent your pet from accidentally escaping from the unit. Only certified service animals are allowed in seminars or where food is being served.

Yes. There will be a vendor marketplace setup in Hall A Monday, June 12, 2023 – Friday, June 16, 2023 from 8a.m.-4p.m. Vendors include a range of items both RV and non-RV related. We will continue to add vendors so check the vendor list for new additions.

Yes. We will have an Owner-to-Owner For Sale table setup in Hall A within the Vendor Marketplace. Please see the Owner-to-Owner PDF for more information and For Sale tags.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the rally. We have lots of tasks that need to be done during the event. Attendees may sign-up to become a volunteer by emailing Amber Alber at amber.alber@heartlandrvs.com or during check-in.

Yes. One t-shirt will be provided to each rally attendee. Please you will be able to indicate preferred size during registration.

If you are of legal age and consuming responsibly and courteously, you may have alcohol at your site, or to take to another campsite. You may also bring wine or another adult beverage to dinner and evening programs.

Yes, this is highly recommended as vehicle parking is very limited and not available near event buildings. ATV/UTVs may NOT be operated on fairground property.

Absolutely! Children are always welcome at Heartland RV events. Please be sure to include any persons under 17 that will be attending to allow us to determine how many children to expect so we can plan appropriate activities.

Once You Arrive at the Rally

When you arrive at the fairgrounds, you will enter at Gate 1 and follow along until you reach parking/check-in.

At check-in, you will be given your event paperwork – name tags, communications, and your rally welcome bag. From there, the parking team will guide you to your site.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the rally. We have lots of tasks that need to be done during the event. Attendees may sign-up to become a volunteer by emailing Amber Alber at amber.alber@heartlandrvs.com or during check-in.

We will follow all protocols and restrictions mandated by the State of Indiana and the Elkhart County Health Department as necessary.

Yes. The fairgrounds have a dump station. The location will be noted on the map. Please notify the parking crew if you need to dump prior to being parked. It is highly recommended you arrive with empty holding tanks so as not to delay having your rig parked.

Yes. There are on-site showers and restrooms for attendee use.



Yes, the fairgrounds does accept packages. The mailing address is Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds – 17746 County Rd. 34 – Goshen, IN 46528. Packages not picked up within 30 days are RETURNED TO SENDER.

The fairgrounds are equipped with a siren warning system in the event of inclement weather. There are three (3) designated storm shelters on the grounds:

  • The basement restrooms on the west end of the Community Center, next to the Main Gate on Locust Street
  • The Home and Family Arts Building on Maple Street
  • The Dining Room

Please make a point of locating these sites in advance of the unlikely chance of needing them.

Rig Weighing

Please visit this link to register for rig weighing.


Tentative Agenda - Subject to Change

Please come back later for more information on the agenda.