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Living in the
All New Cyclone 4006

The Proha’s new unit is fully loaded with features, such as a king bed tilt slide system, outside kitchen, 7” Tall slide outs with oversized windows, and loft in the garage, to name a few.

“We love the 4006 floorplan because even though we live tiny, we LOVE to entertain friends on the road. This gives us the ability to entertain comfortably with the adjacent slides!”

Watch their Cyclone journey on Instagram, oilsandgracetribe as the make their new 4006 their own.

10 things you should know about
The Proha Family

  • There is a lot of us (8 including our dog Helen).
  • All our girls names end in double E's, All the boys names end in double T's.
  • We have been full time for just over 2 years.
  • We love California Burritos (all of us), but we are plant based now.
  • We're from the Pacific Northwest.
  • We love Disneyland.
  • We weren't sure if we would like full-timing at first.
  • We used to live on 10 acres in a 4000sq foot house.
  • We renovated two houses before custom building our last.
  • We owned a refinishing furniture business before we started oils.

Top things we know about full-timing

  • There's not a lot of stability with full-timing, you have to learn how to go with the flow.
  • It allows you a lot of freedom.
  • It gives you an opportunity to see the world.
  • You'll meet a lot of amazing people while traveling.
  • You will come up with a plan and then it will change a hundred times before it actually happens.

5 Things Everyone Should Know Before They Go Full Time

  • Look into campground memberships. It has saved us a ton of money the last 2 years.
  • Save at LEAST 6 months of traveling expenses.
  • Get full timers insurance on your rig.
  • Find a good internet provider that can move state to state.
  • Minimize and the minimize again.