Product Review: GlowStep Revolution

By:  Kelly Barnett

24th Jan, 17

*Kelly Barnett (2PSNAPOD) is a contributor to HeartlandRV's blog. All opinions expressed are her own.*

The entry steps to our Heartland Landmark Key Largo were looking pretty shabby even though Michael had completely removed them, sanded them and repainted them in the 6 years we've owned our fifth wheel. We'd even had to have someone weld a spot that had broken a while back.

When we were contacted by Kerstin, from Torklift and asked if we'd be interested in evaluating a set of their GlowStep Revolution steps we eagerly agreed. We'd seen the steps online as several of our friends had installed them and they looked interesting but we'd never seen them in person

The old steps were in need of a big facelift
A drill bit extension was handy in a few places

The steps arrived a few days before Christmas and we installed them on Christmas Eve. Since we were working in the south Texas oil fields it was a quiet day and worked out perfect for the installation.

Michael had removed the old steps a couple of times in the past so that task was fairly easy – just a matter of removing 4 bolts and 2 screws and then lifting the steps out of the way.

Michael carefully removed the trim for easier access

The installation of the GlowStep Revolution was pretty straight forward. The hardest part of the install was that the existing bracket on the coach that the steps sit in was a bit too tight so Michael had to spread the bracket enough to receive the new set of steps as they're just a wee bit wider than the old steps. To widen the bracket he just used a hammer to pound the side of the bracket into submission.

Once the bracket was sufficiently widened it was a matter of placing the steps into the bracket and attaching them using the 4 new bolts that came with the steps.

Having 2 people on hand helped with both the removal of the old steps and the install of the new as the steps are a bit cumbersome for just one person to handle.

The GlowStep Revolution can be adjusted in several different positions – 3 different positions between the top step and the RV entry and then another 5 positions using the adjustable feet. The ability to position the steps and/or the feet will be very helpful to us as some of the places we end up parking (especially in the oil field) are pretty uneven. 

Plain and easy to understand directions

Once installed, we needed to figure out how to deploy and stow the steps. Operation is fairly easy as there are labels on the top and bottom steps showing you where to hold in order to perform each operation. The first few tries the steps were a bit 'stiff' but soon became really easy to pull out and push in.

The GlowStep Revolution are made from aircraft grade aluminum which makes them lightweight. The accordion-like bracket design makes them very easy to deploy and stow…much easier than the original steps on our 5th wheel, in my opinion.

When stowed, the steps are locked in place using a lever and a 'safety pin'. Be sure to lock in place or your new steps will hang freely as you travel down the road. (Not that we did that on our first trip down the road)

There is a major difference in the stability of the old steps and the new. Walking up and down the steps there is no 'give' because the steps are supported by the legs that rest upon the ground and don't just hang freely in the air. The GlowStep Revolution make you feel more safe and secure while going up and down the steps.

The steps stow away so neatly!

Another big plus is that we no longer can 'feel' someone walking up and down the steps from inside the coach. For us this is a big factor as often while working in the oil field one of us is sleeping while the other is going in and out of the fiver logging traffic in and out.

While checking out the website for the GlowStep Revolution, I found that there are a couple of accessories that might come in handy - a handrail, pet/children barrier and a shoe cleaning attachment. The GlowStep is available with 2 to 6 steps and steps can easily be added or removed. Plus the steps come in two different widths:  27.5" or 25.5" depending on the width of your existing step entry opening.

Time needed to install:  2 hours (but that was with the time it took to widen the bracket to receive the steps)

Tools needed to install:  Socket wrench, drill gun and a hammer (only so we could widen the receiving bracket)

A huge improvement in both aesthetics and functionality

Kelly Barnett

Kelly Barnett

RV There Yet Chronicles

My husband, Michael, and I have been living fulltime in our 2011 Landmark Key Largo since April of 2011 and LOVE every minute of it. 

When Michael retired from the US Army in October of 2012 (after 29 years of service) we hit the road and haven’t looked back. 

We usually work in the south Texas oilfields in the winter and spend time with our two sons and their families in the summer. We travel and sight-see as much and often as possible.