RV With The Tanners Upgrade Their Bighorn Bedroom

By:  Jim & Melinda Tanner

20th Oct, 17

Both of us agreed the mattress that came with our Bighorn 5th wheel trailer just wasn't allowing us to get as comfortable as we do in our bed at home. and get a good nights sleep.

We woke up some mornings feeling a bit sore - not a great way to start the day!! We felt we needed a mattress that provides more support. Additionally, we needed a mattress that did a better job of dissipating heat and avoided getting too hot while we slept.

After reading reviews - along with getting a recommendation from my sister - we decided to try the Novaform Gel Memory Foam mattress. We purchased a Novaform Gel Memory Foam Queen mattress from Costco for $399, which included a $100 instant discount.

The box is BIG.....luckily enough, it had wheels on the box so anyone can easily roll it out of the store and into the parking lot.

They do a great job of vacuum packing the mattress. It was easy to get out of the box, carry into the trailer and set it onto the plywood bed stand. As soon as we started to open the bag, the mattress instantly expanded. Shown below is about 15 seconds after we opened the bag from top to bottom. This thing expands FAST! Be ready!

The instructions say it might take up to 48 hours to completely expand....but it sure looked fully expanded after just a few minutes.

Here is a picture of the mattress after 24 hours.... 

We are looking forward to our next outing in the RV....and giving the new mattress a try. We will let you know our thoughts/reviews in a follow up blog!

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Jim & Melinda Tanner

Jim & Melinda Tanner


About Melinda and Jim......

We met at Oregon State University. Jim currently works in the high technology industry while Melinda works in Education. 

We have 2 boys and enjoy camping as a family and being in the outdoors.

Jim grew up in Oregon and Melinda, having moved from Virginia, has come to love the Pacific Northwest's vast outdoor/camping opportunities.