RV Tip: Collapsible Kitchenware

By:  Emily Rohrer

19th Jan, 17

I admit: I took downsizing a bit too far when we moved from our suburban 4-bedroom house into our Heartland Bighorn.

I gave our largest mixing bowls away, thinking I'd no longer be cooking for a crowd, or even more than just the two of us, during this full-time RV living gig.

But ya know what's a really big deal at RV parks? Potlucks. I think we're invited to more of those now than ever, and we've even lived in military housing a few times!

Oh, how I hated the idea of having to buy — and find cabinet space for — a new large mixing bowl. But thankfully, we've got friends like Lisa & Dan Brown, who recommended collapsible kitchenware in this list of suggestions for outfitting your RV.

I didn't even know such a thing existed, but now look what's in my kitchen!

(This Squish 5-quart bowl is available here, or you can search your favorite online retailer for collapsible bowls, measuring cups, colanders, etc.)

Emily Rohrer

Emily Rohrer

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