Our Favorite Thing About Full-Timing

By:  Emily Rohrer

14th Dec, 16

Our absolute favorite aspect of full-time RV living? Having more time to spend doing things we love, one of which is hiking.

During a recent visit to southern Arizona, we stayed just 25 miles from the Madera Canyon Recreation Area, which offers several hiking trails in the Santa Rita Mountains, at levels from handicapped-accessible nature walk to intense mountain climbs (for further information, visit http://www.friendsofmaderacanyon.org).

We chose a moderately rated 6-mile loop, for what I would call a challenging but not overly strenuous hike. We definitely felt our blood pumping as we climbed from the parking lot at 5500 feet to the saddle at 7080 feet, but it was not one of those endeavors that made me hate my boots, my poles, and every decision that led to my being on the trail that day. Believe me, we've done plenty of those!

Our biggest surprise was finding snow in our path, a mere 30 miles from the Mexican border, on December 1. But all was quickly forgiven later, as we soaked our tired legs in the RV resort's hot tub, looking out at the very mountains we'd just spent the day exploring.

Emily Rohrer

Emily Rohrer

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