Living in our Heartland Toy Hauler with 2 Little Ones

By:  Sandra Crespo

8th Nov, 17

One of our top 5 questions when I meet someone new is "How is it living in the RV with your 2 little ones?"

Look at those faces. What do you think my answer is?!?!??!

Quite honestly living in our Heartland toy hauler has been an amazing experience for our family!

Our youngest is 22 months and our oldest just turned 4, and it has been the best 5 months I could've wished for! We have been able to bond way more than when we lived in our large 2 story home. I have time to teach them, play together, and watch movies together vs spending a ton of time trying to keep up with the maintenance of our home.

It takes me no more than an hour to do a deep cleaning of our Heartland fifth wheel toy hauler, and it feels amazing (and it's not something I have to do every day lol)!!! I have OCD and love having our home spotless, and it almost felt impossible to keep our previous home in order because it was so large. I no longer feel like a slave to keeping up with our home, and let me tell you, it's sooooo freeing!

Now I feel like I am living my dream of what I envisioned for my family when I was younger, and it feels GREAT to be able to say that! I always pictured being close and having lots of time together before the kids were old enough to be out on their own, and this is exactly the bonding we are now having. We go on daily adventures like going to the pool, the beach, the park, trips to Disney, traveling days, exploring days, bike rides, etc. We have been able to figure out a way to merge our passions and be a full time family because of it.

Something that is priceless to me is that we are teaching the kids by our own example rather than sending them off to daycare. Living in our toy hauler is not bad at all! It's what our family needed to become closer than ever! I look forward to every day, and it's always a new adventure. I am grateful for my family every single day and wake up with the biggest smile! I believed since Day 1 that this was going to be better for us. My mindset helped shape that reality.

The children love our toy hauler, and I know that they love how much we now explore nature on a daily basis. I have no doubt in my mind that these memories we are creating with them are part of the key to teaching them how important it is to create memories vs collecting junk! I have never seen my 4-year-old enjoy the great outdoors as much as he has been the last 2 months!

My oldest has a speech delay, and we have been able to really help him practice his speech through playing and exploring as a family. I feel it has been the best therapy for him, and I have seen the most improvement in the last 5 months than ever before!!! As a momma, I know our kids are #1, and we are constantly worried about their well-being. So I felt we needed to travel and explore and teach our kids the core values that we have, which is love, and what better way to teach them than through travel, exploration, and shared adventure!

I have been thinking of making new traditions with them, like family game night, and new holiday traditions, which I'm super excited about because I know they will remember them forever! If you have any ideas for us please comment below. I'd love fresh new ideas!!!! If you ask me: "is it difficult living in your RV with kids?" I would say "DEFINITELY NOT!"

It's quite simple actually! Our specific toy hauler model is perfect for us. We have a side deck in their room, and it is usually their play area. I can tell they love the freedom they have of going in and out as they please to play with their toys. I know it gives them a sense of independence and freedom.

Sometimes we have my step daughter stay over, and she is constantly saying "I LOVE our RV!" Hearing it from her confirms that the kids love it too. She has her own loft and loves going up there and hanging out in her space (and I love that space too I am working on making it more fun because I like going up there to read when I remember it's there lol).

This has been the craziest and wisest decision we have ever made! The happiness in our children's faces radiate, and everyone can tell they are truly happy! It is priceless to see them use their creativity and imagination while they play hide and seek or any other game they make up. I love the out-of-nowhere hugs I receive on a daily basis and the "I love you's" I get way more often than ever before! I LOVE being a full time traveling RV family!

If you live in an RV with kids, I'd love to connect and learn more about your lifestyle and how the transition going from a home to an RV was for you. Please leave a comment or visit our site,, or social media channels. Lets connect! If you have been considering living in an RV and are worried, let's connect. I'd love to chat with you too!

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