Ditch The Junk In January

By:  Emily Rohrer

28th Dec, 16

It's 2017, y'all!

After enjoying the bounty of the holidays, it's time to use those boxes and gift bags to… Ditch the Junk in January!

Our recreational vehicles get so cluttered so quickly, and even if we have the space for a new item, we might not have the weight allowance. (You know your RV's got a limit, right?)

The easiest way we at OwnLessDoMore keep our number of possessions low is to be strict about getting rid of an old item each time we take on something new. For example, since Santa brought us a new set of bath towels, an old set is going out. Same with new mugs, trivets, books, and clothing.

Unless an item is in a truly unsalvageable state, we deliver our gently used possessions to a local charity, wherever we happen to be parked.

So take some of those gift bags and boxes you saved, fill them up with your give-aways, find a charity drop box, and not only will you Ditch the Junk in January, but you will also benefit those less fortunate with your generosity.

Emily Rohrer

Emily Rohrer

Own Less, Do More

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