Celebrating Grandparents Day As A Full-Time RVer

By:  Kelly Barnett

10th Sep, 17

Nearly 31 years ago we were blessed with the birth of our oldest son, Zack. Two years and twenty days later we were blessed again when our son, Dan, was born.

The births of our sons were certainly highlights of our lives...but…it wasn't until our grandchildren came along that we really figured out what blessings children truly are.

We've been blessed with five grandchildren, two girls and three boys. They're all fairly close in age as they are currently six years old, five years old, four years old, four years old and 22 months! The girls are the oldest and the youngest with the boys all in the middle.

We get a lot of questions about being so far away from our grandbabies. The simple answer is, 'it's not easy'. But, thankfully, in this age of technology it's easier than it would have been years ago.

Our sons and their wives are very good about sharing 'the babies' pictures, videos and anecdotes with us via Google Hangouts and Facebook.

We try to 'spend' some time with each of them on their birthdays via video chat. Often times we all are able to be with them as they open their gifts and to sing happy birthday.

We're a military family so distance is kind of common. Our oldest son, until recently was stationed in Utah and our youngest son was living in Wisconsin (about 1300 miles apart). Before that they were in Washington state and Long Island, New York (about 3000 miles apart).

With the distance between our sons being so great, full-time RVing actually works out nicely as we do a lot of sight-seeing while traversing the country between them. It hasn't always worked out to take our Heartland Landmark Key Largo with us when visiting so occasionally we've left it parked in a secure place and flew to wherever they boys happened to be.

When we do have our fifth wheel with us, the grandbabies love to come to Nana and Papaw's house. We enjoy having them come and spend the night. We set up 'camp' for them in the living room (although they've been known to find their way into our bed) and make sure we have a few of their favorite shows recorded on the DVR.

We make sure that we have some of their favorite snacks on hand and have made s'mores and hot dogs over the campfire.

So far, the most we've had at one time is three of the five but hopefully in the not too distant future we can rectify that and have all five of them spend at least one night with us.

Why, 'in the not so distant future'? Because Zack is taking on a military medical recruiting position in Madison, Wisconsin. He and his wife, Kelsea, have purchased a home roughly twenty miles away from Dan and his wife, Amanda. How exciting is that!?

All five of our grandbabies will be in the same area. No more Driving thousands of miles between them. We will be able to plant ourselves in their area and enjoy them all as much or as little ? as we want!

*Kelly Barnett (2PSNAPOD) is a paid contributor to Heartland RV's blog. All opinions expressed are her own.*

Kelly Barnett

Kelly Barnett

RV There Yet Chronicles

My husband, Michael, and I have been living fulltime in our 2011 Landmark Key Largo since April of 2011 and LOVE every minute of it. 

When Michael retired from the US Army in October of 2012 (after 29 years of service) we hit the road and haven’t looked back. 

We usually work in the south Texas oilfields in the winter and spend time with our two sons and their families in the summer. We travel and sight-see as much and often as possible.