An Interview with Scott and Clare Herrick

By:  Webmaster

15th Jul, 16

The Herricks are seasoned RVers, whose original plans were to travel in a 26 foot travel trailer across country. However, after a visit to Camping World in Calera, AL, they were impressed by Bighorn. Clare stated, "The minute we saw Bighorn nothing else compared." The Herricks are taller individuals and appreciate the high ceilings of a fifth wheel. The extra space feels more open and comfortable for long, cross country vacations. They also loved the idea of a large rear window to back their RV towards a lake for beautiful morning views. As a retired Nuclear Electrician Navy Chief, Scott was interested in the mechanics of the Bighorn with his top feature being the 6 Point Auto Leveling System.

The 2015 Bighorn 3270RS fit their RV lifestyle, and they have been pleased ever since. With a few hiccups along the way, the Herricks were quick to reach out to Heartland for their service needs. 

Clare posted on their Heartland Bighorn and Landmark group page:

"Bighorn friends. I just wanted to share how pleased we are with our experience with Heartland Warranty/Service Dept. We had an issue with one of our leaf spring brackets breaking totally off where it had supposedly been welded to the frame. We were in Florida at that time (February for the whole month) and already set up in an RV park when we discovered it. Heartland made good on paying the warranty fix. We had to get a mobile welder (which are hard to find in Dade City, FL area) to come to our RV park and fix it onsite. We just received the reimbursement check from Heartland for the full amount. Thank you, Mr. Chambers [Heartland Service Team Rep] for your hard work in getting the fix approved at Heartland and getting us reimbursed in a timely fashion!!"

The Herricks advice to new owners: Join the online owners groups and never be afraid to ask questions. Someone else will want to know, but are too shy to ask. Clare pointed out, "Ten years ago, it wasn't like it is now. With all these new online resources, it's much easier to ask questions and find assistance as an RVer." Scott recommended taking your new RV to a campsite nearby as a "practice trip". In this way, you will have people you know nearby for assistance and time to get to know your RV before those longer trips. It was a pleasure meeting Scott and Clare. A BIG thank you to their service to our country, and we look forward to seeing you in Brunswick, GA for their first rally as Heartland Owners Club members. Safe travels to you both!