Always On Liberty's RV Departure Checklist

By:  Lisa & Dan Brown

2nd Jun, 17

"Lisa Brown (Always On Liberty) is a contributor to this blog.  All opinions expressed are her own". 

Raise your hand if you're a list person. You know, the kind that has honey-do list? A chore list? A Christmas card list or a shopping list? It means you're organized, methodical, thorough, safety conscious and don't want to miss a beat. Well, as we've found with RVing, because things could go horribly wrong if we forget, delay or do something out of sequence; therefore, we've created a 'SAFETY DEPARTURE CHECKLIST'. Coincidentally just like we did when getting our Search and Rescue boats and Cutters ready for sea. We use that same concept each time we prepare for the road. Realize that this is OUR checklist. Your checklist may vary according to your type of RV, towables, and needs.

Our Checklist posts everything that needs to be done in sequence before lighting off Captain America, hitching Liberty and hauling out.

The day BEFORE we hitch up, we...


  • Fuel truck and auxiliary tank with diesel
  • Fuel generator fuel can (if needed)
  • Stow outdoor carpet and furniture
  • Stow grill
  • Secure and stow flag pole
  • Remove and stow tire covers
  • Check tire pressures in 5th Wheel
  • Check tire pressures in truck
  • Add air to truck air suspension (when needed)
  • Empty/flush black tank
  • Empty/flush gray tanks
  • Partially fill water tank
  • Load ADV motorcycles (or days before per weather)


  • Shop for last minute groceries
  • Finish laundry
  • Contact family member(s) of our travel plans and destination
  • Trash disposal
  • Pay and pre-checkout at RV park or campground
  • Program GPS for route and destination, gather maps & info



  • Remove king pin lock
  • Prep 5th wheel hitch
  • Inspect roof and slide tops for debris
  • Turn off propane
  • Disconnect/stow sewer hose
  • Disconnect/stow water hose
  • Bring up leveling system except for front jacks


  • Breakfast and coffee
  • Make lunch - for cooler in truck or leave in fridge
  • Tension rods in galley cabinets and refrigerator
  • Secure refrigerator doors
  • Secure and stow computers and electronics
  • Stow loose pillows, countertop stuff, etc.
  • Secure TV antennae
  • Lock glass shower door and stow shampoo bottles
  • Lock bedroom closet
  • Stow glass plate in convection microwave

Both of Us Together:

  • Inspect interior for gear adrift
  • Bring in bedroom slide while one of us watches cats in living space
  • Put cats in bedroom
  • Bring in living area slides
  • Hitch up
  • Test all truck and 5th wheel lights
  • Disconnect electric
  • Pull Safety Test
  • Both of us do a complete walk-around (checking hatches, doors, slides, etc.)
  • Remove X chocks between tires
  • Stow entry steps and lock outside door

Some of these things we may not do if we're on the road and stopping for one or two overnights. We try to keep our departure process simple, focused and stress-free. The MOST IMPORTANT is we NEVER HURRY. It's not a race; we set our own pace!

Off We Go

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DISCLAIMER: Your checklist may vary according to your type of RV, towables, experience and needs. This list is in no way to supercede safety guidelines according to RV, vehicle and component manufacturers.

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Lisa & Dan Brown

Lisa & Dan Brown

Dan & Lisa Brown are known as "Always On Liberty". They are two Coasties (30 years Retired & Veteran) who fought Mother Nature guarding our coasts and saving souls now travel between them with their two Maine Coon Cats. They have been full-time traveling since 2014 with their 2016 Heartland Landmark 365 Ashland (formerly '16 Heartland Cyclone 4100). They are avid hikers, ADV motorcycle riders, bloggers and travel enthusiasts. They enjoy visiting, hiking and riding our National Parks, Monuments, Historical Sites, Battlefields and strange places. 
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