A meeting with OwnLessDoMore.us bloggers

By:  Webmaster

22nd Jun, 16


When asked about their favorite Bighorn feature, they quickly replied the layouts. They are fans of the Bighorn 3760EL, but are hoping to modify with a desk area similar to their 3670RL. When considering an RV, they look for pantry space, a front hall closet, desk area, nightstands, and a Queen sized bed (more space to move around the bed). Emily explained, "It's space over appliances." Their advice to new RVers is research and think through the type of RV lifestyle that you're considering. They also enjoy being able to clean their entire Bighorn home in 20 minutes and thoroughly in an hour when needed. On their way out, Emily summed up their RV lifestyle, "We considered our happiest times while our family was active duty (military), and it was always when we were on the road with all of our belongings."

A BIG thank you to Tim and Emily Rohrer for their service to our country, and we can't wait to follow more of their adventures on their blog! Follow OwnLessDoMore.us RV Adventures in a Bighorn: http://www.ownlessdomore.us/ #HeartlandRVs