9 More RV and Camper Hacks on the Cheap

By:  Lisa & Dan Brown

22nd Mar, 17

If you enjoyed our last article, 10 RV and Camper Hacks on the Cheap, then we have a treat for you: 9 more cost-effective RV and camper hacks. Enjoy...

1) COMMAND STRIP VELCRO - Velcro aka 'hook and loop' fasteners are a necessary expense in your RV or camper. We use them for keeping small things at fingers reach. We attached remote controls near the recliners, the outdoor tv remote to the inside compartment, small wall art and picture frames to walls, items to inside cabinet doors, etc. Command Strip Velcro now come rated on the packages according to what weight they will hold. Even our LIBERTY quarter board is attached to the outside of our Landmark and easily removable for underway days. Unfortunately, these are on the pricy side so more careful planning is used when utilizing them. We are careful with how much weight we put on them though as to not have the hook pull the wall paper away from the bulkheads.

COMMAND BRAND VELCRO STRIPS | COST: $4-$10 | FOUND: Walmart, Target, Lowes, Home Depot, Dollar General

2) COMMAND ADHESIVE STRIPS & HOOKS - These are for attaching things more permanently; not to be removed. We use them for attaching hooks they came with or alone. We use the hooks for attaching temporary decorations, strings of lights, etc. We also are careful with how much weight we put on them though as to not have the hook pull the wall paper away from the bulkheads.

COMMAND BRAND ADHESIVE STRIPS & HOOKS | COST: $4-$10 | FOUND: Walmart, Target, Lowes, Home Depot, Dollar General

3) MUSEUM or POSTER MOUNTING PUTTY - We learned this little trick from other seasoned RVers when we first began our on-the-road travels. We warm and soften little chunks of putty and apply it underneath items we don't want to move. Amazingly, knick-knacks have not moved while in transit. We applied it under the feet of our tea box and faux flower pot on our buffet counter. We use it for our tiny treasures we pick up as souvenirs on a ledge. We love this stuff!

MOUNTING PUTTY | COST:  $3-4 | FOUND:  Dollar General, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnn's

4) TENSION SHOWER CURTAIN ROD - These are awesome to install on the wall side of your shower and adjust it to rest on the upper edge of your shower shell. We hang wet clothes or towels on shower curtain hooks on it to dry. We also hang our bathhouse shower bag, loofahs, body scrubbies, etc. For extra holding power, we put the putty from #3 between the rubber ends and the wall.

TENSION SHOWER CURTAIN ROD | COST:  $10 | FOUND:  Walmart, Target, Dollar General, Lowes, Home Depot

5) SMALL PET FOOD STORAGE - Our nomad cats' food becomes stale and invites bugs if we left it stored just in the bag. We found this storage container at a Ross Store in the small pet section however, we've seen them at big box stores in the bird seed section. We just open the top of the new bag, slide it in and seal. What's cool is it has a flip-top pouring spout. You can find bigger ones at big box stores as well. Oh, now look at that! You can even store your charcoal in it too!


6) DOOR SHOE POCKET ORGANIZER - We're glad we didn't toss this or donate when we sold our home. It fits perfectly on the door of our laundry/utility storage closet in the galley area. We keep bear spray, sunscreen, bug spray, cat brush, lint roller, flashlights, shopping tote bag, packing tape and markers, etc. in its pockets. There's no limit to this cool must-have for an RV or camper. Just don't overload it to affect the sway of the door or to put stress on the hinges. We put little pieces of adhesive moleskin on the backside of the hooks as to not mark the door finish.


7) KOOZIE BOTTLE SLEEVES - We wondered what we could use to protect our bottles in our liquor locker until one day, as we grabbed a bottle of wine out, a dozen koozies fell on the floor. Why we had a dozen koozies is beyond me, but we took one, cut off the bottom, and slid it over a bottle like a sleeve. Now, our bottles won't clang together and it protects them from breaking or cracking. We only cut the ones we get free at RV shows and expos.

KOOZIE BOTTLE SLEEVES | COST:  Free | FOUND:  Fairs, Shows and Expos

8) HEADLAMP LIGHTS - Oh, these little buggers are awesome! We found them in a big cardboard promotional bin in Walmart. Originally, we only bought two; one for each of us for our nightly walks. When we got them home, as we were removing the tag from one, we dropped it thus, part of it fell apart. When we picked it up, the little lightbulb went off in my head. Immediately, we cut off the strap, attached museum putty to the backside and stuck it to the underside of a shelf in the pantry cabinet to light up the shelf below. Oh my word!! So, back to Walmart we went...to buy another 20!!! We put them everywhere...one inside our gauge and control panel, under the cabinet that lights up the commode in the middle of the night, in cabinets, inside drawers, etc. All you have to do is push the button and VOILA! Let there be light! Even if they fizzle out, they only cost a buck each!!


9) GLASS STEMWARE SOCK SLEEVES - Don't worry, they're clean...and new! We hate drinking even cheap wine and beer out of plastic, so we had to come up with something to protect our stemware as it hangs in the cabinet. Then it came to us as we were perusing a flea market; we bought a 10-pair pack of ankle socks to use to slide over them when they are not in use. And even if they do break, the broken glass will remain inside the sock. Oh, and the glasses stay clean when not in use also.

GLASS STEMWARE SOCK SLEEVES | COST: $5 for 10 pair | FOUND:  Flea Market

There you have it, a few more of the hacks we've figured out here at Always On Liberty. Feel free to share your own hacks and tips in the comments.

*Lisa and Dan Brown (Always On Liberty) is a paid contributor to the Heartland Blog. All opinions expressed are her own.*

Lisa & Dan Brown

Lisa & Dan Brown


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