2PSNAPOD's Auxiliary Fuel Tank Upgrade

By:  Kelly Barnett

13th Jul, 17

*Kelly Barnett (2PSNAPOD) is a contributor to HeartlandRV's blog. All opinions expressed are her own.*

It's not always easy or convenient to fuel up our 2016 long bed dually pickup truck as we travel. Our Heartland Landmark is 40 feet 6 inches long and needs a clearance of at least 14 feet for us to enter safely.

Michael is an expert at getting into small, tight spaces with our 5th wheel but sometimes it's just not worth the effort.

With those things in mind, back in 2012, before we hit the road for good, we decided to install an additional fuel tank in the bed of the truck.

Michael ordered a 40 gallon fuel/tool box from Amazon and had it shipped to us. At the same time he ordered the install kit that fit our then truck, a 2010 Ford F-350.

He contacted a nearby truck and auto accessories place to have them install the fuel/tool box. For $175 they did a great job and we never experienced any leaks or issues.

Fast forward to 2016. We upgraded our old truck to a 2016 Ford F-450 and now had to get a new fuel/tool box and have it installed.

Our son, Zack, convinced Michael that the two of them could install the new box (same exact model that we purchased in 2012). It took the two of them (no arguing at all!) about 45 minutes to drill holes in the bed of the truck and get the fuel lines set.

For us, the addition of the fuel/tool box is a necessity…for others it may not be. The extra 40 gallons of diesel allows us to drive all day (we try to stay around 250-300 miles per day) and not have to worry about refueling. We can get to the next days destination, unhook and fuel up without having to worry about finding a gas station that will accommodate the size of our rig.

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Kelly Barnett

Kelly Barnett

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We usually work in the south Texas oilfields in the winter and spend time with our two sons and their families in the summer. We travel and sight-see as much and often as possible.