2PSNAPOD'S 12 Favorite RV Mods

By:  Kelly Barnett

9th May, 17

We haven't done too many mods to our 2011 Landmark Key Largo because we love it just the way we purchased it. However, we did make a few alterations to make life a little bit easier. Listed below you will find our 12 favorite mods to date.

Couch Side Tables

Most coaches now come with built-in side tables on either side of the couch. However, way back in 2011 when we ordered our coach they did not.

For five years, our couch looked so very lonesome. We used the empty space to store a few things, but it always looked cluttered.

Last summer Michael made built in side tables, which I stained. We went to a local counter top store and had them design solid surface tops that are removable so that the base of the tables can hold the clutter that once found its home on either side of the couch and is now hidden away. I think that this might easily be my favorite mod!

Installing the table frames
Installation Complete!

Sectioned Drawers

A drawer in my kitchen came with four sectioned off compartments for utensils. The sections were the entire length of the drawer and just didn't work for our needs.The silverware slid from one end to the other, and there was a lot of wasted space.

I explained to Michael and our son, Zack, what my vision was, and they added small pieces of half inch plywood to make smaller compartments in the drawer. Now there is little room for movement and all my utensils have homes of their own.

Because the silverware drawer was such a success, they designed the drawer below it to fit the bigger utensils (wooden spoons, spatulas, whisks, etc). That drawer was originally just one big open space. It now has four sectioned compartments and works perfectly for my needs.

Hard to believe how happy this little tiny mod made me!

Plexiglass on Screen Door

Leaving your front door open is the RV way of saying, "Come on over, we're home and would love visitors." However, in hot or cold weather that's not necessarily practical.

We went to a local glass shop and purchased two pieces of Lexan Plexiglass (more durable than regular plexiglass), and then had the people at the shop cut them to the dimensions we specified that would fit our door. (We actually went as far as to remove the entire screen door and brought it to the shop so they'd have it on hand for reference.) *We've known people who have cut the plastic themselves, but Michael felt more comfortable having the professionals do it.

We attached it to the door using 3M double-sided tape and it adheres very well. We originally used Velcro to attach it to the door, but Michael prefers the double-sided tape; it keeps the plastic from rattling with every movement inside the 5th wheel.

Taken when it was about 50 degrees outside and raining. We weren't cold or getting wet.

Doors on Entertainment Center

When we purchased our Heartland fifth wheel, the entertainment center had open shelving on either side of the TV and that just didn't work for us. Anything stored in those spaces had to be moved for traveling. Couldn't you just see knick knacks flying about the coach as we traveled down the road?

We got together with Heartland and found that there were some drawer fronts that were the same size as the shelf opening. We also purchased door pulls and hinges from Heartland, and we now have doors for our once open shelving!  Perfect.

The addition of doors on the shelves on either side of the TV in our entertainment center was a very sensible mod for our full-time lifestyle.

Bathroom Sink Faucet

The faucet in the bathroom was too small for an adult to easily wash their hands. It was a constant case of banging your knuckles on the back of the sink basin in order to thoroughly clean your hands.

We went to a local big box store and purchased a faucet that had a longer and taller spout that allowed for easier usage. We've had this faucet so long that I now take it for granted, as if it's always been there.

No more bruised knuckles!

Light Switches

I wrote about this mod in a previous article, "Making it Your Own", but it's worth mentioning again.

The light switch panel being inside a cabinet door is nice…to a degree…but we wanted to more easily access a few of our more used switches – overhead kitchen and living room lights, the light over the island and the outdoor porch light.

With the help of Jim Beletti (Director of Owners' Interest for the Heartland Owner's Club), Michael moved the wiring for those lights to the outside of the pantry. They cut a small hole in the side of the pantry to allow for the wires and then capped it with a bank of four switches. LOVE!

No more playing 'light switch roulette' in the dark! - Jim Beletti

Tiles Under the Bed

In the same article mentioned above, we talked about placing 12x12 vinyl floor tiles on the bed platform. I'd highly recommend this mod to anyone and everyone with a camper of any sort. It was the very first mod we did and will most likely be the first if/when we purchase a new coach.

We all know how easy it is to make an RV bed…NOT! When the tiles are in place they make that chore much easier as the mattress will now move with ease, not catching on any of the wood particles from the platform, prolonging the life of your mattress too! Win, Win!

If you do any mods at all...THIS is the one you need to do!

Bedside Tables

When we purchased our coach, there was no sort of bedside table and we really wanted a place to put our glasses, books and cell phones at night.

While shopping at Camping World we found what are actually remote control holders but were the perfect size for what we were intending to use them for. They are big enough to hold our glasses, phones and my Kindle yet small enough not to get in the way.

Michael mounted them under each bedside window using Command Strip Velcro. Once a year or so he takes the old Velcro off and replaces it with fresh stuff, and we're good to go again.

We have a king-sized bed and our shelves never get in the way while we sleep.

Reworked Bulkhead Wall

Michael tore down the original plywood bulkhead wall and built a 2x2 framed wall that is much sturdier and can easily handle holding up the TV and mount that we added in the basement.

For access to the 'back basement' he added a easily removable, recessed plywood door that allows him to get back into the 'bowels' of the coach whenever needed.

Easy access to the 'back basement and a nice sturdy wall to boot!

TV Mount in Basement

As mentioned above, Michael installed a swing arm TV mount to hold a 32 inch TV in the basement. He rebuilt the bulkhead wall making it beefier in order to hold the TV and its mount with no worries of it being jostled off the wall while traveling.

There's nothing like sitting out on your patio and enjoying your team play ball or watching a movie underneath the stars. This is probably one of Michael's favorite mods - he enjoys listening to/watching the TV while he putters around outside.

A wall mounted TV in the basement for outdoor use. Michael made a handy cover to protect the TV screen too!

Air Compressor

While Michael was rebuilding the bulkhead wall, he made room behind the wall to store his 150 psi, 6 gallon air compressor. It's located just behind the battery compartment.

He installed an electrical outlet to plug the air compressor into and a switch to allow him to turn the compressor on and off from the battery compartment. He created a covered access port inside the battery compartment from which the air hose can be accessed and then able to be pulled out for use.

The covered outlet for the air compressor hose on the left and the switch to turn it on and off on the right.

Lighting in the 'Back' Basement

While Michael was adding the outlet and switch for the air compressor, he also wired in two lights that have their own light switch. The lights provide light in an otherwise very dark area and make it much easier to see if he has any work that needs to be done behind the bulkhead wall.

One of the lights Michael installed along with the placement of the air compressor in the 'back basement'.

Have you made modifications to your RV?  We're always looking for ways to make life easier; so if you've done some mods on your camping trailer, we'd love to hear from you! 

*Kelly Barnett (2PSNAPOD) is a paid contributor to HeartlandRV's blog. All opinions expressed are her own.*

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Kelly Barnett

Kelly Barnett

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