Campfire Chronicles (Lifestyles)

10 Reasons to Get Out and Go RVing!

Heartland News

19th May, 20

As our world changes, our travel habits inevitably change with it. Traveling in an RV is the best of several worlds, least of which is that you have your own traveling accommodation – no looking for a hotel or other place to lay your head every night. You have the freedom to move around much more; to let the explorer in you take flight. You can plan your destination as…


How To: Power a CPAP Device on the Road

Lisa & Dan Brown

9th May, 19

One of the more common topics discussed among RVers who enjoy boondocking is how to power a CPAP device in their RV with limited to no power source. CPAP machines, and other electric-powered medical devices, have become essential to the health and livelihoods of those who need them. For those who travel, using a CPAP machine has presented a challenge for RVers not hooked up to electricity - and this shouldn’t prevent anyone from enjoying the…


Cyclone Toy Hauler Interior Modifications

Lisa & Dan Brown

21st Mar, 19

Back in 2014, we bought our brand-new Cyclone 'man-box-on-wheels' toy hauler. Though I loved its functionality as a toy hauler (because it hauled our two Harley Davidson motorcycles), I had serious reservations regarding the interior design and lack of storage in the kitchen.

Dare I say that this fifth-wheel toy hauler was perfectly designed with guys in mind - guys that didn't cook.…


Anderson Valve System Replacement

Lisa & Dan Brown

28th Feb, 19

Recently, we were provided the opportunity to work with Anderson Brass Company by replacing the existing plastic Anderson Valve System in our fifth wheel's Utility Distribution Center (UDC), and test a better-engineered brass valve. Originally, our 2016 Heartland Landmark 365 came equipped with a plastic Anderson Valve - which is more susceptible to leaking.

How the Anderson Valve System Operates


RV Upgrade - Lippert Hydraulic Leveling Jack

Jim & Melinda Tanner

13th Feb, 19

Shopping for a new RV is fun; however, finding the perfect fit for you and your family can take some time.  When we were shopping for our last RV, an absolute must-have item on our priority list was auto-leveling. We had many frustrating moments with our prior RV when leveling proved to be difficult - like having to start over and connect the truck back to the trailer.