Stocking Your RV Kitchen: 2PSNAPOD’S 11 Favorite Kitchen Items

By:  Kelly Barnett

29th Nov, 17

While the storage in our Heartland Landmark kitchen is ample, and even large compared to some fifth wheels, it's not the same as the kitchen in a 'sticks and bricks'.

When I decided what kitchen items to outfit our 5th wheel with, I had to take a few things into consideration. Space needed to store the items and versatility were the two BIG things I looked at. I wanted gadgets that weren't super big and bulky, as I just don't have that kind of room to spare, and I wanted items that could perform more than one function, eliminating my need to have more than gadget.

This is a list of items I find most useful in MY RV kitchen, your needs may differ from mine, but hopefully this will get you started in the right direction.

Instant Pot

We purchased my Duo 6-quart Instant Pot from Amazon for about $79 when it was on sale (they're on sale a LOT). I am a huge Instant Pot advocate. This is the epitome of a multi-functioning kitchen gadget! It slow cooks, sautés, pressure cooks, makes rice and yogurt, and you can even 'bake' in it! [Read Always On Liberty's review of the Instant Pot for more information.]


Another item we purchased through Amazon for about $90. With just two of us to cook for I often cook more than we need and then freeze the rest. By using the FoodSaver 2000-FMP. I'm able to store more items in our small RV-sized freezer as the FoodSaver removes any excess air and makes the bundles more compact. Plus, the food is kept fresher longer…win/win!

Lock & Lock Containers

You can find these at Walmart, Amazon, or several other places. These are essential for keeping my pantry neat and organized. I use them to store my pastas, flours, sugars, Craisins, nuts, etc. By using the containers (which seal wonderfully to keep your food fresher longer) I don't have to worry about the clutter of open bags and boxes lying haphazardly in the pantry, potentially spilling onto the shelves of my pantry.

Pampered Chef Microwave Rice Cooker

This is an oldie…but a goodie. AND I LOVE it. I've had this item for several years and while my Instant Pot will work as a rice cooker too…I'm not willing to give my microwave one up. It's fairly small and light weight and does a great job making rice .One cup rice, two cups water, and fifteen minutes in the microwave, and it's done! Here's a LINK to the new version of what I have, it's $27.50 and worth every penny.

Nuwave Induction Cooktops

One of the best investments we've made for the kitchen of our RV (except for my beloved Instant Pot!). We purchased directly from Nuwave for $99.00 (buy 1, get 1 free), and we love how they work. Talk about water coming to a boil quickly! We have never used the oven or stove in our 2011 Landmark Key Largo, but rely solely on electric. [Editor's Note: Some Heartland RVs come stocked with induction cook tops rather than gas-burning stove tops.]

RV Sized Baking Sheets

My small convection oven isn't big enough for the conventional sized bakeware, but we found a couple of different pieces of bakeware that work perfectly. Camping World sells a Personal Sized Cookie Sheet as well as an 8-inch square baking pan for about $7.00 each. I also found mini sheet pans on Amazon for under $10.00 (set of two) that work great for a couple of biscuits or dinner rolls.

Electric Skillet

Since it's just the two of us normally I didn't need a huge electric skillet and then there's that storage space factor thing too. This 11-inch Presto skillet works great and cleans up easily. With a 4.5-star rating (out of 5) and 637 reviews, it's a solid deal.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

We us this quite often…especially on travel days.I can make two breakfast sandwiches in five minutes with very little clean up.Another Amazon purchase, which set us back about $39.49which might sound kind of pricey but as often as we use it, it's paid for itself over and again. [Read Kelly's review of the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker]

Sectioned Brownie Pan

I've had this pan since BF (before fulltiming!), and I purchased a couple for gifts, as well. The pan makes the perfect brownie in shape and in texture as every brownie is an 'outside' piece.Now if you don't care for the 'edges' you may not want to invest in this pan. This was one of those 'As Seen on TV' deals but can now be found at places like Target, Walmart, and Bed, Bath and Beyond and runs about $20.

In-Drawer Knife Block

Made by J.A. Henckels and purchased through Amazon for $34.99. I love the fact that it fits perfectly in my drawer and I don't have to worry about having a knife block on my space-limited countertop. The model I have is no longer available, but there are several others you can choose from.

Rubbermaid LunchBlox

These work great for us on travel days or days when we got out sight-seeing and pack a lunch. There are several different styles to choose and can be found in several stores (Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc.) however we picked ours up at a military PX in Ohio. Depending on the size they run from about $7.00 to $12.00.

*Kelly Barnett (2PSNAPOD) is a paid contributor to HeartlandRV's blog. All opinions expressed are her own.*

Kelly Barnett

Kelly Barnett

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