Product Review: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

By:  Kelly Barnett

26th May, 17

"Kelly Barnett (2PSNAPOD) is a freelance contributor to the Heartland RVs blog." 

We are currently visiting our son, Zack, and his family in the Ogden, Utah, area while our 2011 Landmark Key Largo fifth wheel is getting a much needed spa treatment. Since we've been here we found that they have a pretty handy little gadget in their kitchen. Their family of four is busy from the time that they get up in the morning until the time that they go to bed at night.

Mornings can be quite hectic with a four-year-old, a six-year-old, 2 crazy pups, and mom and dad rushing here and there trying to get everyone dressed, fed, and out the door to their various destinations on time.

They've found a way to have a quick, delicious and nutritious breakfast without a lot of hassle. They purchased a Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, which pretty much makes breakfast for them! They have a dual maker that will make two sandwiches at once, but you can also purchase single makers too. 

This is how easy it is:

1.  Preheat sandwich maker until green 'preheat' light comes on. Lift cover, top rings, and cooking plates.

2.  Insert the bottom part of an English muffin and any breakfast meat you might be using (precooked sausage patty, ham, precooked bacon) and any veggies (green pepper ring, tomato slice, etc) in the bottom ring. 

Add your 'bread' & meat first

3.  Lower the top ring(s) and cooking plate(s). Crack an egg onto the cooking plate and season with salt & pepper. Place top of English muffin onto uncooked egg.

Next up is the egg and the top piece of 'bread'

4.  Close lid and set timer to five minutes. Timer will beep when your breakfast is ready! We add a slice of cheese AFTER the sandwich has been removed from the maker. 

Close the lid and let this thing work its magic!

How easy is that!?!? And if that's not enough…clean up is so easy it's almost laughable.  All you need to do is take a damp dish cloth and wipe all of the plates and rings off and you're done. No sticking. No mess. 

Ta da! Open it up, slide out the plates, raise the rings and breakfast is ready!

Our traditional RV travel day breakfast has always been breakfast sandwiches. But, I've always used a microwave egg poacher to cook the eggs, make the bacon (or whatever meat we're using) in the microwave and then toast the English muffins in the toaster. Then, of course, I had all of those things to clean and stow before we hit the road. Now all I'll have to deal with is wiping down the breakfast maker and stowing it. Win!

My old egg poacher is just like this one from Amazon.

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Kelly Barnett

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